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  1. I did another test with the subway and changed it around, closed the Window Edge (browser) and opened it again. Sure enough, Subway remained the same as I left it. Operating system Win 10 and Window Edge (browser)
  2. Puckotred, Very nice re-thinking of the instructions. The combo of "wood - water - drying " which equal shrink and gaps is something we all can relate to. Like the recovery you did.
  3. Pat, No problem on my side as the "Subway" theme sticks with me. I turned off the computer wondering if this was something related to the cache, but no. Once I had MSW forum running again there it was, the "Subway"
  4. Skeppsholmen is an amazing place to wander around. Small cafe's and specially in the spring this area is like an ant stack. There is activities every where. One can spend a whole day and then realizing you have seen just a small part of it all.
  5. Mike, the planks are pre-beveled. Continuation, I haven't been able to do any building in the beginning of the week. One of the "wire wheels" lost it all and the garage door got stuck in a very bad angle. But my good friend Joe did a fantastic job to do a recovery and getting things back into place. So yesterday evening I got an opportunity to get back to the boat. I have installed more of the simulated frames. Maybe an overkill going all the way down to the keel as it all will be covered by the floor. Could probably have done only the three last planks. But I feel it makes it more accurate and also another nice part of if is the stability this provides to the planking. Yesterday I figured out I could have used the empty frame laser cut outs for forming the strips. Kind of late but I still have some strips to do. Unfortunate when they did the laser cutting, the cutting was done from the wrong side making the visible surface filled with burn marks. The other side doesn't have them. Soft sanding with fine grade paper should do it.
  6. Mike, Very nice, but one serious question; Isn't that trailer little to big for your tug? Or are you to haul both of the Ts' on it?
  7. Hi Kat and welcome back to MSW, As I do remember you had progressed quite well with the Jolly Roger, I would suggest to pick up from where you left off. I am sorry to hear about complications and I hope you have recovered from them. No need to explain why, we are glad to see you back.
  8. Sorry for the late chime, Something I would like to see is 1920-1950 Motor Yacht POF 1:20-1:30 scale (not to small or not to large) Maybe removable superstructure to emphasize detailing. This is just an idea I like and found on the internet.
  9. The double sided for small parts is working for me very well, even for brush painting.
  10. Well, I just pulled up a comfy chair, Sjors please pass the popcorn, all we need now is the beverage from Mark. I am getting a little tired of my coffee.........
  11. There is a company in Sweden making blocks. I have bought from them and the quality is high. The company name is Eskader located in Stockholm. Click the link and you have the blocks.
  12. Check this link out, might be helpful.
  13. Is that an Ibanez GRX90 TRB I see in the pictures?
  14. They are cut perfectly. You will see once I get the top plank installed. I could just imagine all the bevelling I would had to do otherwise.
  15. Will the landlord allow you to do something about the wallpapers? Because I think you might go nuts with that colour and pattern after a while. But it's great you have your own area for music and ships.