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  1. Tom, that was the reason I made the boat cradle removable so that I could tie down the ship for transport. Lucky that it will only be a nose job. Nice new digs to work in.
  2. Something else is also going as well, I see what looks like a drip spot from a liquid on the base wood surface. Could drastic swings in temperature cause moisture condensation on the anchor with enough buildup to drip over time? I have also see this type of corrosion on parts using blackening agents and not being rinsed thoroughly with water after being treated. This usually starts in a hole or recess in a part.
  3. Jon, your build is coming along nicely and going into more detail at the bow and stern than I did. Keep up the great work you are doing!
  4. Captain Steve, l have enjoyed following along your journey and unfortunately your being done in by a curvaceous rear end. Cocoon the project so that at some point in the future you can come back to it. Have a “Dark and Stormy” or two on me as you contemplate your next project.
  5. Dave, the doctors have told me that my youth is catching up with me having disintegrating disks L3 through L7 along with arthritis in both my left knee and hip. For the past few years model building has been my method of pain management and it does work. Keep up the great work you are doing!
  6. He will be missed, Rest In Peace!
  7. Thanks for the plug Kurt and yes I will bring some and sign them for those who wish to purchase one. If not order through Amazon.
  8. The display case is under construction, and coming along nicely. Here are a couple of in progress up dates. The drawer will hold the book and a CD of the build Just a few minor tweaks and then the stain will be applied.
  9. Walt



    1. xken


      Walt, I just posted an update about the display case on the site.


  10. xken

    Walt, look at my signature below and click on the link, the black text below USS Constitution.


  11. Great painting on the figures! The armed longboat would be a good choice given the scale and Shapeways has naval figures the same scale. It would be a good choice and I did design the kit with beginners in mind. All the plans are full scale as well so no conversions needed. Welcome aboard! Here is are pictures of the figures available. Here is one painted and the others as they came from Shapeways. I had to break a couple of legs to get them to fit properly. Here are the raw figures; the guy at the rudder had his legs broken to set on the deck. I am sure you could do a much better job at painting these guys than I did. That would be a great painting tutorial for you to post at some time.
  12. Dan, great job on the boats! I have been side tracked on the Detroit by a couple of commissions. Keep up the great work you are doing.
  13. Thanks for all your kind words! We are having a great time with the twin boys, they are bundles of non stop energy in every direction and extremely smart. They love being in the pool especially with the heat and humidity. We are really going to miss them. Alex enjoys getting mom’s smart phone and dialing FaceTime with us. He did this a couple of times when we were traveling here. Tyler on the other hand is an eating machine and has no problem downing his food at meal time. Thanks again for your kind comments.
  14. Arrived at son’s house with no issues with the ship. It did not move at all. The roughest roads were coming off the George Washington bridge with some very interesting terrain changes on the roads. That stretch could be used as a tank obstacle course. We picked up the glass for the display case and it will be custom built by a friend of my son. They felt it best to have the ship first and then build. I suggested that they add a drawer to hold the Constitution book and build CD. I am really enjoying the swimming pool in the east coast heat and humidity.
  15. Bad news good news! Water pump seized up just before Somerset, PA able to make it to the Ford dealer in Somerset yesterday afternoon at 4pm. They needed to overnight the parts needed and we are now at the hotel waiting for the work to be completed hopefully by 11am and get back on the road. We are 6.5 hours from our son’s house. The good news is that it happened where we were able to limp in to a Ford dealer that was near by and immediately assessed the problem and ordered the parts and had an employee drop us off at the hotel for the night. Now just waiting to hear from them, better to wait at hotel rather than dealer lounge. Hotel has free WiFi. Keeping our fingers crossed that all goes well with the repair and we can still get to destination tonight. On the above comments, I flew in ‘34’s and ‘46’s and all the crew had for protection was the 40 pound body armor that we wore. Pilots sat in armored seats along with bullet bouncers on. Weight was always an issue in I Corps especially in the mountain areas along the DMZ for the higher altitudes and thinner air. Both types of aircraft were striped bare of non essential gear to compensate for gun weight and armor. 34’s had m-60’s while the ‘46’s had .50 cals. I loved the .50’s and never had a jam, guns came from B-17’sand all ammo cans had 1944 or 1945 dates on them and were anti aircraft ammo During the Tet battle for Hue city we would be called in to take out a snipers in buildings and the .50’s would go through anything used for building materials. This is when the exploding rounds really did the job. Semper Fi to those who fly!

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