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Triton Cross-section by shipcarpenter 1:48

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this is my first attempt at building ship (ok part of ship) from scratch. I think it will be a good practise for beginning.

I dare not to build whole ship yet and I also do not have so much space at home for 1:48 ship.

I choose american walnut for main parts. I got this wood from my work - it is not a common species here in Europe.

It is hard and has a beautiful dark colour. I made the first 3 pieces according to plan. 



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Hello Ships Carpenter. I agree with your thoughts of this as a practice beginning, I am also doing the same thing with my cross section. And I like your idea of using an exacto blade the way you did. I would have never thought of that. Now I have a new tool for my ship building. I'll be watching your build as you go along. Have fun Mike.

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thanks for access to plans and for welcome to Triton builder´s club.


Mike thanks for looking and comments - it is not my idea with this scratch tool I saw it in some Triton full build here.

Exacto blade was not ideal (very brittle)- it was only try on photo - better is blade from snap-off knive.


I am working on frames - next time I add some photos of this work.

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So I printed plans of frames, numbered them and glued them on 5mm thick wallnut sheet. here was important to glue the pieces straight and correct - as I later recognized and must redo 5 pieces, but with 9x11 pieces it was ok.

And then made a little dust in my living room with scrollsaw. I enjoyed this work and with my proxxon saw blades it was quickly. 

I clean up ends of every piece , for this I has no machine, but for this was enough chisel and sandpaper glued on small rectangular wooden stick.

I glued each plan of assemly on a small platte 9mm MDF. And then try and adjust the pieces until it finally clicked together.

I glued them step by step I let the glue to dry and then added other pieces.

Little training with treenails.   



















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little update, here are the wrong pieces I must replaced with better ones.

I made building board of old furniture board. Also marked off space for keel( false keel).

Glueing keel with false keel together - I used PVA glue with black acrylic paint - It is not so good visible but maybe it come out with coat of varnish.

Last thing is unify joints for keel in every frame, I fixed frames on board with rectangular attached pin which fits to the groove for keelson. Then sanding until keel fits perfectly to the rabbet.









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Hello, thanks for comments

I am back and I have one question. I found difference between plans for cross section and full build (see photo).

On main topsail sheet bitts there is crosspiece close to main mast (cross section) but in full build plans is on the opposite side from mast.

Can somebody tell me what is correct?


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Use the cross-section plans for the cross-section and the full build plans for the full build.  Don't mix them.  There's differences in the plans due the area being shown and some issues with how things "looked" and fit.

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