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  1. lmagna

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Pretty much, except they are about the same size. He seems to pick a time that suits him and just sees the cat and bowls her over in a running tackle but still seems to end up on the bottom with the cat pinning him down with her mouth around his throat looking for all the world like an African lion going for the kill on a gazelle! It's almost frightening to watch sometimes as when she has him he will just lay there for a few moments like he is dead. Then he jumps up and bounces around in front of her and tries to bat at or bite her front paws. He must think that he is part cat as well as he will even bat at her face with his paw as if he had the same kind of weapons as she has! Eventually someone will break and run and the chase is on! They will race through all of the rooms of the house with little regard for the people who may be sitting there over furniture, (at least the cat does) and people alike. If you yell at them in shock or because you are getting tired of it they just run upstairs and for the next fifteen minutes you will hear them racing around. It's like living in a multi story apartment with loud upper tennents! In reality I kind of like it because it relieves me of the need to play with them as much. (I'm getting old and crotchety) and possibly a little lazy as well. But then the pup will play tug-of-war with me or steal my shoe or sock, and then go to my older son and do the same. He has tried with my younger son and wife as well but they just won't be bothered and yell at him so he either comes back to us or attacks the cat. Sometimes the cat will attack him first as well. What is even funnier is that when we take him outside in the backyard if he sees a squirrel or neighbor cat the chase is on! All he wants to do with them is chase them out of HIS yard. One neighbor cat the other day just sat on their side of the fence and looked at him while he went crazy barking, something he almost never does.
  2. Sorry you are having such a hard time getting things like you want them Jack. It is probably too late for this model but you may want to try these paints: http://trucolorpaint.com/ I have no personal experience with them but others are saying that they are very similar to Floquil.
  3. lmagna

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Sorry to hear of your cat's eye Ron. Not a real good time of year to have to deal with issues like that. Luckily it appears you were able to get it under control. I have worried about our dog a few times as he has pretty prominent eyes and he and the cat play pretty rough several times a day, with the cat winning most of the time.
  4. lmagna

    What have you received today?

    A bit hard to hit the "Like" button on that John. Sorry it came out this way. I hope you can get your appeal/jury before you loose your back yard completely. Even if you win it looks like all you will be able to get will be damages. Good luck.
  5. Really nice job on drilling the deadeyes. Have fun on your trip to the Admiral's family, and a merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well.
  6. I wonder how many years it will take to more fully map and explore the wreck? They have some new techniques that they can use to render a 3D printed copy of the wreck that could be priceless to see as a modeler interested in doing the BHR.
  7. It looks like this is a fairly simple large scale model. The only real novelty seems to be that it is plank-on-bulkhead like their lobster boat rather than the normal Bluejacket solid hull kit. You may be breaking new ground for MSW.
  8. Either that or the Ozone! You've heard of that haven't you? It's to blame for everything these days.
  9. No Per it is water created here in this state! It might be coming from another dimension though!
  10. If we are talking about the same thing then it will look fine when you add what I assume will be the lines and pulleys that will be needed. So far I haven't seen anything that is a poor representation of anything. Everything that fits that description is here in my house, Including me if you ask my wife!
  11. lmagna

    What have you received today?

    Hopefully it is local enough so you can keep going back when you have the money and get as many of the others as possible one or two at a time. Nice work, are you going to be able to frame it?
  12. Looking good Carl, especially the stack wires. A couple of questions though. Did you use the same line on the "H" stacks as you did on the funnels? And is the bent pipe looking thing aft to the rear funnel a vent, or a davit? Looking forward to more progress.
  13. lmagna

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    You mean you didn't invite me Per? I'm almost certain I have some Swedish in my background somewhere!
  14. You mean your house is not your museum? Everything in my house, (Including the house at 120 years old) is old and most everything I own personally in it is dusty as well! Kind of matches most museums that I know of. Your work is looking quite nice and i yhink you will find that by he time you are done only you will be able to pick out what you are considering your mistakes right now! Aof course that will be a little way down the road so by then even you may have forgotten about them!

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