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  1. I have made a reference to the source of the pictures as requested, hope it helps. OC.
  2. Its quite difficult finding pics from our exact build timeline, I am still looking for close up shots inlcuding deck shots of Warspite in mid 1944, as thats the time I am building her from D Day offshore bombardement. OC.
  3. And these two in drydock. (All photos courtesy of IWM retrieved via a generic internet picture search) OC.
  4. Some pics from 1941 (I think) hope they are useful to you. (All photos courtesy of IWM retrieved via a generic internet picture search) OC.
  5. My paint on my warspite is hand painted with lifecolor, I love them. OC.
  6. I also use "positive spring" pliers in different sizes strengths, aswel as modelers tweezers in different sizes and a few curved ones, just to pick up pe parts when they are flat on my cutting mat I found I needed to make the ends of a couple even finer to get an edge for picking the pe up. OC.
  7. Thanks carl, the thought of trying the pe AA sets scares the living daylights oit of me, I seriously found it difficult enough holding the plastic gun part with tweezers in one hand, while trying to pic up and offer to the glued area with my other hand, it was a head scratching - breath held operation that took several attempts to do just four. I also had to hold the items close up under my magnifier so I could see what I was doing. I thought about buying some bluetack but I thought that I would still need to hold the guns steady, to attach the shields - surely they would still move sat in bluetack and would have to fix them to a strip of wood and bring it close under my magnifier. OC.
  8. Seriously impressive work steve weldone finishing her. OC.
  9. Evening (morning greg) Firstly a Huge thank you to all the views/likes and comments. Today was AA gun tub day inbetween taking pics of aircraft flying over on airways (my other hobby being an anorak), anyway I decided to constrct the four gun tubs near the rear radar build up, I have been using part of the kit plastic guns with the pe shields (as I chicken out of building the whole pe AA set ups) after fiddling about making my tweezers sharper to pic up tiny things, I then spent about 10 hours (well it felt like it and the air went blues ###***&&&) the wife didn't know I swore - ups). I then turned my attention to the gun tubs and the small ammo boxes that first needed bending to shape, then glueing to the outside of the tubs (its just occured to me as Im writting this - I foregot to put the tub doors on). Anyway after a few coats of paint light and mid grey inside and out, I was able to dry these off using the hairdryer, then I fitted the guns and fitted them inplace on the deck. Here are a few pics of my days work. OC.
  10. A bit more progress today - the captain of the ship decided to have some 3/2inch plating put in place at the top of the ladders leading from the weather deck up the bulwarks, this is to strengthen the top of the ladders. Also I fitted one of the reels and constructed two boxes on the main deck. Just the one pic. OC.
  11. Wowzer, your a brave man I wouldn't have the bottle to to do that. OC.
  12. Firefox also, I see every single one elses photos apart from KPs - very odd. OC.
  13. Too many trasured members on here have been getting unwell - we need to wrap some of you guys up in kindness. OC.
  14. Im missing out on this build as I am still not seeing the pictures just the jpeg numbers for them. OC.
  15. I was practicing that standing upside down at the table - but it was tricky, the wife walked past followed by the dog but they were upside down - very odd. OC.
  16. A bit more work today - I painted the davit wires black, then the floats recieved a coat or two of med grey and the inside wood boards a yellow - ish color, next I decided to tackle the part I was dreading The Ladders (imput freightened emoticoon here) the two on rear bulwark inlcude fiddly top plate sections, upon cutting these out on some stiff board, the top plate hand rail broke off, but no worries I was still able to bend in the side and the top plate and glue inplace using some gorilla glue pva. I then turned my attention to the second one when "shock - horror" the top plate came away and was lost (this top plate is very noticable) anyway I got my grey matter working and found some thin wood, I was able to trim this to shape and glue it inplace on the bulwak, then I was able to glue the stairs to the board. After a couple of coats of light grey here is the result - ok -ish. OC.

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