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  1. Hello all

    Welcome, Peter Where are you in Ireland? My wife/Admiral was born & raised in Co Kilkenny
  2. Constitution Model in Hotel Lobby

    Ya gotta love those roller furling headsails.
  3. Flying Cloud Voyage of 1851

    And here's a third thought for consideration: Fog. The coast and coastal waters off Northern California get frequent, dense fog and in those days, nav aids were limited.
  4. New from UT

    Welcome, and what's your field of study? (Is the picture an ebola virus?)
  5. Zuko, You and I are in the same situation. I'm preparing for my first build, and it'll be -- the AL Swift. There is a tremendous amount of information on this site, and in addition, it's linked to the Database of Articles and Downloads. Click this link: http://modelshipworldforum.com/ship-modeling-articles-and-downloads.php There are lots of articles in the various categories including Tools and Materials, Planking, Rigging, etc. I'm depending on those, plus the help freely offered by other members if you do a build log, to overcome the mediocre instructions that come with the kits. And when I get started, I'll start a build log.
  6. Word Recognition game

  7. Flying Cloud Voyage of 1851

    Great site, Bob Thanks for the reference to it.
  8. Word Recognition game

  9. Mark, Short posts show up OK for me. The Quote bar is at the bottom and the left side isn't split like you are showing. I use Firefox 57.0.2 64 bit, and Windows 7
  10. Word Recognition game

  11. Them Old Jokes

    Well, it was good for a laugh of some sort, either way.
  12. It appears that the title lines are spaced wider (vertical spacing) than the icons, so by the time you get down the page, the icon is lined up with the title above it.
  13. Them Old Jokes

    Depends on who's asking me
  14. Nelson/Trafalgar trivia

    Placerville, CA was called Hangtown in the early days
  15. Simon, Try this: - at the top of this page, you should see buttons for Browse, Clubs, Gallery, Activity, and "More" - hoover over More and you should see a drop-down menu - click on "articles database" - this should open a new window with a bunch of little topic category boxes - open "framing and planking" - open Planking Tutorial - Lining Off a Hull - note that the icons may not line up with the titles; click on the 4th icon from the bottom, even if it looks like it lines up better with "Nail Pattern ..." - actual use of the fan starts on about page 10 Hope this help; Good Luck,