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18th Century English Longboat by slagoon - c.1760

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Hi all, I know, a 2 year absence is completely unacceptable! When we got to the new home the room intended to be the model room was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, so what did we do? We had to move (kinda joking, we moved for other reasons) but now we are getting situated in the new place and have been itching to get back to modeling. The Mr. and I decided to get our feet wet doing a model with "good" instructions (thanks Chuck). So without further ado, I bring you my build log!

I started by cutting out the false keel, keel and stem. Then I didn't remember what a bearding line was so while the Mr. looked it up I got on here typed to say hi and took a couple pics. I'm gonna go sand some scorch marks now and then taper below my beard line (women with boats have beard lines too!)





So the Mr. came back and let me know that the lightly etched line was indeed the beard line - and that I needed to be careful because lots of folks were breaking their false keels and stems. He also saw that many people had sanded off the laser cutting stains while everything was all together still so I went and did that. It looks way nicer in each of the after shots.














And finally all of the sheets sanded (both sides)



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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome - you have no idea how much I've missed contributing. 


Ok so it looked like lots of people got super excited and jumped in without showing their tapering....so I just kinda winged it - the Mr. was working at light speed so I was just copying what he did really - except better ;)

I started by making a template for the beard line.





Then I was really careful to remove 1/32 from each side of the false keel so that it was even on both sides (2/32=1/16 - thank you fractional calipers)







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Ok last post for tonight!
Then I used the needle trick and put a nice super fine line of glue down the middle of the stem before adhering it to the false keel.




I also did the same for the keel and the false keel.




By the way, since only the very edge of the false keel is tapered and the keel and stem are not they can lay on something flat to ensure false keel is exactly aligned with the keel and stem. (The engineer had a fever the last few days so since it took my brain a good 3 minutes to figure it out I figured anyone who hadn't had their coffee yet wouldn't mind the tip)




Ok the feeling of sawdust under my fingernails was nearly as missed as sharing with you guys!


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Hi guys :) still overwhelmed with all the love from you guys. Not only are the model builds fun but you guys all make it so much better!


Over the last few days I've been adding the frame to the keel. Checking out from every angle made it appear as though all were nice and aligned.







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Next I added a piece of wood across the top to help stabilize the build - well I guess you actually saw that in the previous post.


And then ever so slowly I took measurements from the plans for the top of the first plank and transferred those to the frame.



I then pre-shaped my planks using the method that Chuck shows in the instructions, however our one hair drier is for hair use only so I had to wait for everything to air dry - if only the husband didn't care so much about his hair - oh wait he shaves it all off....must be the woman of the house - oops that's me!


Anyway, once they were shaped and dry - and in retrospect I should have done it before soaking and shaping - I tapered the thickness of the front of the plank  so its silhouette was sort of like this: /| which allowed it to stick into the rabbit line a little bit better.


And photoey goodness!









So I'm a little confused about why there is visible light between the two planks since I not only clamped the planks down but also clamped the two planks to each other.  Oh well :( Its been 2 years since my last modeling - I'll get better - I hope.

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Hi Sarah and welcome back along with your Longboat build.

That frame support you added will keep the longboat strong while fairing the frames.

It is well needed.

I beveled the planks lengthwise for a tighter fit to avoid light coming through.

I went along with Chuck's additional separate instruction using a hair-dryer or light heat-gun for bending and CA when it came to planking.

Worked out really nice.

However, your longboat is coming together very nicely and quick as well.



We missed you at the annual PSSM BBQ in August.

And that applies to you Harvey as well.   :)

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