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Almost 30 Years since my last build!

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About 30 years ago, I lived in a duplex with a basement.  I had a hobby room in the basement that I used for modeling and I built my first model there.  The Swift by Artesania Latina.  I started my second model, the King of the Mississippi, but I ended up moving before it was finished.  For the last 25 years, I have lived in a house with no basement or spare room for modeling.  I was able to build a Campbell Scale Model of an Abandoned house. I  worked on that in my utility room.  It wasn't very big so it didn't take up very much room.  I am going to add a room onto my house and it will be my Hobby room.  I am going to have a large work area and plenty of shelves and cupboards.  If you were building a room just for modeling what would you like to have that you don't have now?

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Gidday Todd and a warm welcome from the Land Downunder.

My ideal workspace would have plenty of light.

Plenty of power outlets and plenty, and I mean, plenty of flat stable workspace.

Pegboard or similar on one wall to pin / peg plans.

Plenty of shelves, I personally don't like drawers as I seem to fill them up and can't find anything in them.

Smooth level floor, easier to glide around on my office chair.

And ideally a beer fridge. CD's and more music.

These are just some personal initial thoughts.

I think this thread is going to cause a lot of healthy. I hope it's healthy, debate.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours.



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Light colored floor, to make the task of finding dropped parts.

Room for display cases, as it sounds like you don't have room in the rest of the house for displaying your models.

Depending on your location, AC.

Shop Vac that can be hooked to your saw sander, etc. Or at least clipped near by.

Piece of plate glass for your workbench. One from an old china cabinet should be cheap or free, if you can find someone getting rid of one.

Small bench top drill press.

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I'm happy with what I have, but here's a list:

Big enough for all your benches so sort out a floor plan ahead of time.

Heat and A/C (depending on where you live).

At least one window or more.

Linolium or tile floor.

Ventilation - even it's just an exhaust fan (or window fan) stuck in a window.

A desk and chair (I have my computer in my hobby room).

Lights... the more the better.  In other words, not just a ceiling light.

Those would be my minimums.  Everything else, power tools, etc., buy them as you need them.


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Thanks everyone for the great responses.  I have to meet with the building inspector first to see about the permits etc.  It's Winter here, so this project won't get started for a few weeks.  I will try to post pictures of the progress etc.   If anybody has pictures of their rooms, benches and storage, it would be great to see them for inspiration.   

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More 110V outlets than you think you will need - on every wall - most above benchtop level - some switched.

One 220V outlet placed where you have about 6 sq ft of open floor space.

Dust collection as a primary design factor - with the ability to have the vac unit in a separate space - for sound separation - your ears will thank you.

But easy access to deal with the collected material.

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It's been over a year since my last post in this thread.  I ended up not adding a room onto my house.  I met with the building inspector and although I could have added a nice size room onto the back of my house, we both agreed that the cost of the room would be a bad investment as I would never recoup the cost if I were to sell my house.  All three estimates for a basic room were over $30,000. One was over $40,000.  I asked the building inspector why the quotes were so high and he told me everybody is busy and they can get top dollar.  I called a friend of mine in Florida who is a contractor and I told him what I wanted and he gave me rough price of about $25,000.  He couldn't believe it when I told him about the one estimate that was over $40,000.  It really would have been nice to have a new room, but will have to make do with what I have.  Right now, I am working on a table in my bedroom.  I am making some repairs to my first build.  It's looking good again.  Stay Safe and Stay Home.

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