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Greetings from New Jersey

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  I’m new to the hobby. I’m missing most of the skills that seem to be present in the beautiful build logs I see here but I love to learn.


My father was a talented woodworker and I have have lightly nibbled at the edges of that over the years (but not at the small and tiny scale seen here). And I built plastic airplane models in last century in my youth...


I hope to avoid the ‘aim for the stars and then...leave the hobby’ pattern that seems to be part of this world. We will see. “Real Life(tm)” can be tricky sometimes. I’ve started a plastic model kit as any ‘entry-level’ exposure to rigging and I have a couple of wood kits that were gifts that I have hesitated to built but I would love to build the skills to correctly build those kits. 


This is is an amazing community you have here! Congratulations!

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Welcome! I’m certain you’ll do great. I was nervous about my skill level (and I’m very much a novice) but as long as you enjoy the process, remind yourself that a hobby is supposed to be fun and don’t worry about making mistakes you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself. What wood kits were you gifted?

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    Welcome to MSW.  Most of us here started with plastic models in our younger days including me, but I at least went for plastic ships over cars.  The complexity of the square riggers drew me that way.  I have a little more experience with woodworking than most, as both my father and his father were very much into it and I inherited many of their tools and to a lesser extent their skills. 

    I would suggest that you pick a simple wooden ship model with minimal rigging to allow the use of some of your wood skills and get the feel for working with the miniature size of things.  If all goes well you may find yourself hooked on the hobby and be anxious to move on to something a little more challenging.   As you yourself have pointed out, this hobby involves a lifelong learning curve, so don't bite off more than you can chew right away or you may loose your interest quickly. 


“You’ve just got to know your limitations”  Dirty Harry

Current Builds:  Modified MS 1/8” scale Phantom, and modified plastic/wood hybrid of Aurora 1:87 scale whaling bark Wanderer.

Past Builds: (Done & sold) 1/8” scale A.J. Fisher 2 mast schooner Challenge, 1/6” scale scratch built whaler Wanderer w/ plans & fittings from A.J. Fisher, and numerous plastic kits including 1/8” scale Revell U.S.S. Constitution (twice), Cutty Sark, and Mayflower.

                  (Done & in dry dock) Modified 1/8” scale Revell U.S.S. Constitution w/ wooden deck and masting [too close encounter w/conc. floor in move]

Hope to get to builds: MS 3/16” scale Pride of Baltimore II,  MS 1/2” scale pinky schooner Glad Tidings,  a scratch build 3/16” scale  Phantom, and a scratch build 3/16" scale Denis Sullivan.

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Welcome aboard....Dont forget that one of the largest ship model clubs in the US just happens to be in NJ.


Check it out....





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Hi and welcome, I'm following your build, because as BetaQDave said  most of started with plastic, myself included. 

I  just started wood models this year and have only just finished my first build a couple of months  ago. I'm now hooked🤪

So dig in and enjoy yourself 


Current builds;

 Henry Ramey Upcher 1:25

Providence whaleboat- 1:25     HMS Winchelsea 1764 1:48 


HM Cutter Sherbourne- 1:64- finished    Triton cross section scratch- 1:60 - finished 

Non ship:  SBD-3 Dauntless 1:48 Hasegawa -FINISHED



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Building: 1:64 HMS Revenge (Victory Models plans)

1:64 Cat Esther (17th Century Dutch Merchant Ships)

On the building slip: 1:72 French Ironclad Magenta (original shipyard plans)


On hold: 1:98 Mantua HMS Victory (kit bash), 1:96 Shipyard HMS Mercury


Favorite finished builds:  1:60 Sampang Good Fortune (Amati plans), 1:200 Orel Ironclad Solferino, 1:72 Schooner Hannah (Hahn plans), 1:72 Privateer Prince de Neufchatel (Chapelle plans), Model Shipways Sultana, Heller La Reale, Encore USS Olympia


Goal: Become better than I was yesterday


"The hardest part is deciding to try." - me

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Welcome Eric,


 Joining the Ship Model Society of New Jersey was a game changer for me.  The members are an amazing and supportive group of highly talented modelers.  All encouragement and no attitudes.  Definitely come for a meeting.  


And again, Welcome to MSW!






Member:  Ship Model Society of New Jersey

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4 hours ago, Stevinne said:

Look forward to seeing some of your work.

Well, I'm chugging away at a plastic model at the moment (minus my ability to keep knots tied), the 1/196 Revell USS Constitution, you would find here: 


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"The shipwright is slow, but the wood is patient." - me

Current Build:                                                                                             
Past Builds:
 La Belle Poule 1765 - French Frigate from ANCRE plans - ON HOLD           Triton Cross-Section   

 NRG Hallf Hull Planking Kit                                                                            HMS Sphinx 1775 - Vanguard Models - 1:64               


Non-Ship Model:                                                                                         On hold, maybe forever:           

CH-53 Sikorsky - 1:48 - Revell - Completed                                                   Licorne - 1755 from Hahn Plans (Scratch) Version 2.0 (Abandoned)         



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On 11/17/2019 at 12:55 PM, VTHokiEE said:

What wood kits were you gifted?

Kits gifted in the last century:

 Billings - Oseberg Viking ship (model 518 from the ‘90s),

 Authentic Model - Opium Smuggler (also from the ‘90s),

And I was gifted or found at garage sales, this century:

 Mantua Models - Black Falcon (‘Brigantino Cosario del 18” Secolo’, from the 70s?),

 Heller - Le Glorieux (plastic, missing the sails, age unknown),

 Heller - HMS Victory (plastic, missing sails and slightly started by the previous owner, age unknown),

 Constructo - Union (the newest of collection - purchased ten years ago),

 Sterling - Sovereign of the Sea (clipper, a kit from the ‘70s?)


So you can see I love the idea of ships models but I have been unsure how to jump in for a while. :)

My set of models is very light on instructions and techniques. I received the Viking ship first and couldn’t for the life of me understand how the planking in the box was supposed to match the picture the planking on the box! Every couple of years I would bump into the box in the attic and open it and wonder! 


So you can see why I’m just delighted to find this community!!

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