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  1. I see you're in Ontario, Canada. I grew up in Cornwall, a few hours down the river from you. You can access ALL of the books through Inter Library loan. Decide what series, (start with Hornblower I'd suggest) and order each book in turn as you need it. The Hornblowers will read quickly, 150-200 pages of pretty easy reading per book. By the time you reach POB, they're 3-400 pages each and the reading is not beginner reading. Still well worth reading all of them. I have them all on my shelves and read through each series in turn from time to time.
  2. I've read all the books of each series you mention in your original post with the exception of the last. I've read one or two books by Nelson but not any entire series. I started with Hornblower as a young kid of 12 or so. I started POB later in life. I would place him far and away the best of the genre. His character development and storylines are incredible. He puts you in the era. Hornblower and Bolitho are easier to read and also excellent stories. In fact, I would say my favourite story is of Hornblower drifting down the river Loir to escape Napoleon's soldiers. Excellent reading. It's a bit later in the series though. If you want my suggestion, read them all. Start at book one of the Kydd series perhaps. Or the Hornblower or Bolitho series. Don't start with POB or you'll be disappointed when you move on to the others. Enjoy them all then join the Aubrey Maturine appreciation society group on Facebook. There truly is a cult following of POB.
  3. I picked up 3 volumes in English of the 74 gun ship when I was at the maritime museum in Brest. They didn't have all 4 volumes in English so I held off on one. I read all four when I was in university. My school had the two best nautical libraries I've ever seen. There were several monographs and books in the museum gift shop as well. I could have spent a lot more there if it wasn't for the Canadian dollar's value to the euro.
  4. She looks small enough that she could be someone's somewhat large private yacht. Any takers?
  5. Peterson designed Hermphrodite Brig Fritha in 3/8"=1' in POF would suit me just fine. Plans are available from Peterson's son Bill for a price and she's an absolutely stunning vessel. At that scale she's big enough for detail but not so big she won't fit in the house.
  6. I'm a diesel boat submariner. There's an eerie sense being deep below the surface. Looking up through the escape hatch sight glass toward darkness from the deep is humbling. These guys deserve as much respect as our beloved Nelsonian sailors. Dolphin 38.
  7. In your case, you're looking to simply "brace the fore yard to stbd" or "brace the cro'jack to port"
  8. I have no idea why but I find this subject SO fascinating. I hope we can drill down to the bottom of this and figure out the answers to all these questions.
  9. What's the difference? They're by the same designer but what other differences are there?
  10. Here are two texts I came across. Not sure where I saw them but there could be a goldmine of information for some here. Cheers everyone, Daniel
  11. Does TurboCAD do NA type calculations like displacement and stability stuff etc.?
  12. How cool is that? I wish someone would build a 74 though. I'd love to see what they're like to sail in real life. We've got smaller ones and the three deckers were a little cumbersome. A 74 would be very cool to see done like this.
  13. What software would you guys recommend to model a vessel? I would like a free one that I can also print off the patterns for parts off of full sized. In other words, once the ship has been modeled, I could print off her full lines drawings and other pieces as required. does such a thing exist? For mac, just to make it more complicated. Thanks, Daniel
  14. Any updates on this model? The images are incredible.
  15. A buddy of mine sent me a picture he took of Spartan just the other day. She's de-rigged for the off season right now I guess. No spars, just a large, beautiful flush deck, taken from the port quarter. What a hull shape.