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  1. No its the same camera phone an old sony ericsson k800i, it has a macro mode on it, I have my dslr but it doent have a close up macro lens so I tend to use the cam phone for close up work. OC.
  2. More work today continuing with the hanger block - first off was to tidy up some of the paintwork where some dust specs had settled on the paintwork, then a slight re touch up, after this I cut out the five pe support brackets above the hanger roller doors, these were laid in a small amount of pa glue, then after set a ran a small line of ca glue to fix them. Then I painted the pe parts and fitted the three sections together. So as of now the hanger block/boat deck is constructed minus the top fittings - boats, funnel, cranes etc. OC.
  3. Absolutley Superb, this is why joining our family here is so worthwhile, to witness a master piece of art being created stage by stage. Thank you. OC.
  4. Coming along very nicely mate, the hull looks the business and that deck grey looks perfect, I would imagine most deck painted areas would have used a kind of anti - slip paint? OC.
  5. I learned some special things with using lifecolor and handpainting - 1) Always keep the brushes cleaned with a jar of water to hand, 2) Keep the paint tubs/jars constantly agitated or stired, 3) Clean around the top of the tub/jar as dry paint often collects there, 4) Apply several thin coats and heat dry with a hairdryer to speed up applying each coat, 5) Apply a few very watery thinned down coats last - this tends to smooth out the paint layers. OC.
  6. Oh I foregot to mention - the boat stands on the deck in the above pic, are not the pe versions but the original kit plastic ones that have been thinned down with some file work, as these seemed ok once finished. OC.
  7. Not bad mate, gently bent the sides then applied a small amount of ca from a narrow pointed stck, then when fully set I used my sharp narrow scalpel to open the rungs up, I was scared at first but after doing two I feel more confident to tackle the rest of them - and there are quite a few to do. OC.
  8. Evening all, more time on the bench today it was "itty bitty" day lots of tiny bits without moving very far, I was carrying on with the hanger/boat deck attaching several small assemblies, I also applied a few coats of paint. Upsss picked up a bit of dust in the last pic - must sort that out. Here are a couple of pics. OC.
  9. Thinking about the lashing points - I think they are quite common on landing platforms, I have seen them on photos from modern frigates through destroyers and up to carriers. OC.
  10. These new design of lifeboats look scary in thier application, some of the modern cargo vessels have them attached at the stern on what looks like a slide (I had visions of it being like a fairground ride in one of those things being launched) OC.
  11. I agree with grandpaPhil, they are lifeboat canistors on a frame, looks like they swing out or slide out to drop the canistor. OC.
  12. Me aswel mate Im deffo a nerd and I drive the wife mad with it (tell a lie she likes to see what I am building, she is my observer. OC.
  13. Next off was to work on the boat and trolly to go inside the hanger, this was the same procedure as the boat on the deck near the radar stack, first I made the trolly then glued it to the bottom of the boat, while this was setting I constructed a plate to act as a guide, this was shaped then glued to the hanger floor, when the boat/trolly had set I was able to paint the boat mid grey and light buff, the boat was then fixed onto the plate. Here are a few pics showing the boat inside the hanger. OC.
  14. Another good day at the bench (cant you just tell the weather is carp) anyway it was time to fit the two ladders going down/up to the first level that contains the two cranes, these needed the cut outs in the deck widening, then as before I cut the ladders one at a time from the pe fret - then the same bending to shape. I then applied a small amount of ca glue to the edge of the cut out and fitted the ladders, then after applying a bit more ca underneath and when the ladder was secure I opened up the ladder steps. This was repeated on the other side. Just a few pic
  15. Indeed it is mate, some excellent building going on here, all having really interesting pasts, its a shame there is not a 1/350 scale HMS Hood build to join us, I know there is the Excellent 1/200 scale one on here already well on its way, but nothing in our scale - at the moment. OC.
  16. By the way - you may be wondering Whats going inside the hanger? "Well you see" - its going to house one of the boats on a trolly attached to a couple of tracks (like the the ones that would have supported her Walrus sea plane). OC.
  17. A bit more progress slightly late putting on as I had a few bits of laptop maintenance to do and only just came back online. Here are a couple of pics showing the mid grey paintwork applied to the outside of the hanger block, and a slight touch up of the white including a pannel I fixed on the rear wall to hide that nasty sink mark visible through the rolloer shutter(the one higher up wont be seen when the boat deck is on. As always sincere thanks for all the attention - followers and likes It does make a difference. OC.
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