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  1. Good evening folks, I have decided my next move with my build will be to increase the width of the black band that was just covering the wale, I will measure an equal gap from the top feature edging downwards to above the top of the wale and mark a line, I will then mask this and fill in with the same black as the wale. Here is a picture of similar frigate to show how I want to extend the black band. OC.
  2. I had to do a similar thing with my stick down wood sheet deck on my Warspite as it was slightly too short compared to the hull, I made my join/gap in the center between superstrucer blocks. OC.
  3. Wow! that hull looks real nice so smooth she is coming along so well. OC.
  4. Just posting a link to the discussion about the film I have mentiond folks - Please have a visit. OC.
  5. Hi All, I have a good friend who has an extensive interest in Nelson and all things Navy, he has put considerable time into creating an amazing script for a new film all about Lord Nelson and his life going all the way through to his death at Trafalgar. I have been helping him promote this excellnet film, we have put the script forward to an interested film director/producer, and as they say "time will tell". It will be the most complete film about Nelson ever produced and a true Epic of a film. Here is a link to the Twitter page for it - Duty @dutythefilm ‏ Follows you 1805 England is at war with France and Spain. Napoleon is set to invade England, all that stands in his way is the Royal Navy. copyright Jeremy Webb. @jemweb OC. Thank you sincerely for looking, any questions please get back to me. OC.
  6. Thanks mate I asked Chuck and he suggested the general chat forum so guess shore leave is in the same section? OC.
  7. I've asked him to join up on here and have a look at a few of the Vic builds and also to have a look at my build, I was wondering if the mods would let me pt something up about the film. OC.
  8. Thank you so much Kevin, its just an annoying condition that causes my hand to lock up with a couple of frozen fingers. I have been keeping myself busy with helping to promote a friend with his new film script for a fab new film about Nelson and Trafalger, its going to be bigger than Master and Commander - A deffinate must see film when its made. OC.
  9. Thank you kindly, I just dont want to spoil what I am doing so I need to wait a bit. OC.
  10. Hello everyone, I am sorry for the lack of movement with my build, that stupid hand condition is playing me up again, and it kind of throws me of course affecting my mojo, I am still here as I love replying to all my friends and following what everyone is doing. Keep up your great work folks I will get on with my build shortly. OC.
  11. Hope Im not too late to join I have a bench I could bring lots of room on that. In regard to the "Dark Side" 1/200 plastic Hood "cough cough" - who said that. OC.
  12. Superb and what a journey you have taken us on - Thank You. OC.
  13. Amazing detail like david said hiding those wires is so skillfull. OC.
  14. You are doing some amazing work on your trawler mate, she is looking so life like keep up the grand work. OC.
  15. I have a good friend who has written a script for a Nelson Trafalger film to be called "Duty" he is imspired by the Victory builds and yours in inspiring. Sorry to have hijacked your build dennis. OC.

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