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  1. Well done she is looking Superb what a credit she is to you, I agree about the mobile phones using them for a camera - If you use them for close up work they can be really good - they do need a certain technique though - basically tolding them really still, all my pics are with my old 20 yr old mobile phone. OC.
  2. Thank you kevin, cant give more time but guess there is lots of popcorn going around - if not I would have words with the regulars. OC.
  3. Evening all, I painted the anchors then did my normal weathering - after this I lashed the anchor to the anchor rope tied it using the normal method and lased the end of the rope, I then sat it against the hull and lashed some thread around the bulwark, then I ran some more thread down from the cathead to the anchor ring. Just the two pics. OC.
  4. Anchors, so today I assembled the two kit anchors each comes in four sections, first thing I had to do was round off the shank as it had a square section, I then did abit of smoothing to hard edges then I glued the arm to the shank, the stock was in two sections this was wrapped around the shank and glued, the stock had molded on lashing ropes - instead I sanded it all flat and lashed it myself using fine black thread. Next off painting/weathering. Just the two pics. OC.
  5. Probably already explained this - a cure for fraying threads used for our ropes - spread watered down pva into the thread between yor fingers, it smooths the thread yet it still reamins flexible. OC.
  6. Its great to bond the inside seams of a ships hull probably the same inside a planes fuselage. OC.
  7. Thank you Piet, its amazing what can be done with an already very well constructed kit - it makes detailing it so much easier. OC.
  8. Right then plan for tomorrow - Im going to try some knitting - only joking, I am "wait for it - wait for it" going to build/paint/weather and fit the anchors as the cables are there so is the cathead. OC.
  9. Thank you so much for saying that mate - getting compliments like this is just so inspiring, and puts a smile on this pirates face OC.
  10. Thank you wallace - Im actually enjoying the rigging (not so much the shrouds). OC.
  11. Thats a great repair mate as you say so much better than filling and sanding. OC.
  12. Thank you denis, it was thrown together at a stage of none model building. OC.
  13. So I got my second wind - so I glued inplace the upper/topgallant mast - got it ligned up, then I constructed the front upper stay, first I built the bowsprit block attachment - this forms a triangler rig, then I lashed the top of the upper mast secured it with ca and ran the stay through the bowsprit block, it will be tentioned and lashed when I attach the four side stays down to the deadeyes. Three more pics. OC.
  14. Thats what I thought mark - with the tention off all that standing rigging, I have even braced the inside of the main mast sections where they were two part sections. OC.
  15. More progress today - next was the pre-molded topmast/topgallant, I decided to have a go at replacing the topmast section for a piece of wood dowel, first I cut off the mastcap assembly - then after cleaning it up a bit, I drilled a hole to take the thicker end of the topmast, then I shapped it so it was narrower towards the top, then again I drilled a hole into the top mastcap - after I glued both sections between the wood topmast with ca. I decided to use the plastic topgallant but smeared it with ca and cleaned the exsess off - this helps to strengthen the plastic, I then forc
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