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Mayflower by tj456 - 1/19 scale

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Hello all!  I have built real boats from scratch but this is my 1st model scratchbuild.  I chose the Mayflower since it has pleasing curves and colors, and also being a 16th century ship hopefully the rigging won't be that complex.  I saw a very large model of an aircraft carrier at the Smithsonian and have loved large models since.  After a couple of 1-200 models (Titanic, USS Missouri, Bismarck) and 2 Model Shipways kits (Constitution, Bluenose) I decided to go really big and build in 1-19th scale.  Why 1-19th?  I bought 1-76 scale plans and blew them up 400% which gives 1-19 scale and a 6 ft person around a 4 inch height.  This is the bulkhead assembly:


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Thanks for the effort on the photos.   Looking good.  For planking, I'll turn the hull upside down on some those plastic food storage containers with a towel or two over the containers.  Seems to work for me, but then I'm doing smaller scale builds.

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Yes I'm getting to the point where the hull should be inverted for planking.  luckily it's big enough that I can do both hull planking and topside work simultaniously.   But since i'm on a roll I may as well finish the side 1st.  I have also added the portside prow below where the spinnaker goes.  The model is now 70 inches long.

20220731_193543 (1).jpeg

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I'm now working down the portside hull.  The Mayflower didn't carry much weaponry so the easy way was to just glue gun port covers on to the hull.  The hinges are simply 1/16 x 1/16 strips glued to a 1/16 x 1/8 piece of scrap.  It looks good and was cheap and easy.  The hull planking is proving to be more difficult than the smaller models I have built in the past.  You really have to taper most planks but still maintain the lines for ease of the next row.  Luckily I have a large stationary belt sander which makes this easier.


Any tips on planking or any other issues would be greatly appreciated as this is a 1st for me.





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Now that the port side is mostly complete I have turned my attention to the starboard side.  This picture gives a good view of the inside of the port side and is a good start point for the jig I made for the ribs.  The port side ribs were just tensioned and bent but I had to clean up minor errors to make the lines flow nicely.


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The 1st pic is the jig with ribs on it.  The 2nd pic is the ribs out of the jig after 36 hours.  I soaked the ribs in water for 6 hours, put them on the jig, and took my wife's iron and ironed them for a couple of minutes.  My size 11 shoe is in the picture for scale but they are all 18 inches long.



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