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  1. Nothing of any great not and nothing physical, I have always been musical (used to be in a band in the 80s) so now I still keep my hand in using all digital toys on my laptop - I use a virtual keyboard/synth, anyway a friend of mine and accomplished musician had me do some keyboard riffs for him, he mixed them with his layers of guitar and drum machine, anyway he is going to create a CD with it on it. Its an umpaid venture but kind of feel quite proud of myself. OC.
  2. So - more ratlines to be done tomorrow then they will need a tidy up of thier ends, one thing did happen while I was working on them - I managed to break off the topgallant where it meets the topmast 🤧I was able to keep it in place due to the stays - I put loads of ca around the break and that seems to have done the trick........"Phewww.....🤞" OC.
  3. Evening all, firstly sincere thanks to all the likes/followers and comments - so onwards and upwards with the ratlines on the foremast, I decided to fit them by eyeball rather than making a paper mask, seems straight forward enough - just tricky as you need six pairs of hands to tie/ tention and glue the lines around each shroud, getting the spacing is fairly easy to do though - I have been rotating from side to side. Just a few pics. OC.
  4. How about this - 🤩 http://www.anigrand.com/images/items/AA9001_C-5B/AA9001_C-5B_boxtop_large.gif
  5. Thank you denis "I can see clearly now - the glass I s clear" sorry about that🤣 OC.
  6. I used it already on the dowels I put inside the masts (to strengthen them) yep - just a case of scraping using the curved insode section of the blade, Its very sharp and did a great job, the idea is to do the same after making on the dowel each end where to start tapering it. OC.
  7. Thats a great repair - I remember always having the same problem with kits of Harriers - with thier fron screen. OC.
  8. I have got a great new tool for shaping spars - its a rounded scraping tool that slides in and locks (extended or retracted) it will be great for shaping the tapers on my dowel spars. OC.
  9. You mean for sanding plastic or even wood parts? I use nail sanding files - I have a mix of the flexible two sided ones and many that are thin with card in the center - I have beautiful nails now 🤣 OC.
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