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  1. This has bee an interesting thread to follow. Question for those who have studied this far more than I: Is it valid to use experience with modern weapons using modern, smokeless propellants and muzzle velocities of Mach 3 or more to cannon used in the age of sail? Black powder gives more of a "whoomf" than a "bang" and as best I can find, muzzle velocities were less than or maybe equal to the speed of sound so the sharp "crack" is missing. And the total energy was far less. Back in the day, they maybe lobbed a projectile small enough for you to carry, over ranges of hundreds or maybe a thousand yards. The big 16" guns on 20th century battleships sent projectiles weighing on the order of 2,000 pounds over distances of 20 miles or so. Just curious what others may think about this aspect.
  2. Don't Get Mad - Get Even:
  3. Messis, I don't know how to do this, but I'd suggest you experiment with some scrap fabric material and different stiffening materials, mixes and application techniques before treating the sails on your model. And please let us know what you find that works and doesn't work. Good luck,
  4. Here's iron-on transfer paper 11"x17 " if it's the same stuff
  5. Welcome, Dan. My avatar is a photo of me and the Admiral, taken in November, 2011. Since you are in Cairo, you may appreciate the story. We signed up for a tour of Egypt and Jordan scheduled for the first week of February, 2011. but the uprising on January 25 caused a change in plans; the tour operator offered a refund, or reschedule to the fall. We still wanted to see the sights, and their elections were to be in September, so we rescheduled for November. We got there just in time for the delayed elections, and it was an absolutely fascinating trip. We saw all the sights, (with very small tourist crowds), and also the run-up to the elections. We were in Luxor on election day. There was a bit of additional security, but we never felt personally threatened or unsafe. All the demonstrations and government reactions were "internal business" and tourists were made to feel welcome even by some demonstrators at the Alexandria Library that came over to our group to talk to us and tell us the Library was open and feel free to go in... I'm glad we went when we did - it's been sounding a bit less enjoyable since then. All the best,
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