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USF Confederacy by Rustyj - FINISHED

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I will be posting the pictures of my completed scratch build of the Frigate Confederacy. This build was done using Chuck's plans and practicum that he developed for the Model Shipways kit.


 The woods used for this build are Boxwood, Holly, Swiss Pear, Ebony, Cherry, Bloodwood and some I'm sure I'm forgetting. I know all the comments and naratives are lost but if you have a question ask away and I'll try to remember! ;)


This will take a while becuase there were over 300 pictures. Here we go. :o



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Yea Rusty.


Thanks so much for rebuilding your Confed log, it's such a great help for me to see your work, just hope Chuck and Chris repost theirs as well.


1 question on the stern framing, I see when you had the template on there for marking the sill positions you lined up the dotted line at the bottom of the template with the top of the upper counter, did this line up correctly with everything else afterwards?

I think mine maybe slightly too high and I will have to re do them.



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Big thanks for reposting your Confederacy log.  Your's is such a beautiful model, and I'm always drawn to it ....maybe one day I'll muster up and build one.  I have liked Confederacy since having seen it on the Lumberyard's website years ago...just fell in love with it.  Then Chuck went and designed a proper kit of it..sooo nice.





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Hi Elia. Go on now and get yourself a Confederacy! You know you want to.

Seriously though it is a wonderfull ship and I know you would do it proud.


Ben. Timing is everything. I was real close. Look at the 4th picture and you

can see the center is off by just a little.


Just a touch of sanding brought it in line.












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Hi Ben,


I have to give you a big “ummmm not sure why”. I would guess it was because

I was thinking lets plank the interior before putting the window frames is so I

don’t put a plank through them or just cause I wanted to do the planking then

and not later. What ever reason it was it was not really important.


Just me being me as they say. :huh:












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Here are the stern decorations the were generously provided by Chuck. They are resin cast by Chuck and then painted by me. I could take 50 years and not be able to sculpt anything close to this.


I wonder how the stern decorations provided in the kit compare with the castings from Chuck.... I know the bow figure is a fiasco in the Model Shipways kit.



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I wonder how the stern decorations provided in the kit compare with the castings from Chuck.... I know the bow figure is a fiasco in the Model Shipways kit.


I have not seen the castings from the kit but I did see the mess they made of the figurehead.


Ben are you out there? Can you help? :o

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I will take some pics of the other castings and post them, If I remember right they were not

as bad as the figurehead ( absolute crap ), but nowhere near as nice as the resin ones that Chuck did - wish he

would make some more ( pretty please ) ;) .





I wish that when Chuck is done with enhancing his home, he finds the time to produce a small series of add-on accessories for his kits distributed by Model Shipways. The list of parts that needs to be replaced grows with each kit produced:


- Carronades for the Syren (although, MS did an effrot by providing free replacements for the ugly appendices that came with the kit).

- Figure head for the Syren

- Figure head for Confederacy

- Stern decorations for Confederacy

- Cannons for Confederacy (turned and in brass)

- Plans for Confederacy rigging

- Kit for Confederacy rigging



A small business of retrofitting parts could actually be created without hurting Model Expo in any ways and would contribute to turn these kits into masterpieces.



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Sorry rusty for posting stuff on your log.


Yves - Chuck is an extremely busy guy, he runs and looks after this site god bless him, he always goes out of his way to help anyone, we can ask and expect NO more from him!!!

If HE chooses to do above and beyond, which he usually does, then great. But he is not a manufacturer! He maybe covers his costs but I doubt that as well. Please respect the work that he does designing the best kits on the market IMHO.

Chuck - thank you, your a steely eyed missile man.



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