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  1. Thanks mate I know what you mean. We should resort back to our old navies a lovely diet of old meat. weevil biscuits and rum - I could live off the rum though. OC.
  2. Any way! back on with my build - tomorrow I hope to trim the two breech ropes glued but hanging from the hulls side, then I will work out my next stage in her build stratergy. Sincerely thank you to all the replies and words of thought and care - it means a lot from my family of ship builders. OC.
  3. Thanks ken, the trouble is - it costs extra money to eat healthily, my wife has always said here in the UK its always the poor who are the least fit and well, thankfully we have a mostly chicken and frozen or tinned vegetables, and try to get greens when we can, both of us have zero sugar or fats like butter or sandwhich spreads, same with milk we only take concentrated milk - never full fat. We should be as healthy as a sportsperson lol. OC.
  4. She has not had diabetes for long so the hypo was unknown ground for both of us, very scary and worrying, and having no medication for her to fall back on was not good. Its a combination of factors at the moment taht dont help - the cold she suffers from/she needs the warmth, but she also needs the right foods, both not very easy to obtain - especially not both. Like I said - roll on the spring and warmer weather. OC.
  5. Thank you sincerely, its always a slightly rough time for us - between now till next spring, the cost of keeping the house warm (and the wife) with her health issues, it puts such a strain on us impacting her health. Summer isnt too bad as we can have the heating off - then theres the cost of diabetic foods we are now starting to need, we cant do both. Roll on the spring. OC.
  6. Not really feeling much like building at the moment this time of the year is always rough on us, but early this morning the wife had a hypo with her diabetes brought on and made worse by us choosing between food or heating - no guesses what we had to choose. So my motivation is abit strained at the moment and attention on my wife due to her new addional health issue to contend with. Right - moan over with. OC.
  7. Trouble is - we are still in November, decorations are not supposed to go up till the first day of the "Twelve days of xmas" that on the 20th December. OC.
  8. Evening all, first day back on the pearl after a short break, I decided to have a go at the masts - I am using the kit plastic ones but I am strengthening them on the inside with wood dowels cut to size and glued inside, this makes a very rigid mast. Just the one pic showing one of the masts with the dowels glued inside. OC.
  9. Am I right in thinking - the dark grey band around every obstruction from the deck upwards about a foot or two high, is it a form of water proof paint to seal where the deck meets the superstructure/obstructions? OC.
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