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USS Monitor by sjanicki - FINISHED - BlueJacket - scale 1:192 (1/16" = 1')

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Hi All, recently got back into the hobby after a number of years and purchased the combined USS Monitor and CSS Virginia kits from BlueJacket.  This build log will cover the Monitor portion.


I emailed BlueJacket with some questions on the kit and MrBlueJacket answered them quite promptly and also pointed me to this awesome website - so consequently this first entry in the build log is a bit retroactive on my progress.  Will continue posting after this as I continue with progress.



Started off by sanding and forming the hull taking as much care to maintain the required sharp edges.  Made a small mistake while carving out the propeller well which was easy enough to fix with some wood spackle.


Next up for the main work on the hull was scribing the deck tiles.  Began by drawing the tiles with a ruler and pencil to be sure I was getting the shape I wanted and then scribing them.  Recently primed the hull and will post a picture of the scribe lines post prime to see a reference without the pencil marks.



Next up was installing the propeller and rudder assembly.  This didn't take too much time but required a bit of fineness on my part to make it all square.  In retrospect I probably should have cut a jig or something to help me hold it in place.  Any tips on this?


Next up was rolling the turret photo etched brass.  Probably on account of my low skill level, but it took me a bit of time to get the turret to look truly round.  This photo is before trimming the cardboard on the interior of the gun ports though.  The turret seriously looks gorgeous in person though, a little sad I will have to paint it.


So far I have been having a seriously awesome time with this kit and look forward to continuing on it.


Once again I am recently back in the hobby (was never that good at it years ago) and would love any feedback or tips and tricks people have :)


Also, huge thanks to MrBlueJacket for pointing me to this site.



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Primed most of the parts a couple nights ago, just now getting around to taking picture of it.  Got a first coat of paint on the turret, and dahlgrens - still more work to do to cover the couple spots I missed on the cannons. 


Actually super happy about how the deck plates turned out.  They are a bit easier to see after priming.  Just seeing how the paint looks on a couple spots.IMG_9231.thumb.JPG.eb98fce2e6d6773015f74d0bfe5767c8.JPG

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Welcome to MSW and back to the hobby.   From what I'm seeing, she looks pretty good.

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17 hours ago, sjanicki said:

In retrospect I probably should have cut a jig or something to help me hold it in place.  Any tips on this?

A jig for drilling the prop shaft hole is a good idea. The attached is a more complex jig than you need but gives an idea of what to do. Basically it is 2 pieces of MDF drilled with holes to align the drill for the prop shaft tube. 


Nice little model by the way.DSC03454.thumb.JPG.60fcff82dfb7f810abc3b793469ab700.JPGDSC03453.thumb.JPG.23e5926e27f697e96eb3e3c96d005c90.JPG





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So had enough time tonight to get a few things done.  Installed the deck, anchor, and propellor hatches as well as the mooring cleats, flagstaffs, pilot house, and anchor chain.  Also got a quick first coat of black pain on the deck.  Some of the primer is still showing through so at least another coat will be required.  Progressing :) IMG_9240.thumb.JPG.c9a273ec2d6bf4234decdf3dea3b1efd.JPGIMG_9239.thumb.JPG.bba17b4da528e1ea7245042479984592.JPGIMG_9236.thumb.JPG.7e05f0ff0c6352a172b13205ba1f492c.JPG

Very happy with how the deck platting pattern turned out in this photo.

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Thanks MrBlueJacket and Ragove for the kind words.  As for the deck plates I just used a simple scribe as the instructions suggested - so a little less time consuming then the individually embossed rivets.


Had just enough time tonight to add another coat of paint as well as mount the dahlgrens into the turret.  Very happy with how the turret has turned out after painting :)IMG_9250.thumb.JPG.a44d27e4ff2e5f914104ac3e2668538a.JPGIMG_9249.thumb.JPG.7fedeb548844dd6d6c3fb0225a646868.JPGIMG_9248.thumb.JPG.661f9fc39deaf9abf6a3d6397c64a5fa.JPG


Up next is seeing how the deck looks after the paint dries and any touchup required and then painting below the waterline.

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Check this company out: http://www.archertransfers.com/index.html

They have a wide range of rivets and weld lines, along with a lot of other goodies.


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Sorry for not posting in a while, haven't had time :( 


Made a ton of progress on the Monitor this weekend and am basically calling her done!  Few little things like the flags but mostly done.  Took some marginal photos but should be able to take some better ones outside this week maybe.


Anyways, I am extremely happy with how the model turned out, especially as my first foray back into the hobby in years.  Special thanks to @MrBlueJacket and company for making such a fine little model.


Next up are some quality finished photos and then the CSS Virginia!IMG_9848.thumb.jpeg.ae406c192d86cf2f8527b685aa70b11f.jpegIMG_9846.thumb.jpeg.bc9921b9380e585eed4fb56d74d9ca4b.jpeg


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There’s a nice bronze memorial sculpture of Ericsson in New York City’s Battery Park in which he’s depicted holding a scale model of the Monitor. Ericsson lived in Hoboken NJ for a while, just North of where I am in Jersey City. -just a few miles away from this location on the NJ side of the Hudson River.



Edited by JerseyCity Frankie




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So after continuing work on the CSS Virginia I am much more satisfied with the quality of my paint work when utilizing an airbrush (I hand brushed the Monitor). So I decided to sand off a layer of paint and re-paint with an airbrush. I’ll need to continue airbrushing the Virginia so I don’t think it will take long. 




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