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  1. Great build. I have the kit finished to the point of installing the frames. I only hope to complete it as well as you have. It's waiting me to finish Chuck's Cheerful. Hope to use your build log to guide me somewhat. My congrats to you
  2. So I have worked on the deck furniture especially the windlass. (that was fun!) and they are dry fitted here. As you can see I have the deck boards completed as well. I' happy with that so far. After some touch up and refinement It'll do. I also have the bow sprit on it's way as are most of the cannon carriages Additionally I have completed some of the fittings as well. I will try to be more timely with my posts. On to more building Ric
  3. I did not realize that it has been so long since I posted on this build. I have been steadily working on the ship but due to some health issues I have not accomplished as much as I would like to. I will post some pictures as soon as the battery in my camera charges. Ric
  4. Sweet! I don't know how I missed this, Your work is great I followed your Morgan mostly after you finished it. I have the CW Morgan but haven't started it until I finish my Cheerful build. Keep up the great work! Ric
  5. Ya i spent a long time waxing the parts (before assembling) anything. if you are doing it for a nice finish don't bother. I does nothing in that regard just soaks in. I did it for protection from absorbing moisture and glue. I think it helps. Oh, be careful not to wax where the glue needs to go Ric i
  6. I got mine yesterday. I knew that was on backorder 5 weeks ago. I am working on assembling just now and using this blog to guide me. Thanks for posting it. I have spent the last 1 and a half hour waxing all the pieces. on to glueing the assembling the parts. Ric
  7. Thanks again for the kind words, Here some shots of my modified solution to add a strake. I think it will do. I know that I must work more closely with the plans and it is amazing that a small mistake earlier in the construction will cause such an error Thanks to all Ric
  8. Thank You all for the kind words. Thanks Chuck I can see that now and I appreciate your support. I think I will opt for the additional strake. Already working them. You a always there for many.
  9. So here I am AGAIN with a severe error. My cap rail at the stern will not match up with the transom top rail. I am 3/8 of an inch off. I sen chuck an email for help and as always he got back to me nearly immediately suggesting I look closely at the plans for the transom. I think I see the problem.... I hope. It is gonna involve more tear out and rebuild the transom.
  10. So on I went. Time for the false deck Then paint time for paint on the inner bulkheads. A shot of the waterways in place And a final shot of the touched up and partially completed Cheerful. I am far from done but on I go. There is hardly a day goes buy that I done work on this ship. Time to order some stuff from Chuck.
  11. So it has been quite sometime since I posted any progress on this build. That doesn't mean that I have not been working on the build. I guess I would rather put the time into building the Cheerful. I just wish I had paid a bit more attention to the plans when I measure the length of the planks. as a result I have way to many joints out of place and they wonder too much. There was also some areas that were just not right so... I proceeded to remove some sections. Not easy to do! The more I removed the worse it got Heres what I started with.... Heres how bad it got...
  12. Good I am happy to see that you will be back soon. I have quite a delay in documenting my Cheerful build, but I continue to continue to build. Just need to catch up on the build log. See ya soon.
  13. Nice work it sure is coming along. My build is about the same point it is a challenging endeavor.
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