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  1. These are lovely boats. I'll take my seat and follow your build. Maris Stella makes a kit for a Brazzera and there are quite a few photos on their website: http://www.marisstella.hr/model-ship-kits-details,100,brazzera-72cm-1-32
  2. I've enjoyed this series very much and the TV series is nearly as good as the books themselves.
  3. This is a fantastic tool. I love mine.
  4. I've had good luck with gluing small, broken pieces back on by using just a tiny dab of medium viscosity CA. I've been able to glue pieces like that and even been able to sand them afterwards. Just sand gently if you need to sand the glued on piece.
  5. You can use small machinists squares and blocks or even large Lego blocks to help you keep the bulkheads square to the false keel. Find some of the other whaleboat build logs on the forum and read through them and you will probably see various ways people squared up the bulkheads. You'll find good images of that process on most build logs of many different boats and ships.
  6. Hello Fentone and welcome to MSW. You made a good choice by starting with a smaller model instead of a big, complicated model. I have not built this particular model by Artesania Latina but I have built the Saint Malo and am working on the Pen Duick. My experience has been that the AL instructions are not all that good so you may run into steps that are confusing or even entirely left out. That's where asking questions here on the forum can be of great assistance in helping you get through the difficulties that you most likely will encounter. Problem solving and correcting mistake
  7. Fantastic work, Gary. This is some of the most realistic detailing and weathering I have ever seen. I'm going to have to study your build log and hope that I can do half as well some day.
  8. Absolutely gorgeous model of the Endeavour! Is this the Amati kit?
  9. I just looked at your amazing models again, Sam. They are the best Coast Guard models I've ever seen on this website. I would love to see some additional photos of your models without the glass case around them if that would be possible. I don't think the photos taken through the glass do them justice. The details and authenticity of your models looks amazing and I sure would like to see more detailed photos of them.
  10. Hi Paul, I was in the Coast Guard from 1966-1970. I was aboard the Storis from March of '66 to September of '67 tumbling around the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. I spent the rest of my time at the Captain of the Port Los Angeles/Long Beach Station as a boat coxswain and engineman on the 40 footers there. The two I remember the most were the steel 40414 with the twin 6-71 Cummins diesel engines and the new fiberglass hull 40603 that had twin Cummins V-8 turbo-charged diesels that smoked like crazy. That boat was crazy fast and we loved taking it to the limit. There was a 30 footer at the s
  11. You're moving right along, Grant. I think it's a good idea to drill the nail holes as you lay the planks down. You could even go ahead and add the black monofilament to the holes too. I did it all at once after the hull was completely planked and, man, it was a tedious, repetitive job that got old quick! It was my least favorite part of the build. Doing it little by little would have been much better.
  12. Beautiful model! Well done! I saw your photos in the gallery and just scanned through your build log and will go back and study it closer. I love these small, working vessels. Your weathering is wonderful and I've never seen some of the techniques that you have used. Your build log will be a great resource for me.
  13. This is a beautiful model! Congratulations. Excellent details and just enough weathering to make it even more realistic. The sail shape is wonderful too. I
  14. I have always loved the yacht America. This is a very impressive build of an advanced model and your craftsmanship is outstanding. Congratulations, Gary, I hope to see you complete this beautiful model.
  15. Just got caught up on your build and she's looking great! I have this model on the shelf. It was the first model I was really attracted to. I'm sure I'll be referencing your build when I get around to building the POB.
  16. Thanks, Glenn. I'm really doing just fine. So many have lost so much recently with the wildfires and and Covid-19. I'm grateful to be so fortunate as to be able to enjoy my hobbies instead of wondering how I will pay my bills or rebuild my house or struggle to breathe. We are living in challenging times and I hope that things will get better for those who need it the most.
  17. Thanks vaddoc. I've been staying busy with other interests of mine lately. I was focusing solely on ship modeling for quite a while and got completely away from playing my guitar and photography etc. I especially missed playing my guitar and I'm getting back into the groove of it now. The air quality in northern California has improved as the wildfires have slowed down so I've been able to ride my bike again too. I've also been doing a lot of yard work and have been switching my container garden over from warm weather vegetables to the cool season fall and winter vegetables. I'll
  18. Those are beautiful models, Sam! I'm a Coast Guard veteran and we don't often see any Coast Guard models here on MSW. It's really great to see your work. I was stationed aboard the USCGC Storis WAGB-38 out of Kodiak, Alaska, in 1966 and 1967. I also spent 2 1/2 years on several 40 footers while stationed at the Captain of the Port Los Angeles/Long Beach Station. I don't have the skills to scratch build yet but I'd love to build a model of the Storis someday. I have also been thinking about buying one of the old Dumas 40 foot utility boat models that they used to make for RC. That m
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