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  1. You mean for sanding plastic or even wood parts? I use nail sanding files - I have a mix of the flexible two sided ones and many that are thin with card in the center - I have beautiful nails now 🤣 OC.
  2. Indeed - felt like the whole site was on hold over my magnifier episode - so glad full service has resumed. OC.
  3. Yep me too Aurora - Black Manta etc and the TR3 (Poss Blackbird replacement) I once went with a group of aircraft spotters to a UK mil base Mildenhall as two Blackbirds were stationed there then, we camped out in a field under the runway hoping to see one of the aircraft depart, we never did as they were kept hid away in there hangars. OC.
  4. Its some plane the TSR2 its massive when you stand next to it - yet such a tiny wingspan. OC.
  5. TSR2 would be Brilliant, I have seen both survivors at Cosford and Duxford museums - amazing aircraft. OC.
  6. Back to normal - toothpaste to the rescue - final result magnifier 1 finger 0 "ouch". View through magnifier after repair. OC.
  7. Makes you realise what a special job - dry docking is getting the ship ligned up to catch those blocks. OC.
  8. This is what makes our forum so special - we are like a family looking out for each other and helping where we can. OC.
  9. Thanks for that lou, I have just been looking online at our local store to see what they have - not seen the above mentioned but they do have many others. OC.
  10. Thank you wallace - I will pick some up tomorrow - just the plain simple unflavoured white variety? OC.
  11. Thanks lou, you can imagine my face it was priceless - I nearly fell to my knees in the kitchen when I saw what I had done, I just thought "How can I finish her now - Im blind as a bat" I even bump into the door frame when going out lol. OC.
  12. Will it work on glass though? I assume the glass in this magnifier is similar to whats used in telescopes. OC.
  13. Yep it was a fresh sponge with the brasive other side - I too didn't expect it to scratch glass, what do you think will be best brasso or rouge, it would have to be available in out of town as we are limited here for DIY places. OC.
  14. I think its glass - its heavy enough to be - its part of a stand with a heavy base that has a flexible light, and the magnifier, both drop into holes in the base and can be swung around, it has a heavy power pack. Here is a pic showing the magnifier and scratches. OC.
  15. I have been trying to use what we have in the house wahing up liquid or household kitchen cleaner with a piece of cloth rubbing it in and trying to buff it, but not making much difference the scratches are very noticable - lots and lots of circular scratches. I could seriously Kick myself - I should have used my head and known that the abrasive side of the sponge would scratch the glass, It will just have to wait wrong time of the month. OC.
  16. Prior to my disaster I was painting the mast wooldings black - then I was going around the masts and different other sections applying a few coats of flat coat to dull everything down, then I fitted an extreme front topgallant - bowsprit stay, and at the same time dry fitted both side topgallant tention ropes. Here a few pics - OC.
  17. Evening all - I have done somthing Utterly Stupid and have brought my build to a standstill - I was cleaning my magnifier glass and stupidly used the rought side of a cleaning sponge and its scratched it so bad its frosted over and I can see through it, when its wet I can see through it but when dry its like looking through fog. Does anyone Please please have any advice what i can do to fix the situation - cant go out and buy a new one. OC.
  18. I cant keep up with these Duracel powerd builders - mind you I do build "slowwwwwwww" OC.
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