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  1. R.I.P. Captain Bob

    I'm so sorry to hear this. I enjoyed discussing steamboats with him, and enjoyed his passion for this hobby. Thank you for sharing this news with us.
  2. Roger and Cog capture my feelings on this. Digital is fine for light linear reading, especially fiction, but I cannot stand trying to work through a technical text of any kind (involving figures, illustrations, or the need to move back and forth in the text) in digital form. Plus I, too, spend a lot of work time on the computer and really don't like the additional eye strain of reading for pleasure on a screen. I have a Kindle, but only use it for reading when traveling. Any book or magazine I care about comes in print. And it's not just age, I'm under 40.
  3. Please take a survey

    Endurance, Charles Morgan cutaway, and Cairo cutaway. I've always wondered why there aren't more kits that emphasize the interior of vessels. There's some much interesting detail within most sailing ships that rarely gets noticed. Also makes for a somewhat smaller (and thus easier to display) model.
  4. Interesting. I visited Nauticus a few years ago and was underwhelmed. Most of the exhibits seemed rather disorganized, random, and a bit childish. On the other hand, the actual Naval Museum is excellent, as is the battleship tour. Perhaps they've upgraded the Nauticus portion since then, as it did seem that things were "in progress" when I was there. When I was a kid in the '80s, we passed through Norfolk on a regular basis on our way to the Outer Banks, and often enjoyed taking a tour of one of the active-duty warships. That's all gone now, unfortunately, it was a great experience and recruiting tool. Another good stop in the area is the state park just east of the Bay Bridge; you can walk out onto the beach there and watch shipping pass to and from the Atlantic while imagining the diverse nautical history that's passed by that view. If you want to drive a few hours south, the museum on Roanoke Island, NC, is excellent, including their reproduction Elizabeth II 17th century ship.
  5. I fully agree with Chuck and Matrim; MSW's system works great and is internally reliable. That being said, PB's actions are pretty slimy. I fully understand the financial need to make a change from a free service, but that change should be made going forward, with existing content grandfathered in given that it was uploaded and used under an agreement made when the user signed up. But it's most unfortunate that it affects content here; I'm glad this thread was posted because I had heard nothing about this until now.
  6. I use either a piece of plywood or foam core board. Both are easy to move around and plans can be taped or clipped to them. I lean the plans against the wall behind my desk or place them on the floor, depending on how I'm using them. I'm very cramped for space and this works fine. If I had more space, I like Kurt's approach.
  7. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    Oh, don't start that nonsense.
  8. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    Jack and Scott, I grew up east of Rochester (Wayne County) and still have family there who keep me appraised. I apologize for leaving out the Canadian side, was just thinking about the shore I'm most familiar with. It's a terrible situation to be sure.
  9. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    Heh, Jim, that looks great, if only I could do that for our 1/2 acre orchard and 1 acre crop field. Birds and Japanese Beetles are playing their usual hell with our applies and other fruit. David, I'm sorry to hear that. Since our damaging late freeze here in Missouri, the weather has been remarkably cooperative, about the right amount of rain and no true extremes of hot/cold. That's not normal for here, and I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. If you want to feel bad for someone else, though, read up on the situation along Lake Ontario in NY. It's been so wet for so long that the lake is at near record levels, flooding coastal towns and expecting to stay that way for months.
  10. Them Old Jokes

    It might help if you read "by" as "my" and the "b" in "buccaneer" as an "f". Just don't read it aloud in polite company.
  11. I think the unfortunate reality is that this forum has far more questions and topics than everyone can keep up with, especially those with the knowledge to answer every question. Sometimes the person you need is busy; not everyone checks the forum every day or even every week, and it's easy to miss a given question or topic for a little while. There's a real tension between the immediate need of the modeller for an answer, and the delayed response time of other forum members who aren't necessarily on the same schedule. I certainly can't keep up with everything that's happening on here. I'm in central Missouri, a bit north of the river.
  12. Of course, when using such stats, one should also remember that such a large navy was also spread thin across the globe, performing myriad duties in service to Britain's worldwide empire. It's not like most of that huge navy was just sitting off the American seaboard waiting to pick on the little guys. Citing that without context is like comparing the entire US military to the Taliban or ISIS, rather than the actual ratios of forces and capabilities in-theatre.
  13. I think it's hard to do unto others as we'd have them do unto us. It's hard for me not to see Likes as somehow lesser than a written comment, yet my personality really struggles with writing lots of generic "Looks nice" posts if I don't have something specific to say, and so I work hard to remind myself that a Like is a completely legitimate response. Also, sometimes nobody knows the answer to your question. I know I've felt bad about not responding to a question in a build log before, but if I don't feel I can add anything helpful, it doesn't feel right to take up space saying "Beats me". Finally, I struggle to decide where the line between constructive criticism and nitpicking is. We all have different standards for "good enough" and photos can often be very unforgiving, so I don't know how or when to point something that looks wrong to me but the builder might be fine with. I'm also not such a good builder that I'm always comfortable attempting to critique others' work, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that regard. It's a difficult situation to parse. This also goes back to the tension between the two roles of build logs: as a live community experience of a model's progress, and as an archive of the work that was done. In the former role, lots of comments are welcome and even psychologically beneficial. In the latter, lots of comments are a PITA, as anyone reading through a past log has to wade through lots of irrelevant content. The only other online forum I frequent (a baseball site) has the opposite problem: all comments are essentially live-streamed (they aren't numbered and tagged as at MSW), making it really easy and fun to interact with people but nearly impossible to find past content again. Neither approach is perfect.
  14. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    Back when we worked for the National Park Service in the mountains of Virginia, we had a container garden like yours because we lived in an NPS cabin up on a ridge and they don't want you planting anything in the soil within a park. Problem was, the black bears liked our tomatoes too much. Came home one day to find the biggest pot dragged off the porch with a bear chowing down on the tomatoes around the back corner of the cabin.
  15. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    We did run a market farm for a number of years, selling to farmers market/CSA shares/restaurants/etc but in the last few years we've backed off that and just grow mostly for ourselves now. We still raise most of our own fruit/veg/dairy/meat year-round. These berries are all for us. We freeze a large quantity, make & can jam, dry them, and ferment wine. We've canned straight strawberries in the past but don't really like the quality. The wine comes out nicely and is great for storage since it improves with age. This has been a particularly abundant year for the berries, though, we've had especially good weather for them (less heat than usual and moderate rain) so they're just going berzerk.