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  1. Terrified

    Thanks for starting a build log; I plan to start a Swift soon, too, so I'll follow yours with interest.
  2. Terrified

    Aaron, Which edition (the date on the front of the box) of the Swift are you building?
  3. Cool Tool Box

    Wow! That's quite a price jump. I ordered some for $11.47 on Oct. 11 - but the shipping was $24.69 for 5 of them. Just arrived yesterday. They are serviceable, but not what you'd call fine furniture. I like the idea of lining them.
  4. Working more than one build

    Alex, May I respectfully suggest that you not share this insight with her.....
  5. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    It's looking good. Love the ceiling fan I assume it doesn't reverse direction Can you plumb to the sink below-counter shutoff valves, and that would be past the connections to complete the feed to the DW and Fridge?
  6. Them Old Jokes

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry. And just wait for their offspring to mature - Generation Z
  7. Lauck Street Shipyard? I see Bluenose and Bluenose II listed and apparently include a CD
  8. A quick clarification

    Reminds me of whenever a newbie tried to secure a small boat mooring line to a cleat on the dock, and buried the cleat in rope - the comment was "if you can't tie knots, tie lots"
  9. Well, I started reading the Swift instructions and those for the newer kit mentioned the drawings and parts list - Oh? says I. Then a dim bulb started to brighten, and I remembered - Went back to the shop and there they were, on another bench. Good thing, as the part numbering had changed between 1982 and 2010 Also, took a look on Ebay, and found an OmniModels listing for what looks like a still newer kit, that includes a DVD, and that may be the one Bob saw. No date on it in the Ebay listing but the box art is different. And so is the sail plan. [tried to insert a picture, but Securi rapped my knuckles so if you're curious, look on ebay]
  10. Bob, Since nobody else with more experience than I spoke up, here are a few observations on an old, and a newer AL Swift kit. I bought a Swift kit about 3 years ago which was (and still is) to be my first build. A running series of orthopedic adventures has kept me out of the shop, so I have yet to start work, but I've found that I can still manage to buy stuff for the day I need it. Tools, books, etc etc. I saw another Swift kit on Ebay, cheap and came with a model building book and some tools, so I bought it. Spare parts, you know. And when it came, it even had a couple of little cannons and most of the pieces for 2 gun carriages. The Ebay kit came in a box similar to the one you showed, cover art in Portrait format, and on the front, lower right corner, Copyright date 1982. The newer one came in a box that has the cover art in Landscape format, and Copyright date 2010. I don't know if that is the newest edition, but here are the primary differences I noticed: - Old kit Instructions were one double sided full size drawing, and a booklet of fairly wordy text instructions and parts list but no illustrations. New kit has about 30 photos illustrating building steps, briefer written instructions, and no full-sized drawings. - Old kit parts were die stamped, not all the way thru, except the thickest piece which had them mostly cut out with a tool that must have been similar to a plunge router. New kit is laser cut. - Old kit had no sails; New kit has cut and sewn sails; whether or not they would meet your standards is your call. There are surely differences in the little bits and pieces, too, but I didn't go through them all. So soon, I hope, I'll get back into the shop and try building it. "It" will start with the laser cut parts, and as I go along, if the old kit has something I like better, or replacement for something I break - I'll be glad I have it. Also, I'll probably be glad to have both varieties of instructions, unless they don't agree with each other. The other feature of this kit is that there are a number of excellent build logs here on MSW. I'm glad you asked the question. It got me out to the shop to look at them more closely, and motivate me to get to work soon. And mine may have cannons. Hope this helps,
  11. Can you imagine if you had been da Vinci's next door neighbor? Life would never have been dull!
  12. USS Indianapolis

    Those of you who know far more than I about such things - Compare the condition of the wreck with that of the Titanic. Indianapolis is very clean with little or no marine growth, and the steel isn't disintegrating like the Titanic's You can even read what's stamped on the anchor. so Why??? Is it just the difference in depth that affects what critters grow there? Better Paint? Can't be just the difference between 72 and 105 years, can it?
  13. What have you received today?

    "he made my jaw drop when he told me that the gentleman had a Revell Constitution {H399 _ 1:96} and extra hulls! the guy wanted $40.00 for the kit and kaboodle....it took everything I had, to hold back asking him to go get it " Sometimes you have to yield to temptation just to leave room for future personal improvement.
  14. Them Old Jokes

    Countless people have spent days log jamming roads to get a good viewing spot. Ten minutes after the Sun reappears, they are all going to want to drive home.... I predict truly Epic ugly traffic jams.
  15. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Those gates turned out very nice, and certainly unique. You won't see that design turning up on every garden in town. Well done!