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  1. Lovely work, Joe. I've been having fun this evening reading up on this class of ships thanks to your build.
  2. I'll just slip quietly into the back, as unlike many other readers I know nothing helpful, just that this looks like a beautiful and interesting design and I'd like to learn from the build.
  3. That canopy looks fantastic; what a great approach! And the chimneys now really fit into the rest of the model. I'm going to miss this build, but it's got me itching to start my next one.
  4. This was my second-ever ship build; I built it more-or-less out of the box and learned a lot; it still sits on a shelf in my office. I agree that a kit like this can be a really good learning experience and a nice platform for experimentation and improvement. I didn't change the hull much, but did add better rigging after some study. Good luck with your project, I'll be interested to see what you do with it.
  5. Daria and Mike, What a lovely project this is! I'm fascinated by the Russian kit, as a former Russian Language major in college. It looks quite interesting and well-crafted, and I would probably have fun trying to translate the instructions. And I can't say enough about how lovely it is to see a daughter-father project like this. Daria, you're doing excellent work so far and I hope you won't mind a random American following along to learn from what you're doing. Looking at the bow in that photo, did you feel that the kit provided enough internal support for the planking? There don't seem to be any filler blocks. Are the planks well-spiled enough to fit smoothly without any further support or aid?
  6. I agree, stowed makes the most sense for your presentation.
  7. I'm interested to follow your progress, as this is on my someday list.
  8. Both jibs are made and (mostly) rigged. I ran out of rigging line at this stage; there's more on order from Syren, which should arrive any day now. I'm starting to get a little terrified of the rat's nest of loose rigging lines, none of which I want to fully tighten and glue until everything else is rigged. By the way, for anyone reading this who's interested, I also wrote up a summary of the method used to make the paper sails for this model. Once I get my new rigging line, I'll finish the jibs and start installing the two square foresails. That's going to be some tight work.
  9. Personally I agree with Mike; it's not the level of weathering per se, it's that they don't look like the original metal was ever black. It's a bit distracting since overall the goal of weathering is to make the model more realistic, and in this case the eye wonders, "hey, why does that look like an unpainted white metal casting?". I think you could darken them a bit and still get the rusty, beaten-up effect you're going for. But that being said, it's your model of course and you shouldn't construe such opinions as a reflection on the work. It's lovely and you've a right to finish it how you like. After all, you'll be looking at it a lot more than the rest of us!
  10. Welcome, Scott, from another misplaced Yankee! I grew up along Lake Ontario but am now thoroughly landlocked in rural Missouri. How do you like the Shenandoah Valley? One upon a time I worked for Shenandoah National Park doing backcountry survey work; even found two historic plane crashes that had been forgotten and left undocumented. Like you, I miss being around open water and enjoy this hobby as a way to maintain that connection. Hope you enjoy your modelling work; this community is a great place to learn and share.
  11. Captain, reviewing the manual, there's a 3x3 mm strip and then some 1.5x1.5 mm strips. Of those, you need to use the 3x3 for the keel while reserving the 1.5s for the rails. Do you have another thin walnut strip that doesn't match either of those dimensions? The 3x3 is just a tiny bit wider than the internal keel, which is something like 2.5 mm. There's a tiny bump in width after you glue the two together. You can sand this down if desired; I found that it made no visual difference when laying the planking over it. It would be nice if the company could get their dimensions the same.
  12. Captain, as far as I can recall, I've used only the kit-supplied wood. You can check back in the early portion of the build log to be sure. Good luck on this one. I have to say, I think it's a difficult kit for a starter, because the instructions are weak and the materials are not ideal. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you start a build log so others can follow along and watch/help.
  13. Strange; I can see the image. Wefalck, those look quite nice, but I have a question: why are there twice as many holes as reef points?
  14. Heck, I'm American and I'd take a digital subscription in a minute. I'd even pay the same for it; let the savings on paper and postage go for something more useful.