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  1. Very very nice work - this could potentially become a museum piece - I bet a museum would be interested some where, its building onto something so nice. OC.
  2. They are ammo cupboards you will no doubt find them dotted about all over the ship. OC.
  3. All the best with your new build bob, Looking forward to you moving forward with this, I know if anyone can overcome a few minor issues - you can. OC.
  4. Thats great work denis - boy is that pe a real pain sometimes - especially the railings - have you sworn yet..... OC.
  5. I think scale cars are so difficult to get spot on - I dont know perhaps the scale, I could never do them justice, I think you are doing just fine denis. OC,
  6. I can so relate to alot of the fittings - armour on your Hood, as they where very similar to the Warspite I built - superb work. OC.
  7. If you dont get asked to display this very fine work of art in a museum (German Museum Possibly) then there is something very wrong in the world. OC.
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