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  1. Beautiful job you've got going there. I look forward to "graduating" to wood. Still at the plastic stage.....
  2. A 74 is probably one of the most beautiful sailing warships ever built. Big enough to be powerful but not so big as to be lumbering like a three decker. Fast and handy with plenty of firepower. Just what the doctor ordered.
  3. I spent 6 months of my career sailing lakers. MV JEAN PARISIEN and MV ALGOMARINE. This is 15 years or so ago now. We used to race the steam powered boats. No way we could keep up with them. Steam is such a cool motive force. I'm thankful that once I joined the navy I was able to sail a steamer. Big old diesel boilers and steam turbines. Lots of power. Tres tres cool.
  4. I spent a lovely afternoon sailing Baltimore Harbor in PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II. We had all fore and aft sails set but not the squares. I was hoping for them as well but that didn't happen. Still, she's a wonderful ship to steer. You can feel her power up as you bear off and she really starts to run. We had about 10-15 knot winds that day so it was beautiful sailing.
  5. I love watching these CS hulls of yours come together as something else. Still waiting for the GREAT REPUBLIC multiple hull build you mentioned.
  6. Your pics show a project so far out of my league. It's nice to see others builds though. Maybe one day I'll do VICTORY.
  7. Cool. Did the instructions say anything about how copper plating was originally applied? Patterns used in order to cover the whole ship while wasting as little copper as possible for instance? Or perhaps for aesthetic reasons? Just asking.
  8. Rob, Is it just me or do I recall you mentioning at some point that you'd like to build Great Republic by bashing together two CS hulls? I have neither seen nor heard about this plan since. Any news on it? I look forward to seeing Glory as well. Beautiful ship. Excellent work.
  9. Ed, I wanted to say that your work is incredible. I am in love with CUTTY SARK and clippers in general so I look forward to your YOUNG AMERICA build progressing. I want to see the finished model but the problem is that once it's finished, it's finished with nothing to look forward to. Not a terrible dilema. I am a professional mariner who has a very keen interest in sailing ships. Reading your build log over the past few days (At work, don't tell the boss) I have noticed that model builders seem to have a disconnect from the sailors, knowlege wise. The function or operation of certain part
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