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  1. Thank you so much mark, I am quietly pleased with what I have done - kind of a rewarding feel. OC.
  2. Evening all, so I got a few hours on the pearl after a day of aircraft spotting and photography, any way the ladder hatchway was re done using some 2x2mm framing - I decided to attach the frame to the deck that way it leaves a slight gap between the grating and frame, this inspired me to then construct some combing around the hatchway with the ladder already open, this was tricky as I had the rope stachions to cut around, I did this by making the combing in three sections, and filing a cut out with my fine needle files (think I used my 2mm box file). After these combings had set I
  3. Thanks lou, I've lifted it now (it was bugging me so I went downstairs and popped it from underneath - no damage) I will build a frame 2x2mm tomorrow (after my aicraft spotting and photography from the back garden - of course) and fit it around the grating - like I did on my Greyhound build - I just wasn't thinking - brains gone to sleep I think. OC.
  4. Not sure how that would work on the actual ship as the ladder hatch grating was just a temporary cover - put in place with the hand rail/ropes removed for action stations I assume, its only lightly glued so it can be popped out from under and a slight combing added, what I could do is to build a frame around the grating and sit it ontop of the lip so its raised a couple of mm. OC.
  5. More than welcome mark, the popcorn machine is Massive, enough for Everyone. OC.
  6. Thanks mate, I have never used pastels - I always seem to work by the slowly slowly ethic when it comes to trying new techniques. OC.
  7. Will be following - have me seat/popcorn and beverage at the ready, this could be a good candidate for the HMS Interceptor from Pirates of the Caribbean. OC.
  8. Evening all - another good day doing bits and pieces, I started by trimming the ladder rope that had been attached, I then painted the rope and simulated rope in a dirty sand color and the posts the same brown/black color, I then painted and fitted the forecastle deck grating, and also constructed a grating to cover the mid ships ladder hatchway. A few pics showing the progress. OC.
  9. Evening all, thank you all for the likes and views, its great being back in this section, right - I decided to attack the ladder rails that go around the deck cut out, I decided to use the kit parts as they are fairly well formed, I also attached the ladder rope that comes up from lower down, this was tied and glued with a bit of pva. Here are a couple of pics. OC.
  10. She's been put in here folks - as I thought it was more appropriate due to her being of a kit origin. OC.
  11. Great work denis, I know keeping busy with something to disstract you is a help, and with the dentist - "Oh boy do I know abit about teeth problems" I have suffered all my life if not tooth then Abscess problems causing my whole side of my face to blow up and the Pain - "Throb throb". OC.
  12. Evening all, got some more work done on the pearl this evening, I glued a few of the deck/bulkheads together and added a finishing strip to cover where I had dropped the front of the forecastle deck down a bit. Here are a few pics also one showing a comparison with my other build - they could almost be from the same film. OC.
  13. More work this evening on the pearl, firstly I glued in place the two ladders with ropes and left the ropes to hand, then I attached the two decorative stand pieces to the bottom of the hull (these will be mounted onto the base plate - for a secure stand). Next job was to dry fit the center assembly into the middle hull section (this has bulkheads that slide into cutouts on the hull) I then offered up the front bulkhead and forecastle deck but found a height error where the front lugs fit, so simple fix (remove the lugs and fit slightly lower) this is a slightly tricky job as it req
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