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  1. Thanks for that greg, i am using the Lifecolour Acrylics and they do seem to dry very tough also with the acrylic varnish, i am hoping this will be both flexible and tough? OC
  2. Managed to get an hour or two on the table today - i decided to paint the brass fret details - rails ladders etc, the idea is add the top coat laquar when the paint has dried so hopefully the paint wont crack or come away when i fit the individual pieces? OC
  3. THe true sign of a model making genious is when it can sail through the scrutinizing view that a camera shows worts and all, Fantastic Work Greg. OC
  4. Makes one wonder - with all those hammock nets etc creating almost a solid section, with Turners Trafalger pic where he showed solid Bulwarks on the forecastle, could he have mistaken the hammock nets for them? OC
  5. Incredible - I take my hat off to you and watch in ore open mouthed and think - i will never be able to do stuff like that to my Warpy..... :o OC
  6. Thanks mate - yep its coming on i think bits and pieces slowly does it rome and all that lol, i painted a bit of etch on the fret giving it about a year to dry before i handle it(dont want that pesky paint rubbing-peeling orf) OC
  7. Hi frank long time no speak - you are doing a fabulous job there my friend she is looking so life like, its amazing how much time boat building and other duties can take up, and how the time just flies awayyyyy. Keep up the lovely work i know a man who would be looking down on you and he would be very proud of what you have achieved OC
  8. Just a couple more pictures folks - not much to write just the addition of fixing the gunnery control to the rear block. OC.
  9. More gradual work still in the same area, the rear block is not glued in place yet - just placed there to see how its looking. Heres some more pics - OC.
  10. Added a bit more to the rear block today - with the small assemblies in the Tub, and the two other fittings on the roof, i also put the direction finding device together and cut out the two slots each side that are look out windows, i then painted the area black before putting it together. Also here is a pic of my box in progress showing a few bits and pieces... Heres the pics - OC.
  11. Work tommorow will consist of - constructing the framework for the radar bodies to go inside the tub, as i understand that although the lattice work for the radars was omited during 1944, the bodies of these was left in situ in the tub, next will be to fit the two additional box like structures on the roof, then attach the davit poles and the etch supports for these, although this does not sound much - there is quite a bit of work involved just in this stage. OC
  12. Carried on with more work on the rear block paying attention to the radar direction finding tub, this was attached after painting the inside. Here are a couple of pictures taken with my new FZ300 bridge camera, much more appropriate for close up work than a DSLR with long zoom like i had before. OC.
  13. Like most things of a weighted nautical nature i think we as builders follow to many strait lines, when perhaps we should follow more curviture and shape, all of the drawings and paintings or even modern ships i have seen show a subtle but deffinate curve that not only follow decks but details and fixtures. OC
  14. She is looking amazing my friend - your eye for detail is incredible, for me to achieve that i would need a scope ontop of my magnifier.... OC
  15. I was working to get a full scale replica of the Golden Hind displayed in the Uk as a living role play attraction, but the local council would not fund it was such a shame. Your build is looking great so much detail OC
  16. Right Then.....Back in the saddle......I found my mojo hidding in the cuboard under a pile of aircraft spotting log books(cough cough-thats another story), so i got to the table opened up my modeling bag and got the bits out that i was last working on, after blowing off about 10 years worth of dust(slightly less) LOL. The idea was to re touch up a small painted area on the rear cluster as under close inspection it looked Rough, i had gone O.T.T with a bit of weathering and the paint just looked rubbish, so i decided i would gently re paint but this time (lesson learned) i used my magnifier
  17. Cant be any worse than 350 scale surely? when i did my first bit of etch on my Warspite(just a ladder and small platform) i was holding my breath - told the wife not to talk - turn down the TV and hold onto the cat to stop her jumping on the table /work bench, it was murder and i am yet to do those tinny tiny little little little orke machine guns that i can hardly see let alone put together...... But we all endure and manage some how OC
  18. I thought i should show my face to say to all who follow - I am still alive just having one of those lost lojo type thingies (I know i put it somewhere) Anyway when i find my steam i will be back on the build and ship shape and bristol fashion, as i have a back log of part built ships and a sub not even touched, and the wife keeps shakkking her head at me and says " I am yet to see you finish anything" :o OC
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