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  1. Pat, You have a very nice workshop there. I like the setup. I did visit your website and was really impressed. The only question I have, do you have a regular life?
  2. Team Oracle went straight to the finals with their wins, getting one point. Team NZL won four in a row last weekend, the first race put them at a tie, the following three gave them the leading points of three. If team NFL wins all four races this upcoming weekend it's all over.
  3. I saw that my sport channel has the Saturday and Sunday races ready for broadcasting , but not the remaining.
  4. Oracle nerds three straight wins, to stay in the game. One loss and it's all over.
  5. Stan, parallell with the Americas Cup AC35 the J class is also sailing in Bermuda.
  6. Well, so far it looks like the Kiwi's has a solid grip of the America Cup. Good racing from both teams today.
  7. Today! What a Friday I would say. Started good having a package waiting for me at the post office, this one from ModelExpo. I brought the package to work and had time to open it before it was time start working. I received parts so straight and perfect. BIG THANK YOU TO MARC MOSCO @ ModelExpo for High Quality Customer Service My Syren is back on a "Straight Track"
  8. So, it will be NZ vs US in the finals. I like to visit New Zeeland so I hope they win!
  9. Mark, Now I truly can say , I am also part of a modelclub in Seattle, well put it Northern Seattle but still. We are meeting once a month, I am more than happy to help you connect with our president. As for the sloup, I don't think you would have any issues with that kit. We all beginners is various stages, and no question will be left unanswered. A song popped into my mind, an old disco song "We are family" Text has been altered. We are family I got all my siblings with me ( I had to change the text here, from sisters to siblings as we are a group both of women and men) We are family Get up everybody and build We are family I got all my siblings with me We are family Get up everybody and build Everyone can see we're together As we build our ships (And!) and we glue the stick together I won't tell no lie (All!) all of the people around us they say They are building ships
  10. Chuck, The models they made back in that time are amazing. Go to any naval or maritime museum and look at models built in early 1800's, the detailing is just so exquisite. I am glad you had a good time, you certainly needed some down time.
  11. Ha en trevlig semester! Have a nice vacation, we will all be here once you are back.
  12. Well, since I see another person with very few points whom I like to welcome too. Mark a warm welcome to you too. And start your build log whenever "you are ready"
  13. And from Pacific NorthWest a Warm Welcome to MSW
  14. I am following the races too, it's amazing how technology has change sailing to the extreme. But born in the mid-60, has only sailed mono-hull all through my life I have a hard to imaging sailing those formula one catamarans. This is more my style of racing.
  15. modelshipbuilder