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San Francisco II by Warnerade - FINISHED w/ display case - Artesania Latina - scale 1:90

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On ‎11‎/‎6‎/‎2019 at 1:37 AM, MESSIS said:

Hey hey! Looks great. It seems you got the wind blowing in those sails, bon voyage.



Yup! The hardest part is cutting the holes in cardboard and pinning the sail to try and get the best shape but its working pretty well. I appreciate your help with the matter

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Only have 1 more sail left and then it’s on to the small details and the display case. The kit comes with little die cast people I was on the fence about using but I decided to use them. It’s really starting to come together and I could be more excited. 

the figurines needed a little filing to get rid of the casting lines, and the kit itself was missing one of the srms so I have to email Artesania requesting another one. They may take a while to get respond but they will replace parts at no cost. 









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Nice work on the sails and rigging.


I added figurines, I think it brings a ship to life and adds a bit of extra interest.

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Just a few more lines to rig and some misc stuff (like putting the rudder on...totally forgot) but it’s looking like I’ll have her complete before Christmas, which is sort of surprising to me. 

for my next build I am going to utilize the bees wax for the frays On the rigging. I was using a lighter initially on the cotton thread but the nylon is too fragile. I actually burned one completely up so I stopped with that nonsense. 


im also going to get a serving machine and serve more of the knots for the rigging. 

I was too inpatient with a few things but she still turned out gorgeous.


anyone have any good plans to make a display case with a drawer in the base?






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Got the final sail on, the anchors are attached, and now I just have to attach the people and finish a few other small details. I really like the idea of having extra rigging coiled up and placed throughout the ship. 

Also, just because I’m still excited about it...I recently got engaged while on a trip in California. I made her a custom ring box and a necklace box so of course there will be pictures attached, (and of course they are out of order that I tried to post in)


happy thanksgiving everyone!

















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Congratulations on your engagement. I wish you many happy years together.


Those are some really nice jewellery boxes, I'm sure your fiance was delighted with the gifts and their presentation boxes. It means so much more when something is specially made.

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23 hours ago, Osmosis said:

Congrats and all the best on your new journey. Oh yes and your model is coming along nicely also.

thank you, and thank you to everyone else.


Osmosis, did you see that Artesania has closed their doors for good? Website is down and everything

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I just read the thread. I have not been around much ( although I have been feeling the modeling itch lately) and as a result have been out of the loop on all things modeling. Sad to see. I still have their Mayflower and King of the Mississippi waiting patiently on the shelf.

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I decided to trash the stand that the model came with and make my own out of oak. I started with an oak board from Home Depot and finished with something that turned out much better than I expected 









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I still have to build the display case, which I will probably wait to start until it gets a little warmer outside. But the ship itself is done! 


10/11/2018 - 1/3/2020 approximately 500 hours. 

it sort of bummed me out that Artesania Latina closed its doors. I am fairly new to the model ship world but I really enjoyed building this model and numerous people have asked where to buy this specific one. 












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Absolutely beautiful, It was a joy to tag along on this build with you. I can't wait to see what is next.


Happy New Year.

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Thank you everyone


osmosis, currently I am working on 2 much smaller project. A ship in a bottle (build log is already started on here) and a ferrari formula 1 car. I believe you have the same Mississippi kit. Let me know when your get started, I’m sure we can share some info back and fourth.

however, as soon as those 2 are done my fiancé did already purchase my next big ship for christmas. It’s another kit from Artesania Latina, the Mississippi River Queen. I cannot wait to get it started





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Well I decided I wasn’t done yet. Initially I placed the ship on top of my book shelf but I realized I wasn’t happy with it there so I am making a display case for it that will have a plexiglass cover made for over top of it to keep the dust off of it. 

so far I think the hardest part of building the case will be finding pieces of oak that all match in shade and grain...the selection was pretty thin. 


i got started by getting some pieces of 2x2x4 red oak and then planed them for a smooth/flat surface. They were a bit rough coming off the saw mill. 

Then I measured 1” boxes on the bottom in the 4 corners to add a slight taper to the wood at the bases. I used a 3 degree taper. 







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With the weather finally hold out and giving me some nice days I decided to take a few big steps on the display case. I did a little research and ended up purchasing an instruction .PDF to get me going. So far it’s coming along great. 

first I cut strips of red oak 3/4 x 3/4 for the borders, used my table saw to cut 3/16” slots 3/16” deep all the way down for the glass to sit in. Then I cut them to length using my craftsman adjustable mitre box. After that I used my router with a 1/8 cove and bead bit to cut a nice border.

(repeat this step for the top sky glass as well)


Once this was all glued together and squared up I cut a solid piece of red oak to match the dimensions of the glass frame with roughly 1/8” to play with on both dimensions. 

then I cut and glued oak trim to the outside of the solid oak base. 

once the glass box is complete it is going to sit nicely inside the base. 

starting with 3/4 x 3/4 again, I cut slots inside the stanchions (upright corner pieces) to hold the glass up, and then I actually planed down the outer surfaces so it will line up nicely with the routed base frame. 















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I chose to make the entire case outnof red oak and then stain it using 2 coats of golden oak with about 5 hours in between coats. 

Working on the base now, I’m a little torn on the overall design, mainly the height. As it sits now, it’s about bellybutton height where the boat will sit on the main base. At 14” wide, the overall center of gravity is going to be fairly high and I’m afraid it will be too unstable. I am currently debating on ways to essentially attach it to the wall it’s sitting against or make the entire case shorter, which would make the case less appealing as far as the “display” goes. 

that being said, before starting this post ~2 years ago I had never even used a table saw, so any errors or rookie moves, please let me know as I’m having a blast learning about wood working while in the process of ship building as well. It’s a great mental break from work.






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On 6/16/2020 at 2:43 PM, Liad said:


Why didn't you make the other windows  for the cannons? 


I’m actually not sure which version that is. To my knowledge there’s only two versions of the San Francisco and neither of them had open gun windows. The first version came with cast-iron window covers to glue on where as the second version came with instructions to build wooden window covers

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Well I finally finished the display case.


It’s been ready for a while but I’ve been waiting for almost 2 months for Amazon to ship the display case lights to me. They arrived this morning and install them and here is the final product.Well I finally finished the display case.


It’s been ready for a while but I’ve been waiting for almost 2 months for Amazon to ship the display case lights to me. They arrived this morning and install them and here is the final product.


















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