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  1. Miracles do occur

    Hope it continues going well for you. Back issues can be very debilitating. From how it sounds it looks like you have a very interesting new life in front of you. Lou
  2. What have you received today?

    Ron Kitty had your welfare in mind and wanted to make sure it was not still dangerous before handing it over to you. It was also just softening up the mouse for you so that it would not be so chewy when you cooked it. Lou
  3. Them Old Jokes

    No need for doors. My personal research indicates that much the same happens when passing through archways and doorways, and even sometimes through shower curtains! Mindless Lou
  4. Them Old Jokes

    True story Not long ago I questioned a charge on my bank card that was being taken out every month by Amazon. They would not tell me who was using my card for PRIVACY reasons!!!! I finally found out who it was through other means but not until I had a melt down on the operator about why identity theft was so profitable! Lou
  5. Hi Pete WOW the endless knowledge that is available on the internet, (And this forum) these days! I would think that in addition to your explanation they would be much faster flyers than their larger cousins the Corvus Orru because as we all know when you have the fat end going through the air first followed by the tapering thin end the shape is much more aerodynamic with less drag. Seeing where to land may pose some issues though. Brings a whole new meaning to hindsight. Scientific Lou
  6. Hi Pete I don't think you will be seeing me anywhere near Oodnadatta anytime soon! I was better in hot weather when i was young but no longer. I have lived in the NW USA for far too long and I am kind of like a garden snail and need the moisture to get around. (It rains here fairly often). Also this shows that people are extremely adaptable, they can and do live pretty much anywhere! Do the Oodnadatta crows have sand blasted back sides? Lou
  7. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Well I suppose you can tell the other person that it is a scar you obtained in a duel in Heidelberg! THAT should make them keep their hands to themselves! Lou
  8. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I'm with Richard and hope you get better soon. I also hope you didn't add too much "character" to your face. Lou
  9. I don't know how any of you guys can stand it! If I was back east I would be an instant Popsicle and if I was wherever in Australia that Pete is i would be nothing but a puddle on the floor with eyeballs sticking out! It's gray and raining here today with almost no wind and 43F temps. Lou
  10. USS united states instructions?

    I have looked at that site a number of times over the years and I agree it can sometimes contain some pretty interesting stuff. The only problem I have with the site is the lack of photographs on the models they are selling, and it always seems that the sellers for the models I am interested in have a super high opinion of how much their older model is worth! Like I said it could just be the ones I'm interested in, others may have better luck. Lou
  11. Steve Interesting on your final choice on this hull. I agree on much of your historical choices/reasoning mostly because when these ships were built they were under a very strict deadline and getting them done in time probably promoted more than one 'get-er-done' and 'good enough' decision along the line in order to make them battle worthy in time. As for possible corrections to the finish you were unhappy with or with any other finish for that matter, have you ever considered trying normal household bleach? I have used it in some furniture refinishing projects in years past to deal with things like rings left in the wood even after stripping the finish. Never tried it on pine but it might work the same way. Lou
  12. USS united states instructions?

    Denis That is the second time you have tossed me a curve ball about the 1/96 Spanish Galleon when we discussed the Revell 1/96 kits.! Once in email and now on the forum. Somehow I can never remember that it was ever made. Getting too old Lou
  13. USS united states instructions?

    Hi Mark I very well could be wrong but I think the only other ship that could be considered a sister ship to the US and Constitution would be the President. There were some changes in the President as well but for modeling purposes she was probably close enough for Revell to use the name for the same kit. I don'r know if it was ever done Lou
  14. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Hadn't thought of that. May need salt though!
  15. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    It's really twistwood