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  1. Dave, I mentioned the Jacob's ladders and monkey ropes at the top of the masts and I am working on a project where I just finished doing them. I just thought I might share with you how I went about doing them using Model Expo's Ratliner. The picture are self explanatory, but if you have a specific question please ask. First I made a fixture to cut the rungs to length and drill holes, fairly simple like me. Notice just for you I left the Clove hitches off as an alternative. Hope this helps with your build.
  2. Final update the ship is in the case and the boys enjoy looking at it. Fingerprints on the glass are indications of wanting to touch. It has just taken awhile for the pictures to come given very busy work schedules. Enjoy!
  3. Just catching up and you are off to a great start. I rigged mine from the main mast out and top down since it is easier to rig the running rigging long lines without the lower gear in place. Also you may wish to add the ladders and monkey rope at the topsails before starting the running rigging. The ladders will renew your familiarity with clove hitches. Keep up the great job you are doing and pace yourself.
  4. Tom, congratulations on a great build! Now on to the next one.
  5. Jon, great to hear all went well, now relax and recover.
  6. 1. Eyes 2. Hands 3. Brain 4. All the above working together.
  7. Here are some reference photos of the 1962 XKE I restored. Let me know if you need any other details of the engine. Ken
  8. Great build and when you get to the interior, if you want real leather and detail hardware check out www.Modelmotorcars.com they even have .5mm and 1mm chromed acorn nuts and other goodies that you may be interested in. Keep up the great work! Ken
  9. Kmart, I hope you enjoy the book when you get it. Also just FYI I noticed the way you have positioned your grates. I laser cutting the true dimension is on the bottom side of the carrier sheet which also results in minor draft which increases with the thickness of the wood sheet. If you turn your grates upside down you will have the "good" side up. This also applies when setting bulkhead frames with the angles (usually 1/4" thick wood) setting forward and rearward to get the cut angle to work with you and less sanding required. Keep up the great work you are doing, more fun lies ahead. Keep in mind on the deck plan view the stern starboard side is greater from the centerline than the port side on the spar deck. Just check the plan layout to justify the planking when you get to that point. You can see this called out in my build.
  10. The bow view shows the dolphin striker is a single vertical rather than the inverted V with two arms. Or the artist needs his "artistic license" renewed.
  11. Michael, Check or cash not setup for cards. See you there.
  12. The title is “Model Building with Brass” buy the second edition. If you come to the NRG conference I will be selling and signing them there.
  13. Hi Ken....What size Jackstay eyebolts did you order from ME?
    Looks like the eye holes are round.

  14. Dan, Great job and it really came out exquisite with all the details! Ken
  15. Tom, that was the reason I made the boat cradle removable so that I could tie down the ship for transport. Lucky that it will only be a nose job. Nice new digs to work in.

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