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OcCre sanding block set

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As an alternative,  from a suggestion posted here some time ago:

A natural cork Yoga block (Amazon = 4"x6"x9" - $17/ but silly shipping cost) 

Easier with a bandsaw, but a hand fretsaw can cut this into pieces that are any size or shape desired.

Rubber cement - coat both surfaces - will hold the sandpaper - avoid the 9x11 sheets with the no skid backing (10X / 3X?) - the coating reacts with rubber cement or its heptane solvent. 

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I've found that the foam nail sanding blocks sold by beauty supply shops work well in many applications.  For a "hard" back, I just cut a piece of wood and glue the paper on.  One can also use dowels of assorted sizes where a inside rounded shape is needed.   Scrap wood, basswood all work well for these.

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I am with Mark,  you can make a variety of custom sized sanding sticks to meet your needs, from scrap wood,  at no cost other than the sandpaper.  Inside and outside radiuses are easily cut on a scroll saw or band saw.   Soft holders are good for some surfaces to be sure, but not really necessary.   I have a rubber block that I use on the hull for final sanding, otherwise, wooden sticks are better suited in many, if not most, cases because they can be custom sized.   As to the finger nail sanding blocks, I tried these as well, but she was very upset when she went to look for hers and it was on my workbench.  Be aware!!


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