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  1. I wonder if my friends and any other kind people could help me with some research please? on Warspite the two searchlight platforms on the funnel are maned when needed, but however I try I can not find out how the crew can gain accsess to the platforms, from all the research I have done I can not find any details of ladders going upto to platforms, the center column is not wide enough to act as an accsess tube. The location of the funnel is quite close to the forward super structure - a gap of a few feet from the main flag deck to the funnel, but there is a drop of about twenty feet t
  2. What will be my next move will be to put some tarps around the searchlight platform railings, as these were fitted when she was at D Day. OC.
  3. Yes mate - on the wheel marked WB you should be able to set it to WB then another menu should show or you select, in that there should be a menu of Auto, Tungsten, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Fluorescent, Auto is normaly ok for most things except strong internal lighting from strip lights. Hope this helps. OC.
  4. Hi all, today I started work on the funnel cap and internal fittings, I decided to follow the design of of the shipwrights model above, this shows a closed off ledge just under the cap, this contains a few box like and round internal funnels, I firstly worked on the kit cap - I decided to have a go at thinning down the profiles in the cap, I used my scalpel and fine file and worked on the sections. Next I created a floor to go inside and on this I fitted a few box like structures and a couple of thin round funnels, these were painted flat black then when dry I glued the floor undern
  5. Thanks carl, you are true about the scale and us builders being the perfectionist. My inspiration is the massive architects model that a fellow builder on her was building. Im sure he wont mind me posting a few of his pics of his model (scale replica more like) OC.
  6. Thanks mate, there are just a few blemishes like slight mounds from the ca glue, and dust from brush painting, even with me keeping a clean routine static attracts the dust molecules, then there is our macro cameras enthersizing the blemishes, I know when its all assembled and photographed from a couple of feet away as a whole model, small blemishes wont be noticable. OC.
  7. Evening all, more work on the funnel (fiddly time consuming job) first I had to find and cut out the search light platform hand rail, this was easy enough till I tried to bend it to follow the contour of the platform, no chance it broke in a couple of sections - so I decided to cut it in three sections, two round at each end and one in the center, thesse were fiddly to hold in place and glue. I eventualy managed to get the rails to stick, so next was to apply a couple of coats of paint, next was to construct the upper platform using both the kit part and a top pe part, these
  8. Evening all, more progress today starting with the correction I did last night, I checked the side wall/front hanger door situation - and I had corrected it ok, I then attached a circuler device on the rear of the hanger deck (not sure what purpose it serves). Next was time to start on the funnel (warspite only has the one) this is built in various sections including a searchlight platform and sub deck below that, my thinking was to use the kit part with the pe plating ontop, but to fit the sub deck out of pe, these platforms are fitted to two colums with the searchlight
  9. Thank you sincerely piet, yep I love the ole girls history, and where she ended up was for me important for my building her, as I have swam in the same waters in the bay where she was scrapped (at a different time though when she had beeb consumed to the breakers) would be fitting to think her keel may have been left in the sand under the shallow sea there. OC.
  10. It has just dawned on me looking at the last pic of the hanger doors - the open side shutter is not sitting tight against the frame. So it bugged me I had to correct it so i went downstairs and applied some pressure and some glue on the inside, and have it sat braced over night. I think putting the roof/boat deck on had opened the gap. OC.
  11. I wouldnt say that greg, I bow to your ability on here - you are without doubt the pe king, I wish I had your dexterity. OC.
  12. Ladder day, yep I had six ladders to cut away/bend then fit, two of these had to go in an akward position as they were obscured by the pom pom platforms, then two more were fitted at the end of the boat deck, and two smaller ones on the boat deck. They were abit clumsy to fit but after applying some gaitor pva glue then a small smear of ca, they set ok, then it was the job of opening up the rungs/steps again with my fine sharp scalpel. After I painted them mid grey and touched up the deck were there was a bit of ca. Here are a few pics including one showing th
  13. I foregot to mention - the hanger block is not glued down to the deck yet, its just dry fitted, there is lots more work to do to it yet including - six ladders of different sizes, the funnel and assosiated pe parts(also some scratch building for the funnel cap covers) the search light platform/ ladders and search lights, the boats with their pe parts, some farley floats, some railings and finaly the cranes that are a job in their own wright. OC.
  14. Great comeback - I feel your pain when paintwork doesnt go to plan, but its leveled nicely now though. OC.
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