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  1. Altduck

    Don't Tell The OH&S Manager!

    Ratlines -- We don't need no stinking ratlines.
  2. Altduck

    Chocolate Ship Model

    And you get to eat the scraps and off-cuts - kind of like licking the cookie dough off the spoon.
  3. Thanks for posting these, with your notes and descriptions. Our travel days are pretty much over, and we never got to Chile, or anywhere in South America except Peru for that matter, so I'm really enjoying them.
  4. Altduck

    Your favorite saying

    When I complained to a contractor about costs many years ago, he said: "You pay peanuts - you get monkeys"
  5. Altduck

    Now I Feel Old

    I felt really old when my youngest child turned 50
  6. Altduck

    Orientation of wood grain

    Bill, I believe end grain wood floors were also used in machine shops at one time.
  7. Altduck

    What have you received today?

    Dave, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Power Wheels, and the Elevator - I've been following this thread, and it's been a long haul. Glad it's all coming together for you. Richard
  8. Altduck

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    And then there was the Commodore 64, more road kill along the sides of memory lane
  9. Altduck

    How to tie a rope to handrail

    Or to put it another way - those who can't tie knots tie lots. Wander through any small boat marina and look at the dock lines on the dock cleats. Some are a neat job and others are buried under a pile of figure eight wraps of line.
  10. Altduck

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    What a neat project. Can you reconstruct a build log for the Non-Ship section?
  11. Altduck

    Oscillating Wonder Cutter

    I don't know how well it cuts wood and plastic, but it looks like it does a fine job of cutting a hole in your wallet.
  12. Wow! Interesting reading. I think it can be summed up as follows: - Don't use lead or lead alloys on your models. - They will live longer, and so will you.
  13. Nobody has spoken to this question, so although I don't have a Byrnes table saw, I'll give it a go. Most table saw fences share the feature that they at least try to square themselves to the table when tightening the front clamping part of the fence against the front slide rail (looks like it's a round bar on the Byrnes?). Of course, some saws do this better than others, but from the reviews of the Byrnes on this forum I'd guess it does a pretty fair job of it. But you need to do this first, while the outfeed end can move freely. If you tighten the outfeed end first, you will restrain it and introduce a bit of a bind when you then tighten the front. Just my US$0.02 worth,
  14. Ah, Yes - I see that now. Thanks, Kurt

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