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  1. I havn't been able to do anything to day as I couldn't concentrate - been in too much pain with a mouthful of abscess's, Its caused all my face to swell up causing pain and a bad headache, hopefully back on the pearl tomorrow. OC.
  2. A rough scetch just to show a front on view showing the dock wall on the right and beams and keel blocks (in brown) OC.
  3. Why dont you do a Long side (at the rear of the ship) and an end (could be the gate), you could secure her as I think they did with beams secured from the dock walls (steps) and attached to the hull (possibly pins) and similar under her keel onto the keel dock blocks. It would be secure and look Fantastic. OC.
  4. Havn't got much more to do - Finish the ratlines, then paint them to flatten them down, fit the masttop, make the futtock shrouds - fit then paint, attack two blocks at each end of the foremast main yard, then tie to forecastle deck railing and blocks on the mainmast masttop, then I will need to work on making a wood upper mainmast section, then paint/weather it before fitting it to the opper main trestltree assembly, then fit/lash and connect the upper main shrouds to the masttop deadeyes, then make/serv another main to foremast stay rope and associated blocks, then make
  5. Yep I have wrote the first 650 also. OC.
  6. I have a few - "Cough - cough" 651) Once saw a load of insects going over a bridge - Flyover. 652) Cure for watching paint dry - start at the bottom and work up. 653) Best Ham - dont like the worst one. 654) I got 26 A levels - I cant spell. 655) What a brimming idea - buy a new hat. 656) Fed up at the fish restaraunt the other night when the fish kept rolling of my plate - well it was skate. 657) "Twang" went the twee pot. 658) Twisted sense of humour - I laugh first then tell a joke. 659) We buy Cow & Gate stuff - should see
  7. The bench was calling me so I decided to make the mainmast tops, painted and weathered including fitting a couple of blocks for the foremast yard movement ropes. OC.
  8. Not too bad mate, the wood inserts certainly help keeping them rigid, I am still being careful though and keep checking all the masts are ligned up. OC.
  9. Good day all, another good day on the pearl, I have managed to get the mainmast shrouds fitted to the deadeyes, went quite well and is niclely tentioned - need to do the ratlines. A few pics including a close up of the lashing around the mast. OC.
  10. Please dont do it blidfolded - I once did that with darts - didn't go down to well, when I had to explain that down at the hospital. LOL. OC.
  11. I think I may have found a wartime photo of my late farther, he used to tell me he also worked on Short Stirlings at a shadow base of RAF Marham called Downham Market I assume posting where he was needed as there where only about 3 miles away from each other, he told me he was in number 1 group and at the time(1943) the active squadron was 218sqn flying Shorts and Lancs. OC,
  12. Talking of spits, this is one of mine from the last airshow I did RIAT 2017 Fairford UK. OC.
  13. Welcome aboard you are ofcourse most welcome, Im not starting yet as I have the pearl to finnish unless I wish to be "sent to Coventry" by the admiral. OC.
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