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  1. Its great to bond the inside seams of a ships hull probably the same inside a planes fuselage. OC.
  2. Thank you Piet, its amazing what can be done with an already very well constructed kit - it makes detailing it so much easier. OC.
  3. Right then plan for tomorrow - Im going to try some knitting - only joking, I am "wait for it - wait for it" going to build/paint/weather and fit the anchors as the cables are there so is the cathead. OC.
  4. Thank you so much for saying that mate - getting compliments like this is just so inspiring, and puts a smile on this pirates face OC.
  5. Thank you wallace - Im actually enjoying the rigging (not so much the shrouds). OC.
  6. Thats a great repair mate as you say so much better than filling and sanding. OC.
  7. Thank you denis, it was thrown together at a stage of none model building. OC.
  8. So I got my second wind - so I glued inplace the upper/topgallant mast - got it ligned up, then I constructed the front upper stay, first I built the bowsprit block attachment - this forms a triangler rig, then I lashed the top of the upper mast secured it with ca and ran the stay through the bowsprit block, it will be tentioned and lashed when I attach the four side stays down to the deadeyes. Three more pics. OC.
  9. Thats what I thought mark - with the tention off all that standing rigging, I have even braced the inside of the main mast sections where they were two part sections. OC.
  10. More progress today - next was the pre-molded topmast/topgallant, I decided to have a go at replacing the topmast section for a piece of wood dowel, first I cut off the mastcap assembly - then after cleaning it up a bit, I drilled a hole to take the thicker end of the topmast, then I shapped it so it was narrower towards the top, then again I drilled a hole into the top mastcap - after I glued both sections between the wood topmast with ca. I decided to use the plastic topgallant but smeared it with ca and cleaned the exsess off - this helps to strengthen the plastic, I then forc
  11. Sadly no more or all three of them, I used to love seeing the Sea King - S41 coming over me daily, ok the Merlin had taken over but there not the same thing. OC.
  12. Yep it is taking A lot more time and concentration but I think its paying off, its also a geat way to learn more about seamanship and nautical terms (before building the pearl if somone had mentioned a Lift - I would have thought - people getting in it to go up or down) OC.
  13. I realy like the idea with the wings - adds more interest to an already attractive build. OC.
  14. I thought I would show a kit I built straight out of the box, it was based on a real helicopter I used to see often, it fell together fairly quickly in about four days, I used tamiya enamel paints - satin finish I think. Anyway here is my old kit and the photos that I took of the real thing. OC.
  15. Evening all - more progress with the foremast, firstly I painted the lower deadeyes and ropes, then I did the same to the tops - after this was dry I worked on fitting the futtock shrouds, these were fine black tread treated with thin pva to stiffen and de -fuzz the rope, I then wrapped then around the base of the deadeyes - twisted them and added a dab of ca, this was repeated till all six were done. Next job was to create a sherpole on each upper section of the shrouds - I did this by using the same thickness of thread as used in the shrouds, I glued this with ca behind th
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