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  1. That would have been very cool if I could have run them off tiny solar pannels hidden inside the roof window, as I wouldn't want wires running outside the hull. OC.
  2. So no time like the present I opened it up and made a start putting some paint on the upper hull parts and other hull parts, I chose a slightly grey/black color that is supposed to simulate a burned wood affect. I will be building her (very slightly differently - well A lot) from my original plan, as I will be using the Fantastic kit as a base but adding many wood parts including - masts and spars, decking, details and rope shrouds and all running gear. I am not sure if she still belongs here in the scratchbuild section (modes let me know what you think)
  3. Good evening all, Day started off as normal till the wife told me there was a parcel waiting for me (A very large parcel) I wasn't expecting anything so I opened it and to my complete supprise this was inside it - 🤩🤩😀😀 OC.
  4. I love your keel supports denis - very well thought out, being able to move it along the length of the slipway is a great idea. OC.
  5. A bit more TD work in Paint - I have the frames sorted now and scaled to 1/100scale same as the keel, I will try to get these printed off as they will give me an accurate plan to work off. OC.
  6. If I was sensible I would just convert the plan to the correct 1/100 scale in windows paint, then save it as a 1/1 pic file then print it out on some 20inch paper, but I have no ink for my printer. OC.
  7. Great to have you onboard its shaping up to a good crew and a four legged hand. OC.
  8. Good evening all, first step today was to convert some dimensions to 1/100 scale on one of the plans I have, I will then overlay this drawing by hand onto my Peregrine plans that are already at 1/100 scale, this will give me a guide to how much upscaling the keel will need. OC.
  9. Thank you mark, sure is a challenge - first thing I need to do is to create accurate 1/100 scale keel section/s and the associated frames that I will need to first find some accurate scale frame section plans, then make paper templates that I can use to change and upscale the peregrine frames, then I will need to locate the correct positioning of the frame slots in the keel section/s and cut then out. Lots of drawing work before I can even start building. OC.
  10. Old Collingwood is from Nelson era as in Cuthbert Collingwood who was at Trafalger. OC.
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