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  1. Many thanks, Grant. I just found some on eBay and ordered it.
  2. Lots of excellent and fast progress, HakeZou! Thanks very much and thanks for taking a look. I've stumbled along at times but I am determined to finish this build.
  3. Fantastic work, Grant. The Molotow Liquid Chrome looks great! Did you try to apply it as a marker? Does it have a screw top that you opened so you could pour it into your airbrush? I've been using the Tamiya Masking Tape for Curves a lot and I like it very much. I have it in 3 different widths. I was able to make very small radius curves around the rudder hole on my Pen Duick hull and it sealed off perfectly. Great stuff! I wish I had known about the Tamiya Masking Sheet when I painted the hull. I had to mask off and cover large areas of the hull 3 times since the Pen D
  4. First of all, this is a wonderful build log, James, of an incredibly beautiful model. I also like that you are showing the the various paints you are using. Am I correct in understanding that you are using the Future wax by itself for these parts and they form a bond as strong as CA? If so, that's amazing to hear. I wonder why we don't hear of it being used like this more often? It seems like it would be every bit as good as CA with the added advantage of having more time to make adjustments...
  5. The planking looks good, Lou, and the bow looks like it is not easy to plank. Great progress.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear that, dkuehn. So many Californians have lost everything...even their lives in the past couple of years with these tragic fires. We have friends who nearly lost their small ranch outside of Winters in the LNU fire just a couple of weeks ago. They lost some cattle and the fire burned up to their porch but, amazing, the house was spared. Most of their neighbors lost everything. God help us if these with these drought years continue. I hope things will be ok for for you.
  7. You're moving right along and she looks great. I'm in Sacramento and I think this is the worst summer for bad air and wildfires I've ever seen here. It's feels like the whole state is on fire...tragic! The air quality today has been in the hazardous range but just improved to very unhealthy...hard to feel very good about that!
  8. It's good to see that you are continuing on rather than getting too discouraged and giving up which, unfortunately, happens to too many beginners. I still consider myself a relative novice even though I'm working on my 4th model. I can't begin to tell you how many mistakes I have made. It's all part of the journey of learning how to craft these beautiful models. I've heard it said that we learn best from our mistakes and, as much as I hate to learn that way, there's some truth to it. No one but the the master ship modelers ever build a "perfect" model and they do that from scratch. I've gotten
  9. She's looking outstanding, PJG! You're making me think that this model may need to be added to my tick list. I like way you simulated the deck caulking. It looks great. What size and type of thread did you use?
  10. Hello Bradley, you are moving right along. I think you should go with the stain color that achieves the personal look that you are happy with since you do not want to paint the hull. I do, however, think the the treenails look too large for the scale of the model but I'm no expert. I'm sure there is a way to determine what size they should be on the model given the scale of the model but I don't know how to do that. I used 10 lb black, monofilament fishing line when I built the Medway Longboat by Syren that Chuck recommends. Monofilament comes in various sizes and can be easily found at Amazon
  11. Hello SpyGlass. I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable about the rigging of these yachts even if it is quite straight forward. I've been studying the kit plans more carefully and it's beginning to make more sense to me. The plans just don't clearly show where the various lines go especially when things get crowded where the main mast and the topmast come together along with the spreaders. The topsail is particularly confusing to me at the moment. I don't clearly see how the topsail yard is secured to the topmast. It has a jackyard also that appears to be laced to the topsail. It's
  12. This is a gorgeous boat, Rick! Congratulations! Is this a kit model or a scratch build?
  13. Welcome to the forum, D. Be sure to select a model that you are interested in but suitable for a beginner. There is a lot to learn and become familiar with. Start a build log when you start making your model and don't hesitate to ask any and all questions. You'll get a lot of good advice and support from some of the very experienced modelers here. Good luck!
  14. Acrylics do not completely durable without a clear coat to protect them from damage unless the model is for static display. You could spray an acrylic color and then clear coat it with a gloss varnish and you would have a glossy finish that is hard and would protect the acrylic paint. I had good luck spraying Vallejo Acrylic Air on the hull of my Pen Duick model and then clear coated it with Vallejo Varnish. Their varnishes come in flat, satin and gloss. I used a mixture of satin and gloss to get a semi-gloss finish. Vallejo acrylics and varnishes are water based too which I prefer.
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