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  1. I recently bought that book. It's excellent.
  2. Thanks very much, Bob. I got a Kindle version of the Gaff Rig Handbook. How to rig the gaff peak halyard on my Pen Duick has been driving me crazy since the Artesania Latina plans and instructions for it are useless. I will look into the other sources you listed also. Thanks again...much appreciated.
  3. You have built a beautiful model, Hugo. Congratulations! It's a lovely boat and I just may have to build it someday also. You might want to take a look at the Vanguard Models designed by Chris Watton. His fishing vessels would be a great next step but you could probably do well with any of his models since the instructions and materials are so good and there a lot of excellent build logs here to refer to. I have the Lady Isabella and the Flirt in my stash and I look forward to building them. Another model with great materials and instructions would be the Medway Longboat from Sy
  4. The diagrams are excellent, Bob. What was your source for them?
  5. The large scale will certainly make for an impressive model. I didn't realize it was that large.
  6. Great to see you back having another go at this wonderful model. Mine has found a prominent spot for display. I'm looking forward to following along and reliving the build vicariously. I'm sure your build will be one of the best.
  7. Wow, Hugo, you are making quick progress on this lovely boat! I like to take the time to get each plank shaped and bent so that it lays nicely on the bulkheads. Then, starting at the bow, I use just a small spot of medium viscosity CA (cyanoacrylic superglue) on a couple of bulkheads and work my way towards the stern adding a spot of CA to a couple of frames at a time. I don't have to use nails or lots of clamps this way. The key is to get working with each plank until it lays practically perfect on the bulkheads without having to press hard on them before you begin to glue it.
  8. Hola Hugo and bienvenido a MSW. Your progress so far on this wonderful model is great and your English is excellent too. I wish I could say the same for my Spanish! My wife studied in Madrid for a year many years ago and she has always wanted to return and visit the city again. So, after we both retired, we traveled on our own for 10 weeks in Spain in the fall of 2015. We started our trip in Madrid and stayed there for 10 days and it brought back many memories for her. It is truly one of the great cities of the world and we both loved it. After Madrid we traveled by train and car
  9. I just read through your build log, Yves, and I'm really happy to see that you've decided to continue with building this wonderful model. Seeing your excellent work so far has made me think that this model should be on my tick list as well. I'm looking forward to following along.
  10. Hey Don, I somehow missed seeing this build of yours. Wow...fantastic work! This battle station is right up there with the best I've ever seen. It's nice to see you back here sharing your beautiful work with us after a bit of a hiatus. Congratulations! What's the next project we might see coming from your shipyard?
  11. I'm enjoying your build of this historical sailboat, Josh. Nice job overcoming some of the difficulties you've encountered. Problem solving is a big part of this hobby!
  12. Magnificent model! Simply beautiful and outstanding craftsmanship. Congratulations! I'd love to see a video of her actually running in the water.
  13. What a beautiful planking job, Erik, especially for your first time doing it. That's very impressive indeed!
  14. Wow...that is expensive...nearly $13 US dollars per plank! Are you using beech for the planking? What is the size of a single plank that you get for £10?
  15. Outstanding! This is some of the best weathering I've ever seen. Really well done!
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