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  1. Still smokey in our area, not as bad as before. Woke up this morning with temp at 35.
  2. Yes, SketchUp has become very popular since it has a shallow learning curve. It's used by wood craft designers. Commonly used in the movie/TV business as well. I use the program for architecture design, together with the Podium for rendering.
  3. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Still at work, very slow day...... more than an hour to go. Could had done a lot modeling today
  4. Jack, I saw them too and tried to report them.... but obvious you had already contacted Admin and they removed them. Good spotting!
  5. Sam I think it is mostly used when scammers are showing up on this website. At least that's what I have been using it for.
  6. Hamilton, With your SketchUp you also have something called layout (separate part) that will handle the scaling for printing.
  7. New member from South Florida

    Hi Art, A warm and just a very light breeze of welcome to MSW. I am glad seeing a new member showing up so soon after all the terrible storms hitting the area of yours. My thoughts are all with you.....
  8. Using uniform...... on my phone, have to check with the pc back home.
  9. Danny, That's what I thought too, as I have been able to change older postings. Robin, glad you figured it out.
  10. Thickness sander

    I have the Byrne's thickness sander and am very happy with it. Quiet too.
  11. Marc, I am so happy it only came down to material losses. I followed Irma and her devastating path. Think you were very lucky. A Swedish friend of mine, also living in Florida were lucky......... only lost their 48' sailing boat..... never to been seen again, we guess
  12. Well, well well.... My posting 4 hours ago went up in smoke...... I was cleaning out the kitties litter boxes when I suddenly got a wet welcoming from one of them. So, I looked out and....... YES, yes and yes..... we have finally got our first rain. Still it is smoky in the air. But we sure do need this rain. Hopefully it will last through the night too.....
  13. Fascinating virtual build log.