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Rope edging on sails

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In real life this is sewn on. However, i doubt if you'd want to go to the trouble on a model sail. The bolt rope can be carefully glued along the perimeter of the sail using white glue. This will dry clear. 

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Could someone tell me the best way to place rope edging around the edge of sails. I really have know idea on how that is achieved as the plans of the Amati Arrow call for this edging. Thanks



Hi jiljilia,


here is a Version which is complete machine-sewn, also the bolt rope to the edge..

I boroughed my wife`s sewing machine









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This is my way for sailmaking:





My models:
From kits
Vasa, HMS Victory, Le Solei Royale, Friesland
From scratch
HMS Warrior 1860,
Grosse Yacht
Norman’s ship,
HMS Speedy,
La Royale
Peter von Danzig
Polacca XVII cent.

Current project:
SS Savannah 1818

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I would caution that actual sail twine used to sew on a bolt rope is not nearly as thick as even the finest of sewing threads would appear in scale. Modern sail twine is just a bit thicker than dental floss and although I imagine it was considerably thicker "in the old days" before nylon, it could not be sewn through any fabric if it was as thick as even the thinest rope.

Having said that, I do like the way an actual sewn seam or line of stitching puckers the fabric a little, it tend to impart a texture to the fabric that adds to the organic look of a sail, even if these puckers themselves are out of scale.

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Does anyone apply any product like Scotch Guard to their sails before attaching them to their model, to protect them from airborne dust.and also making them easier to clean.


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Tadeusz43 I like the step by step on the sails as the rope edging is exposed and that's how I have to do my sails. Thanks.


Petervisser... the therapeutic lessons are coming I'm sure and sometimes my patience does were thin and sewing a thread  around a rope will, I'm sure increase patience.


Sherry, thank you for your ideas for gluing as I did go out and buy myself a tube of speed-sew.


Mirabell61... I copied your plans for my files as there are ideas that I like in what you do with sails.


Thanks to everyone as the time to do my sails is drawing nigh.

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Gluing the boltrope onto the sail COMPLETELY AVOIDS out of scale thread and out of scale stitching. I honestly can't think of any good reason to sew the boltrope onto a model sail other than if one is slavishly sticking to real world practice out of a sense of litteral interpretation. But even then the sailtwine passes through not around the boltrope.


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