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    • Dubz

      Hello fellow modellers   02/04/2018

      We would like to present on our Facebook page more regularly pictures of your work. If you would like to participate, and we would appreciate that as we wanna promote the forum this way, please visit https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/17711-your-images-for-our-facebook-page/

    • kurtvd19

      An Incentive to Start A Build Log - New Plan Set from the NRG   03/17/2018

      An Incentive for Starting a Build Log

      The NRG’s Generic East Coast Oyster Sharpie plan sets have been selling out – we had to reorder prints 2X already.

      BUT nobody has started a build log yet.  As an incentive we have decided to reward the first three (3) MSW / NRG members who purchase the plans and start and continue* actual build logs** from the plans. 

      The build logs should be started in the scratch built forum and labeled with Generic Sharpie – by “your ID”.  When we have six or more build logs up and running we will set up a group build area for the Generic Sharpie build logs.

      The winners will be able to pick any one of the prizes listed below:

      Free registration for one day at 2018 or 2019 NRG Conference                  ($145 value)

      Shop Notes 1 and 2 set                                                                         ($60 value)

      Nautical Research Journal – all content set                                              ($145 value)

      4 CD's or 1 flash drive         

      Continental Galley Washington Plan set                                                    ($65 value)

      1 year NRG membership or extension                                                      ($50 - $62 value)



      *“Continue” means that multiple posts containing build log content must be made for a minimum of 30 days after the initial post.  Logs will be tracked by starting date and the first 3 that have continued for 30 days following their initial post will be declared the winners.

      **Note the words “actual build logs” – no fair showing a few pieces of wood and going no further just to win. 


      The NRG has a new set of plans available for purchase with a free 200+ page full-color monograph .  Check the NAUTICAL RESEARCH GUILD NEWS forum below for details.  This plan set is developed for the first time scratch builder with limited tools and experience.  All materials are standard strip stock available from hobby wood suppliers.  However, it is also a great project for the more experienced builder looking for a smaller project to take a break from the bigger builds.  Remember MSW Members who provide us their real name are considered members for the discounted price.  An email or call to the office before you order with your real name and MSW user name before you order is needed for the discount code.


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  1. Hello from South Korea

    Looks like very nice work. Welcome
  2. Them Old Jokes

    It doesn't really matter what kind of floor you have, it only happens with irreplaceable parts or parts that took forever to make! The monster is very selective. Sometimes the monster misses though and you find the part twenty five feet away sitting on a shelf that is five feet off the floor. But that is not until weeks or months later!
  3. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Bill Yes the one in Monte Cristo was a much nicer hotel catering to nothing but the very rich for the most part. I have hiked up there a couple of times a few years ago and passed by the ruins. It must have been quite the thing in it's day. I haven't been out to Skykomish for a while, I hiked all over those mountains for years when the body was in a little better repair before my surgeries but I don't get out there that much these days. We did stop and eat in Goldbar on our way home from Leavenworth not long ago though. Haven't been out to Vashon in about a million years, give or take a couple of days. I think Seattle and King County won't be happy until they become San Francisco north and no one but the VERY rich will be able to live there. They are trying to pass a $75 million Seattle employee tax right now that will probably only result in more businesses leaving for elsewhere. The powers that be down there have never seen a tax or fee that they don't like! Lou
  4. Them Old Jokes

    The creature that eats all the small parts you drop that you have no replacements for or have been making for the last hour! Lou
  5. Them Old Jokes

    I think wefalck may have figured it out. I was lost too. Lou
  6. Tallow historically was more commonly used as a lubricant for steam engines than it probably was for candles. It was one of the few lubricants that handled the steam and heat well. Lou
  7. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Bill Here is one that is a little closer to home to you. Still a pretty sad story though. https://www.skykomishhotel.com/skykomish-commits-municipal-suicide/ We went there about twenty or twenty five years ago and even though showing its age here and there was really impressive inside. Lou
  8. Your favorite saying

    I have two "Nothing is foolproof..... Because fools are ingenious." And my wife's when referring to me; "I would not call you completely useless. You can always be used as a bad example." Actually I suppose both of them fit me pretty well. Lou
  9. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Impressive model! Well worth keeping. Lou
  10. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    You don't even want to know what a search for "Head Cheese" brings up! Blood Tongue anyone? Julie You don't need to be a modeler to hang out here, just a lover of ships and the models made of them by some VERY talented people. It does appear that you do need to be a connoisseur of strange evil smelling foods though! Besides if you quit hanging out and posting your work now and then we will miss your fantastic house remodel and superb craftsmanship. Lou
  11. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Just goes to show the old adage is true if you don't know what it is but like it DON't ask! It's sometimes better not to know. I have never had tongue, (At least not to my knowledge) but I suspect it is easy to get wrong, just like liver. Lou
  12. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I think there is at least an answer for hot dogs. At some point someone wanted more money for the meat and animal parts they were throwing away or giving to the dog. So they ground it up stuffed it into intestine skins and convinced someone else to pay good money for what had been intended for the garbage heap. In the case of Surstromming, it appears that they changed their minds about the stuff they threw in the scrap heap last month, went and retrieved it and served it for dinner! Later on they found a way to can it and actually convinced someone to buy it and take it home before opening it! Having said all that, my kids LOVE Hot dogs but will not eat a good medium rare steak with seasoning and mushrooms on it. Go figure! Lou
  13. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Who dreams this stuff up???? I had to look Surstromming up as I had never heard of it before. This is one of the things I found: "Because of the strong smell, surströmming is ordinarily eaten outdoors. The pressurized can is usually opened some distance away from the dining table, and is often initially punctured while immersed in a bucket of water, which prevents brine from spraying onto clothes and traps most of the smell." What happened that caused someone to let fish almost rot for six months until it reeked and could be smelled from blocks away then intentionally add it to their evening meal! Was it some kind of dare or something? Sounds like an episode of 'Naked And Afraid' Lou
  14. Gun Ports

    No problem shipman. For the most part my comments are just that, comments. I am neither a scholar nor a naval expert and as such calling any statements by me a contribution is possibly stretching things somewhat. Having said that, what I was saying about Davis offering the formula for use with out just stating the formula results especially on page 229 was just my way of saying I am being lazy. He did give the results on page 230 for later era ships. All formulas like Davis used would have been the standard for designing a ship and one would think they would be considered the ideal resulting hopefully in a balanced ship that was matched to it's armament. I am sure that exceptions were made to compensate for real life considerations, or local beliefs. Shipbuilding was not just a trade but a skill back then, much like model ship building is to us today. and each master builder very probably had his own idea to a certain extent what was right. Lou
  15. Gun Ports

    I also have the book and the only thing that makes me wonder is why Davis didn't just state the sizes in relation to the shot size rather than just giving the formula? I'm just being lazy i suppose. You need to consider Wayne's information as well though. Sometimes, like in converting a merchant ship to carry guns the ship would be too small to have the ideal ports for the size of gun or number of guns that were intended. I suppose that could apply to warships as well. Lou

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