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  1. Really like your delving into this Chris. Have the Alert and looking forward to more. I also would like to see some American subjects from around the 1812 or revolutionary war era. Seams most of what are around are more advanced semi scratch like Alfred and Oliver Cromwell. Beyond my abilities. How about an accurate Surprise? are any kits available of it really based on the ship or just "close". You could take a working vacation to San Diego if needed for inspection of it, or do a kit of the Rose it is supposed to be!
  2. Wow, Good timing Mike. I have this kit and the Tamiya Yukikaze coming. One will get the Infini detail set but not sure which one yet. Have done plastic and resin cars and planes but it's been 40 yrs since I've built a plastic non sail warship. Be definitely following you lead.
  3. I've had several stays sag on a build finished 2 2/12 years ago. Only some of the ft and rear stays have sagged and none of the running rigging. Only thing I could figure is it did stretch after time as ft and rr stays on same mast are loose so not bending of the mast. These were installed probably 3-6 months before the build was finished. This is on a Constructo Albatros and I don't remember if I had to color them or not - if so I would have used a Sharpie marker. Have about 10 lines to redo and since I used both CA and PVA to secure them getting them loose will be a PITA. I'll try the water application and hope it works. 2 previous and older builds are fine?
  4. Mark, You're off to a nice start so far. The nails used for the first planking should be removed before the second layer is applied. Small diagonal cutting pliers will work. I use a sprue cutter from plastic modeling to grab the nail heads and pull them out. For the thin second layer I usually use CA/super glue but other also use a contact glue. I use wood glue for most of the assembly. I cut and fit each plank and then use a very small amount of the CA applied to the first planking layer with a toothpick and press the second layer planks into place. Works for me but you may find a better method.
  5. Haven't been here in awhile and missed this one. I'm also building the Cruiser and it's my first Caldercraft kit. I had the same issue with the capping rails so I angle cut them where the deviated from the top of the bulwarks. The sanded the cut edge to fit the rear cut off part of the capping rails better to the top edge. Matched pretty well and sanding the side edges blended it decent enough. I'm up to doing the deck fittings on mine. The only other issue was with the second layer of hull planking. This English walnut wood really splintered a lot more than the stuff from others I've worked with - mamoli, corel, constructo, and AL. Leaves more of a rough hewn look to it. Have not seen the review from Julier - I have all the period ship handbooks but none have the Cruiser in them. Is the review available somewhere? Your build is looking great so far and looking forward to following along!
  6. Keven, You have a nice build going so far! I have this kit and it's a nice looking ship but I haven't seen many build logs on it. Have you encountered any issues with the kit so far or had to change anything ? Thanks, Jeff
  7. Very nice looking work so far and first planking looks good. I just ordered this kit from Cornwall and have the Domanoff upset set for it coming as well. I've done a couple of hulls with AL's thin outer planking ( Swift and Independence) and really like it. Easy to cut with scissors. The Occre at .6mm may be thicker than the AL strips though. I'll be following along !
  8. Nice looking carriges and the first layer of the planking, coming along fine !
  9. Good start on this one. Nice to see one being built as I also have the kit. How do the gun port location notches on the bulkheads look for relation to the deck ? Seems some Corel kits have had as issue with this from what I've seen in other build logs.
  10. Ulises, Great work on this one so far ! Way beyond my capabilities yet to tackle that one. I also picked one up from ME for 440.00 back in Nov. I've had no problems with Mamoli instructions, not perfect being a little vague in parts but so are most. Only issue I've had with Mamoli is just barely enough or just shy on the quantity of wood. Michael : As for the "coastal" Florida hobby shop - I have a Mantua Le Superbe that was ordered and paid for in Sept 2013 and no sign of it yet and no response from them. Expensive learning experience of who not to buy from.
  11. Just picked one of these up as well - couldn't pass on the $119 sale price !
  12. Following Along on this one to see how your'e doing. I just recieved a couple of these and have started one. Also had to do some modification to the front. I did not angle the bulkheads #17 inward as you did but kept them parallel to the false keel. I modified the slots to lower them where they attach to the lower deck otherwise the upper deck really turned upward a lot. Also cut a slot in the front of the upper deck to fit around the false keel and will have to move the bowspirit hole forward. Definitely something off in the kit parts !
  13. Nice looking kit ! Should be quite a step up from the Swift. Looking forward to watching her move along !

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