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  1. Thanks dave, it was trial and error I thought "go with it" as the unicorn and lion do not look to bad, so just clearing the top engraving did seem to make a fair amount of difference, just needs a couple of coats of semi satin top coat to take some of the shine from the blue, and blend it all together(sam will be on the hull) OC.
  2. This was how the transom looked before I attacked it with a file and some paint. OC.
  3. Evening everyone! I decided to have a go at the transom, I had another look at the kit molded metal affair - and decided to have a go at tarting it up a bit, I started by filing off the top detailing - this took some time gentle filing till it was smooth. I then decided to paint the transom corresponding colors to the hull - French Blue, Light Yellow Ocre and Red and Black details, I finished it off by painting the edge Black. Here are a couple of pics. OC.
  4. Very good progress so nice and lined up so well, you have her profile perfectly formed. OC.
  5. Looking very nice, now I see what you mean with the bulkhead frames - they look great and add to the detail. OC.
  6. We could put up an 80ft main mast in your garden but I bet your admiral would end up using the spars for washing. OC.
  7. Just seen your build amazing workmanship pure delight to follow. OC.
  8. For more ideas you should check this out - its the sister ship to the Revenge - Golden Hind, and exact replica is in the UK at a seaside place called Brixham Devon, heres a pic. OC.
  9. Glad your on the mend, take it easy though I know from experience how a disablity or illness can really get you down. Your build is really looking superb. OC.
  10. Looking tidy, the oak planks do look realistic looking from a ship of the period, just looking at Victory's lower gun deck she had the same look of her decks. OC.
  11. Hi there david, thank you for looking in, you should pull up a chair now you are here, lots more to do yet, hope you are well regards to glen also. OC.
  12. What a great start - love the profile of the planking. OC.
  13. Evening folks, I have spent a good couple of days finishing off the hull paintwork - I painted the other lower hull side, then applied the white/black lower transom relief area, and also did some tidy-up work on the wale, last I applied the top black on the stem. So appart from a few tiny adjustments and working on the hull/top bulkhead rails and some decoration, the hull is nearly comlete (on the outside). Oh - and the rudder and the stem frame work/figurehead/ anchor howser framework, etc etc. OC.
  14. I so nearly had one of these but changed my mind at last minute due to service/insurance/running costs etc. OC.
  15. She is looking Superb really beautiful work you should be very proud of your self. OC.

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