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INGOMAR by GConiglio - Gloucester fishing schooner-1904 - 1:38 scale

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Hi all, 

I love the fine shape of "Ingomar", a design from the "Indian Headers" series, by Thomas F. Mc Manus.

She was built in Essex in 1904 and wrecked in 1936.


Sources of this model come from:


1. The American Fishing schooners, by Howard.I.Chapelle,

2. Thomas F.McManus and the American Fishing Schooners, by W.M.P. Dunne,

3. Gloucester Clipper Fishing Scooners, by Erik A.R. Ronnberg Jr,

4. Bluenose II, the saga of the Great Fishing Schooners.


The following pictures show the books, lines, and the first building step. Now the model is quite painted and it's time to prepare the deck details. I hope thet someone will'give me some suggestion to continue building in a good way. 


Thank you.









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Nice work Georgio!


You know, your ship reminds me of Lawrence's model which you can see here: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/9268-annie-m-parker-by-canoe21-fishing-schooner-by-lawrence-scratch-build-scale-150/?hl=%2Bannie+%2Bparker, if you're interested. Both your models are impressive, to say the least.


All the best!



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Thank you Patrick for suggesting the Annie Paker build log.

Both models so look similar!

Different colours in some detail show that is difficult to interpretate the source books.

For example, I wonder if the Ingomar gunwale (top of bulwark) is really white or brown as per Annie Parker.

What do you think?




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It's better to rebuild:


the cabin trunk is going on (1st pic) , but it is better to rebuild another one as per Fishing Schooner Cavalier (2nd pic), from Mystic Seaport Museum.

It is shown at http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/3662-mystic-seaport-models/.



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I think it's better now (still not finished after two weeks!!).


Patrick and Mark, thank you for your suggestion.

I decided to consider predominant the white colour through the deck as per picture found in internet.

In the same time, I like natural wood, so I decided to consider part of the roof in this way. 


Next challenge is the scroll at bow. Very difficult for me.






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Really looks good. In recent reading about schooners in this period, the new boats might have gone out brand new with both decks and deck houses oiled. Soon after the the deck houses were usually painted out . then the smaller elements were often white. Sometimes the waterways and house roofs were dark. Some plans even painted the working area of the decks. My point is from my brief research, I concluded you can chose what you like and be right.

I look forward to you updates. I love the old schooners and yours shall be fun to watch




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Thank you Jon for your contribution.

Yes, there is not a single rule about painting or not. Some time I prefer to leave deck houses oiled, sometime not.

In this case there is a half-way. Painting white the deck houses is important for the "historical" aspect: they have to be visible in the night from fisherman moving along the deck.

In the meantime some part in natural wood are shown, like small deck roof.




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David, Nils, thank you.

Which paint? Different paints! 

Humbrol black / white matt. Copper red mixing Humbrol red and black.


Being not satisfied, I used a succesive acrilic spray paint.


Anyway, I'm planning to buy a air brush for future models!


Ciao e grazie.



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