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The Nautical Research Guild announces new Ship Model Grant Program

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The NRG is excited to launch our latest program focusing on advancing the art of ship modeling through research.  The Ship Model Grant Program was developed to provide ship modelers of all levels easy access to fully developed modeling projects.  We are seeking NRG members who can develop a thoroughly researched set of plans and accompanying monograph for smaller vessels and projects.  The details of the Grant program are provided below.   After work has been completed for all of the materials, the NRG will print the plans and offer them to ship modeling community at large.  The accompanying monograph will be produced in electronic format and supplied as a CD along with the plans.


first effort ga.jpg


To kick off the program, the NRG has selected the first project.  This first NRG Monograph will contain the plans for a plank-on-bulkhead model of the Hudson River Sloop “First Effort” built in 1830 (pictured above).  We have selected this project to set a standard for the size and scope of the projects intended for Grant program.  If you are an NRG member who would like to work with the NRG to develop other projects like this, read the details below and submit a proposal.  Should you have any questions about the program please contact Chuck Passaro at cpassaro@verizon.net.  The NRG Grant Program rules and details can also be downloaded from our website.  Visit www.thenrg.org today.


The NRG Ship Model Project Grant Program


Request for Proposals: The Nautical Research Guild (NRG) is issuing a request for proposals for consideration of funding projects which advance the art of ship modeling through research.


Eligibility:  The Nautical Research Guild Grant Program is open to NRG members only.


Project Description:   The NRG will award $750 to $2500 for individual projects that provide original research and plans for small ship modeling projects.  In addition, up to 10% of each sale will be awarded for the exclusive rights to publish and sell the completed published work in either print or electronic format.  Grant amounts will be determined by the NRG Board of Directors based on the size and scope of the accepted proposal.  Finished monographs and plans will be offered and branded by the NRG and copyrights will be maintained by the NRG.  All credit will be given to the author.

Each project proposed must be model ship related with research obtained from primary or secondary sources. Projects are to be for scratch built/semi-scratch built models.  Monographs must contain a section on history and research as well as a “how-to” for the model builder.  The monograph must also be accompanied with a set of plans to allow building of the project, produced electronically with the intention of being printed by the NRG for sale.


Project Specifications:

Plank on bulkhead, plank on frame, and solid hull are all acceptable building methods.


Other building methods will be reviewed by the Board for appropriateness.

The recipient must include plans to build the model and a corresponding monograph of 70 to 100 pages depending on the scope of the subject matter, with bibliography of all sources used.


Preference will be given to smaller projects: For example small cutters, launches, brigs, sloops, tugs, cross section models, battle stations, dioramas etc.  The NRG is NOT looking for larger vessels such as frigates, ship of the line, battleships etc.


Projects should take the average builder between 3 to 8 months to complete.


Projects can be directed toward the beginner, intermediate or advanced ship



The monograph must be delivered in MS word format and the plans delivered in PDF format.


Grant awards will be administered in installments with the dates and amounts of payment determined by the NRG, and final payment being made upon delivery and review of the project by the NRG Board.


The NRG reserves the right to stop further payments and advancement of the project upon assessing the author’s progress.


Failure to complete the project in a timely manner may result in the cancellation of the project by the Board without further payment.


All proposals must be sent to :  Nautical Research Guild, 237 S Lincoln St, Westmont, IL 60559 or by email to info@thenauticalresearchguild.org


Information Required at the Time of Submission:


Proposal must include applicant Name, Address, Phone and E-Mail address.


Project Abstract:  Applicants must submit an abstract of less than 200 words describing the proposed project, including what level of builder it will be directed towards. Identify how it will enhance the knowledge and skill of the model builder.


Approach: List all equipment and materials required to complete the project.

Milestone Schedule: An activity schedule should be submitted for the duration of your research for project delivery.  Starting with month one and concluding with the project delivery date.  Expect to give the Board frequent updates based on this schedule (i.e. monthly, quarterly etc.)  Grant projects must NOT take the applicant longer than 14 months to complete once accepted.


Cost Summary: Detail all costs to be incurred for the project up to its delivery, including but not limited to equipment purchases, materials, information technology needs and software, travel, and research.  Prepare your budget carefully and make it as detailed as possible. 

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Nope...we really dont have a timeline but I can tell you that the plans are all drafted and the model prototype is currently under construction.   If you are are a member of the guild,  we will be providing updates on teh status of these projects in the Journal and in the newsletter.  


But we arent finished announcing our new programs yet.   There is one more that we will be announcing very soon.  So stay tuned.   Greg Herbert is heading up teh other program so I will let him announce that one.   The Board is very excited and passionate about the new direction the Guild is going in.   Should anyone have a question,  dont hesitate to ask me.



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This program still exists...just letting folks know.  Just send your inquiries to Kurt....Toni....or any other NRG director.  In the past they were sent to me but since I am no longer a director all inquiries should be directed to one of the other folks on the NRG board.  This is an exciting program and as noted the guild just released their latest project from this grant program


see here







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Is this program restricted to US ships or ships of any nation? I've been mulling about researching a model of a Dublin Bay Smack at the end of the 19th century. It was a single masted variation of the Brixham Fishing Smack - a ship design that quickly took over fishing in the Irish sea and British Isles at that time. Scant information is available on the variation design but I do have several photographs dating to the early 20th century.

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8 hours ago, Armchair Admiral said:

Is this program restricted to US ships or ships of any nation?

I'm pretty sure they're interested in ships of any nation, and your smack project sounds like just the type of vessel that fits the bill. The only restriction is that grants are reserved for NRG members.

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On 10/21/2013 at 1:04 PM, Chuck said:

All proposals must be sent to :  Nautical Research Guild, PO Box 7, 20 Water Street, Cuba NY 14727 or by email to info@thenauticalresearchguild.org


Hi Chuck,  I was just looking at some posts on the MSW site and noticed this one.  Can you delete the address in it or update it to our current address?  (237 S Lincoln St, Westmont, IL 60559)

Also, the current projects that we have released do not have a CD with them - we just send people a PDF of the monograph.  Thanks!

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On 11/23/2020 at 8:02 AM, Justin P. said:

If only I knew the first thing about developing a ship model plan...   I have some ideas -> USS Vincennes (1826), HMS Discovery (1789), HMS Chatham (1788).   I wouldn't even know where to start!

I'm interested in the Discovery and Chatham as well. Any updates for those to ships?

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