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  1. Look into a Japanese Hole Punch. If you build card, this tool becomes a good friend. I will admit....a tad pricey, but worth it. Enjoying your build. I have a copy of their Bismarck with the laser cut detail set and a full set of turned barrels. Just have not had the nerve to start this monster. But will admit, of my card kit collection, it is the top dog. Look forward to more. Rick
  2. What a detailed, precise clean build. I just happened upon your thread and impressed does not convey the proper words. Will pull up a chair and watch for more postings. I am a big fan of working boats, and a whale boat screams working craft. I opted for another version of this kit, a Marine Model Company. Will use your thread for those extra details. Cheers Rick
  3. Oh yea, nice, very very clean precise building. I spent many years and a wad of cash building RC Race Boats. You know the saying.....speed =$. Know this well. This builds into one beautiful Cruiser. Looking forward to more. Rick
  4. Enjoying your thread. I am glad you come up with solutions to problem areas by using your head and not just relying on outside intervention. That's how I build, not that help is bad, heaven no. Will gladly take any advise I can get. But for me, problems in a build is a learning curve for that next project. Looking forward to more. Cheers Rick
  5. Howdy friend, hope this finds you fit and well. Have been watching your thread and have to admit I am gleaning ideas from it and details. I am building a Marine Models Company Cutty and your clean precision building is helping me add the missing details. Look forward to more when you are up to it and the build juices are flowing.
  6. Nice start to a wonderful piece of US Navy's history. I have looked at this kit numerous times but never pulled the trigger to purchase. I do however have a complete and pristine copy of the Marine Model Copany's Connie. The kit goes back to the 50's and is a very close rep of the actual hull. Purchased a small piece of wood from the restoration of the actual Constitution. This will be incorporated into the build. Looking forward to more. Rick
  7. Hey, great idea there. Hope if you do not mind if I emulate your process for stropping a block. Thought I would also show you another shot of where I am at. Ready to spakle the hull and working on deck parts. Looking forward to more of your build. Rick
  8. Hate to admit but, stropping a block in this scale is a daunting task. Hopefully someone will step up and answer your question better than I would. We both will benefit. Wanted to show you what your build thread got started.........! So impressed with your build, just had to jump in with a Marine Model Company Cutty Sark. Bought 2 kits on eBay to have 1 complete kit. I have 2 hulls, one untouched in their up grade mahogany. And the one pictured. Am still fairing the hull and correcting what was done already. Rick
  9. Howdy y'all...sorry for not posting on this project. Promise is still in que for building. But I have been working on another project. Yes another !!!!!!!!!! I need intervention! But this has been taking what little build time I have available. Marine Model Company's Cutty Sark. Rick
  10. I am very impressed with Marine Models Kits. Your build is a perfect example of just what can be done with one. The fittings, though rough and parting lines, are superb. With clean up and elbow grease, they are as good if not better than what others supply. Again, remember, these came from a time you cut the wood sheet parts, you have need of metal working skills to fabricate the parts and the metal parts take a fair amount of work. But if one is willing, a truly nice piece can be had from these old kits. Then there is the wood blank hull. Most if not all the work has been done. I have
  11. Scaledecks 1/100 scale wood decking for the Heller Le Soleil Royale. Rick
  12. Great to have peaked your interest. The complete laser cut kits are pricey, yes. But the moment you open the box, inspect the contents....the sticker shocks fades. These are not that difficult to build, but do require a thorough study of all assembly diagrams and instructions. These are Polish made, and even though the English is good, still study the instructions and follow them religiously. One word of caution, I really do not like the paint they now package. Older kits came with tube gouache, think I spelled that right. The tube paint seemed to spread smoother. Both pain
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