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  1. New to Site

    Hal, welcome aboard. I think you'll enjoy building the sardine carrier--it has the right amount of everything to teach skills without being overwhelming. I'm building one right now from scratch using plans drawn by Dynamite Payson.... John
  2. Art, Glad I could take you down memory lane. Unfortunately, or fortunately, up until about 2-1/2 years ago there has only been one Cheevers that I know of at the yard and he's been there for 41 years--today--almost all of it in the Mold Loft. I worked on Eisenhower and Vinson as new construction and mid-life overhaul. I'd be real interested to know who you married from Newport News as I may know some of those Brothers, Uncles, and Cousins. I volunteer at the Mariners' Museum ship model 's shop on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. If you're in town, love to have you stop by and chat. John
  3. I build ships for a living
  4. Just a guess....but I bet the "u-shaped" planking is a bench seat.
  5. I was stationed in the Tidewater area my last year in the Navy, tiny place called Northwest, VA. When I got out I lived in Poquoson for about 3 1/2 years before returning home to NY. Love the south, but for better or worse, NY is home and it was a long drive from VA and my mom was in failing health, so back we came. I used to visit the Mariner's Museum in Newport News fairly regularly, one of my neighbors must have been a member or something. He did restoration work on some of the models there. I took some pics when they were having a contest there. Hahn's continental frigate Hancock was there and I got to meet August Crabtree. Quite a treat!

    1. John Cheevers

      John Cheevers

      Man, Northwest VA is in the middle of nowhere. I live on the peninsula and Poquoson is also in middle of nowhere...LOL. I saw Hahn's frigate there in the first Scale ship model contest. I think he won. I met Hahn there. I also met Crabtree on several occasions, he was an exceptional talent. I man the ship modelers booth at the Museum on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. If you're in town try and drop by.

    2. walter1097


      If there is an actual town of Northwest I don't remember it, just the Navy base. Our operations building was in North Carolina. I lived in Deep Creek while I was stationed there, my last year in.

  6. Are those lift (bread and butter) hulls? That's my preferred way of building anything except an open boat. I built the Randolph that way (profile pic) a long time ago. I wanted to build a model of the galley Washington but the plans from NRG didn't include body lines. I find it much easier to get the shape of the hull right, not to mention, an excellent surface for planking.


    What's the destroyer? From the partial view I'd probably guess Gearing or Fletcher class. I tend to build 18th century stuff but just about everything is interesting (ok, maybe not cruise or container ships) I'm a dinosaur so I tend not to like anything really modern  :-D

    1. John Cheevers

      John Cheevers

      Thanks for asking....


      All those are bread and butter 1/4"-1' except the one riding piggy back which is 3/16"-1'. I prefer to built that way as well because i like too carve the hull. The destroyer is a Fletcher.. It's not mine, it was just passing through. Here is something different and a few more images showing progress. 





    2. walter1097


      I'm also a bit of a tugboat fan although I don't think I've ever built one, except a plastic one when I was a kid. I was stationed in Panama in the Navy in the 70's and the canal company had a few rather colorful tugs. tugboat.JPG.0d8b65b8773b01c017c4b5e78834dedd.JPG

    3. walter1097


      There was a replica of the Golden Hind built during that time and they brought it through the canal, lashed to one of the tugs.



      Golden Hind.bmp

  7. Working more than one build

    I'm just saying.....
  8. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    All I can say is you get out of this hobby what you put into it. You have to decide what and how much you want to put into it. There, I just ended 2 sentences with a preposition.
  9. What grit for disc sander?

    I use 100 and 150 only, and I get great results.
  10. I like my Carson Pro. The optics are good and the light helps, but the best feature is open design that does not block my peripheral vision.
  11. DSCN2727

    These pictures don't do the model justice. You really need to see it to appreciate the great work that went into the build.

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