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  1. More work today continuing with the forecastle bulwark extentions, I sanded the first one to give it a curved profile then a couple of coats of black, pictures show the before and after including the other side prior to shaping. Also a general shot with my first cannon just chilling on the deck before I fix it in place. OC.
  2. I did a bit more work today by first pre drilling the other side ready for the breach rope hooks, then it dawned on me that I wont have enough tiny hooks, I only have about ten and I need 32, they where not included in the kit to do the cannons anyway. Not sure where I can get any from at this scale 1/100. I then decided to add an extention edging piece to the poop deck(kind of fineshes it off better) Lastly I have been working on the forecastle deck bulwark extentions, they had to be cut back and shaped ready to take some rounded end pieces(I did the later by firstly fitting a thick piece of wood that will be sanded down to create a curve) Anyway that how she is at the moment till tomorrow when I get back on the bench(table) OC.
  3. Thats what I was thinking mate, I am just attaching the breach rope then I will glue the cannon down with a bit of ca, then I will do the same the other side - then after fitting the ships wheel, I will then be able to glue the poop deck in place. OC.
  4. Looking very nice my friend, I completely get what you mean with the filler - so much better if it can be applied in small doses and controled just where you want it. OC.
  5. Latest work on the bench including finishing my first cannon off - minus the breach rope (I have not been to fussy with the first one and two as they will be manily hidden out of view under the poop deck over hang) I also fitted two rings into the bulwarks (this was a tricky job as I had limited room to get an angle to use my small finger drill, I had to come in at an angle over the top of the opposit side bulwark. I then pinched in the hoop in the ring pins to close them up sligtly, then pushed them into the holes and added a drop of CA by a narrow pin head. After I painted the rings black. The pics show - my cannon and views of the rings, also a view with the poop deck dry fitted - and finally an almost sucsessful view through the opposit side gunport showing the poopdeck stairs and behind that the cannon. Thank you warmly and sincerely for all the likes and views - it means a lot. OC.
  6. I can see All the pics now I remember your warspite dio well, what an imaginary pice of art it is. OC.
  7. Hi everyone, I got a bit more time on the bench today, I finnished painting the capstan and compass bass (I used the kit metal parts for this as they shaped up ok and painted fine) I also fitted the funnel from the kitchen(although no kitchen is fitted lower - "shhhh no one knows") I am still working on one of two of the cannons that go under the poop deck extention, needed the wheeels painting (black or yellow ocre????) Anyway here are a couple of pics. OC.
  8. I hand painted my hull using white Admiralty Acrylic paints, I just applied a few layers drying with a hairdyer between layers, and found it did a good job, no brush marks or streaks, I found best work solution was to mask off where you want the line to and use a decent brush and try to paint in smooth lines from front to back then reverse back to front, but try to avoid over painting while the paint is still tacky. OC.
  9. Thank you sincerely mate Im at the (get the fittings done covered by the poop deck) stage these are two 9pdr canons (Im going with the cast carvings as 1/100 scale is too tiny to make them from wood) they are getting the filling down process to clean them up including making the wheels slightly narrower, they will just have the breaching rope attached and painted up accordingly. Also to go in place will be the ships wheel and compass base also any fittings along the bulwark that would have been fitted under the poop deck area. OC.
  10. Blimey mate another build You have as many builds as I have VST devices in my Reaper audio device, this one looks equaly interesting as your other builds. OC.
  11. Thank you so much bob, Im starting to add some of the small attachments to the deck now. OC.

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