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HMS Triton cross section - FINISHED - by G.L. Scale 1:24

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Dear Administrator and forum members,


Today I started my cross section project. I want to build my model in oak and in scale 1/24.

Making the keelson and keel is not such a big deal, just sawing the pieces to the right dimensions. To make the rabbet in the keel, I made a scraper out of an old iron saw blade. First I sawed a groove on the location of the rabbet in the keel, afterwards I sharpened it with the scraper.





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Thank you administrator for access to the download area and thank you tkay11 and Pete38 for the welcomes and all the others for the likes. I will try to make an interesting blog of it. First thing I did when I was in town was going to a copy-center to make scale 200% copies of a part of the plans and now I am thinking about the approach of the project.

I hope to come soon with  a first report of progress.


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I'm looking forward to your log also.


Definitely double check the copies for accuracy as sometimes (usually?) they don't copy at exactly 200% due to the machine not being accurate.  It's a function of copiers and scanners at 100% to prevent counterfeiting of currency and many times that inaccuracy continues for enlargements and downsizing.

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I do not want to spoil my 200% copies, therefore I copy the frame drawing, using carbon paper.  I lay the drawing on a plate of glass to have flat surface to assemble the frame. The first layer of futtocks is glued on the drawing with rubber cement. Between the joints of wood pieces I put wood glue.



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Next day the frame is ready for further treatment: Sanding with the drum sander.

You see the result on the second picture. Holding the frame in hands, I am bit surprised of the size of a 1/24 scale frame. Compared with a frame of another project, a 1/20 scale shrimper, it looks enormous.



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I wish all forum members a happy and prosperous New Year with a lot of modelling pleasure in 2017! Before going to the family this afternoon, I have some time to line up with the progress on the cross section.


As an aid to place the frames vertical, I made two wooden perpendicular supports which keep a shelf vertical. On the shelf the middle line of the cross section is drawn. That will be my aid to glue the frames on the keel.

The lieutenant on the second picture is in scale 1,70 m high, just to have an idea of the proportions





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Thank you Mark,

I have a question about the limber boards. I guess they were removable to check the level of the water in the bilges. I suppose they were shorter than the lenght of the cross section and there were (finger)holes in it in order to make it easier to lift them up. Do you have an idea of the lenght and the look (from above) of the limber boards?



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Geert, I had the same question in my build log. All the replies I got were they are about 3 feet long with a hole drilled at the ends for lifting out. So I scaled my accordingly. Turned out looking nice so that is what I went with.


Go to page 9 on my log and scroll down to about post #170 and you can read the replies.


Hope this helps

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