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  1. Video on rebuilding an actual ship,Tally Ho

    Hard working does not preclude crazy though. Leo's very hard working and very dedicated but there has to be a little bit of crazy in him to take on that project solo.
  2. Retirement

    My wife would kill me if I had that many models. I have one in the house that I haven't worked on in a bit (Revell's 1:96 Cutty Sark) and my son and step son have a couple between them.
  3. Greatest 74 gun ship

    Having narrowed down the conversation to French and English, we've neglected the Spanish ships. Montanes I understand had the beauty and sailing qualities of the French ships but the strength and longevity of the English. Anybody know about the Spanish 74s and are willing to weigh in on them?
  4. Greatest 74 gun ship

    I tend to think the 74s from about the 1780s and 90s are the nicest looking but they continued to build them for decades following that so there must have been improvements. I guess the improvements meant reducing weight higher up by eliminating decoration.
  5. Greatest 74 gun ship

    I don't think of her as beautiful though. She's clunky looking in the stern to my eye and her bow seems clunky as well. I prefer ships a little older vintage, but not so far back as the mid 1700s. Late 1700s or to my eye but aesthetics are just one part of the package. A beautiful ship that's top-heavy and can't sail to windward is useless.
  6. Greatest 74 gun ship

    The later the ship the better the design theory seems born out by Frolick's comment that many seem to think USS Ohio to be the best and she's from 1820, toward the end of the time these vessels would have been built. I suppose I could ask the question another way, "If one were to replicate one today at full scale for the purpose of experiencing the best 74 gun ship experience we could without building in engines and other modern gizmos that take you out of the 18th and 19th century, what ship would one choose to replicate?"
  7. Greatest 74 gun ship

    Maybe a bit more detail is required. Clearly greatest could mean many things. I'm trying to figure out what class (or individual ship) had the best mix of sailing qualities, weatherliness, speed, firepower, seakeeping abilities in storms, stowage space for victuals and stores for long voyages, ease of maintenance etc. I'm sure some were better than others. Some classes were very small but other classes, such as the forty thieves were quite large. One can presume that if only one or two of a class were built, it was deemed not to be successful and they dropped it, while if they continued to build them (such as the forty thieves) one might presume they were successful. That isn't to say that the most prolific class was the best vessel. Any thoughts now that I've added a bit to my question?
  8. Greatest 74 gun ship

    As the title says, what ship (or class really) of 74 gun ship was the best of the breed? Most tend to lean toward the French ships but I really don't know. Temeraire maybe? I can't imagine the forty thieves would be considered for the award. What say you?
  9. Do Cutty Sark next.
  10. I might need that PDF, I cannot picture what you're describing at all. I'm not familiar with the intersection feature and that may be why.
  11. The wisdom of buying expensive tools when you’re old...

    My TS scares the bejesus out of me. It's about 40 years old, no safety features and I just repowered it with a new motor. What I should have done is saved the $200 I paid for the motor and put it toward the 5k required for a sawstop saw. Who can afford to lose a finger?
  12. HMS Victory today... a bunch of photos I took.

    As soon as I started looking through them, it was clear they were taken from the prospective of someone who needs details for a model. You swinging by Cutty Sark any time soon.
  13. 2 Wheel Rides

    No pic but I fell in love with a brand new Indian Scout last summer. It killed me to ride off on the V star 650 I arrived on.
  14. It would have been more a useful move for the French than the English. The French aimed high to damage rigging. The English aimed low to damage hull and crew.

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