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  1. Great work kev, isn't she looking super, the grey primer really blends it all together. OC.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Merit-USS-Hornet-Aircraft-Carrier-1-200-Large-Scale-Model-Ship-Kit/141837268406?epid=1124921975&hash=item210628f5b6:g:1tIAAOSwt6ZWVabU In Ebay. OC.
  3. Evening all, not much progress of late wiorth posting about, I have just been tidying up the deck areas including applying a few coats of flat topcoat. Here are a few progress pics. OC.
  4. I would say the Hornet also - its a different angle for your skills and all those aircraft, I think you would do a superb job. OC.
  5. Awww this kit, I have built this one but about 50 years ago when I was a kid, I built most of the Airfix kist back then. OC.
  6. She is coming on good, work with second hull lanking has turned out nice and smooth, with the false deck - dont worry too much as long as its flat and you start wirh a plank down the center, you will not notice the gap. OC.
  7. She is looking very nice, tell yea what when she is finished and you launch her, can you get us some miniture cod - we like them with new potatos and peas. OC.
  8. Hello everyone, so I was able to get the phone camera and took a couple of shots of the work to the forward section that I was working on, I have also added a small narrow strip along the inside rounded edge of the forecastle deck, this was annoying as the strip was so thin and brittle, it broke even after heat bending, anyway I managed to shape the two halves and glued them in place secured by a couple of pegs. Heres the pics. OC.
  9. More Superb work, if this is just your begining I can imagine what your next build will be like WOW. OC.
  10. Looking really good, you can imagine Nelsons reaction when he saw her at Trafalger. OC.
  11. I did a bit more work on my deck fittings but decided to turn my attention to building two front (under forecastle deck) bulwark partition wood walls, I first found some scrap ply that had a smooth surface, then after making a rough template - I marked the incline of the two hull inside hull bulwarks. Next I cut the piece into two equlal sections (almost like mirror images of each other) then glued them to the underside lip of the forecstle deck piece, when the glue had set I made some wood trim pieces out of 1mm x 1mm and glued these inplace along the edges, then set it aside to set. I couldn't take any pics as the mobile phone was in use by the admiral. I couldn't have used my other dslr camera as thats currently up for sale. OC.
  12. Lots of great work with all those bits and pieces and you get to eat some yummy healthy food after in that there tin, you will be flying along at supersonic speed. OC.
  13. I think whites chains go back to ww2 if not ww1 certainly on my warspite they are white. OC.
  14. Hello all, I decided to have a bash at the forward gun port lids, these were made up from thin planking - I joined two lengths together that when joined they were the correct width of the gun ports, when glued I cut them to the correct length. After a little sanding to get a snug fit I placed them and glued them from the inside, after applying some heat to speed up securing I fashioned some hinges from very very thin strips of off cuts, next I applied a few coats of dull black and red ocre edges and inside. I also finished working on an inside frame for the poop deck stairs. Here are a few pictures. OC.
  15. Looking great my friend, so much attention to detail, just dont ask me about fishing boats - I thought fish came from the supemarket. OC.

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