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HMS FLY 1763 by 0Seahorse - CARD - 1:100 - Finished

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Greetings to all.

My name is Tomek. For some time I have been working on my next card sail ship the British cutter HMS "Fly". I build my models only from paper and cardboard without painting (of course masts and rigging are made of wood and thread). I will honestly admit that "Fly" is my 20 cardboard model of a sailing ship so it looks much better than my first models from 15 years ago.

The "step by step" how I design and build card sailing ships...

1. Frames made of 1mm card. The model is really small (about 16 cm long)1992943593_szkielet04.jpg.b2868d3a62e8584fdb025b285c60e0a0.jpg

2. The first layer to strengthen and stabilize the hull2096148747_poprzeczne04.thumb.jpg.282baaffb3e34ab21a652cd353bc738b.jpg 

3. The second layer made of 0,5 mm card. The glue is applied only in places where the edges of the frame are located . Thanks to this the hull gets soft curves without visible "cow's ribs" ...1895396340_podne002.thumb.jpg.3cded37676e14d0b9cfe3c052a2dd3ce.jpg 

4. Attaching the third final layer on a well-prepared hull is a pleasure.1428007581_kadub10.thumb.jpg.cb61ec88bc93b0eaa55085c9b9d4eeb7.jpg 

5. The deck equipment and artillery


6. The current stage - the mast and the bowsprit with standing rigging




szkielet 03.jpg

poprzeczne 05.jpg

podłóżne 001.jpg







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Thank you for appreciating.

SAILS. I think, that in 1:100 scale any sewing is far out of scale, so I use only transparent glue (for wood for example Pattex). The material is batiste. I soak a part of it with glue and when it is dry I cut of long stripes. I glue them on the sketch of a sail. Then I cut out the sail and glue stripes on the other side. At the end I glue ropes and some cringles. Such sails are rather stiff (because of glue) but can be bent. Sometimes I use glue, water and hairdryer to give them the "windy" shape. Pictures below




ruch 01.jpg

ruch 02.jpg


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1 hour ago, Richmond said:



When you state you only glue the edges did you mean both the horizontal and vertical edges of the frames, rather than gluing the whole face of the first planking?





Sorry for my English, it is not perfect so... on the picture below you can see what I meant "the 1-st and 2-nd layers" and "frames". I put on glue only where green lines are. Then I apply glue on the whole face of the final planks (3-rd layer).




1st and 2nd layers.jpg

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