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Saettia Genoese by maurino

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i Mauro

I am sure there are maritime museums in Genova

But there is a small museum in Camogli which has

models and documents which may be of help to you




Hi ken, there is a museum in Genoa Galata, I also know the museum of Camogli, but in Italy it is not easy to get help or documentation museums. Only a few "friends" are able to get access to archival materials. The model ship is not considered a means of spreading the culture of the sea, rather it is considered as a game for adults I was a little child.


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Hi Mauro


This is the first chance I've had to revisit your log since your first post, but I'm really impressed with how far you've come with it.


Looks like she will have a very shapely hull.  Looking forward to following along.


All the best.

Thank you, I hope that the construction of my model is to your liking.


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Hey Mauro, very nice ship you are building here!


I suppose you do have some plans for this ship, to make her.


Are these plans for sale via stores on the internet?

Hi Hans, the plans do not exist on the market, I used those developed by a talented naval model maker who began building a few years ago the same model. I do not know if he has completed the construction, I hope to do it ...........

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