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  1. Ken3335

    Such an inspiration for all of us here!
  2. Old Constructo Kits

    looks like a great historical adventure! good luck with these kits!
  3. Amati vs Caldercraft Granado

    From what i know Amati kits are considered to be mostly good (really depends on the particular mode) as for the Amati-Victory Granado, this model belongs to a special line of models designed by Chris Watton, all of the models in this series are said to be of very high quality i.e.Lady Nelson, Pegasus, Mercury etc
  4. Solar Eclipse

    A truely amazing phenomenon !, David
  5. Hello all from Staffordshire England

    welcome to MSW , good luck with your new build, and congrat for joining, its a great place to be !, David
  6. Kit Prices

    Hello to all Not that topic again!! but yes unfortunately have you noticed the sharp raise in the kit prices of Caldercraft that happened in last week or so? (taking my information from http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/ ) What do you make of that? what do you think? will the prices stay like that from now on? why all the price 'updating' are on the increase? what about other companies? Is there anyway to change this? this is a major block in buying new models.. David