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Well it's been a month and I don't have much to show for it. Thanks to all for stopping in, for your likes and great comments. I bought an android box for my TV and have been wasting too much time watching that, great device but be careful!!:). Here are some pictures of what little I have accomplished:IMG_1970.thumb.jpg.d3c33463a5681931b1f79af3d44f1fb5.jpg
These are the completed demizanas and their rack




This is a before and after shot of the pedestals for the new stand I built. These are some sort of pistons that my favourite son-in-law(my only one) gave to me. I just turned them on the lathe to clean them up and size them, nothing to technical here.



Milling the slot for the keel, this is a piece of rosewood



This is all the pieces, the base is cherry. I drilled out the brass pedestals and epoxied some 1/8" brass pins in



And here it is assembled with four coats of poly. The brass pedestals were given two coats of spray lacquer 



These two pictures are showing the railing installed and the demizanas/rack installed



Here is a shot of one of the supporting posts down in the hold, complete with dust. lol



And this is how she looks this morning


Next up are some breast plates(I think that's what they are called) at the bow and stern then a top rail at the stern. Sorry no bow shots, there is some re-contruction going on that I am really not too proud of:P

Thanks for stopping in and enjoy your day

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Hi Don

Those Demizanas all lined up in the ships hole sure do look great. Also like your unique ship's base, WELL DONE,                    ENJOY.


Regards   Lawrence

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Hhahahahahaha:D Mike, You got me laughing on that one. I may need to have a cocktail(drink:)) to calm down. Good news about the shop, now to get it set up and back to some hobbies!

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Good Morning All, Thanks to everyone for stopping in, for your likes and comments. This a new one for me, two updates in a week, but without my vehicle(another story) shipyard time has increased. I have completed the back rails which I will show in my next post as they aren't attached yet and will complete the breast hooks today as Mike is on edge waiting to see them:D:P. For now I have nailed the companion way and made some cleats from rosewood.



Here I am showing how I mask it to try and get a relatively straight line.



Here are a couple of shots showing holes drilled and nails in place. I used .4 mm nylon fishing line. First side I cut these off using flush cutters then sanded smooth, this side I used a sharp blade to cut off then sanded. The blade worked much better and very little sanding was required, just enough to remove excess glue. Should be noted the companion way had several coats of poly on it to prevent any stains from the ca glue.



 Here are the results, I think the .4 mm fishing line is the right scale and looks good. With a little more practice I may do a deck someday. I also found some light brown .3 mm fishing line that I may do a test section on my Pegasus with. 



Here I'm just showing the steps of making cleats. As you can see they are fairly large about 10 mm so they were fairly easy to make, that's one of the beauties of working at this scale.  The first one is after rough shaping on the Byrnes disc sander and the middle one is after some fine tuning with riffler file the cleat on the right is the kit supplied one. I would not normally spend twenty minutes making a cleat but I only need two so I thought what the heck. As you can see I have two extra ones that I am willing to offer to members here before I list them on ebay :P



Here I'm rough shaping it on the disc sander.The thing off to the right in the picture is a crepe block used to clean the sanding disc, this helps prolong the life of your disc or belt if you have a thickness sander. You can get these at Lee Valley they are cheap and last forever.

 Thanks once more for stopping in and have a good one.


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Good morning all, Thanks to all those who have stopped by, left likes and/or comments.

 Just a small update. Some progress such as nailing the main rail(with .4 nylon fishing line) was a bit of a waste of time. I was so happy with the results on the companion way I thought I would do more of it not realising it would be lost in the dark grain of the walnut. Although it may look like what a house fly may have left behind the nails can be seen(if you really look close) on some of the close ups. Breast hooks, knightheads and the aft rail were also completed, I replaced the kit supplied walnut with rosewood for these. Another detail that is hard to notice is the rope used to tie the hatch lids together. I finally put my Syren serving machine together and decided to serve some line for the first time and give it a try. The line served is just normal sewing thread and I used the same thread for the serving, the final rope measures approximately .5 mm and again you have to look real close:)



An eye was seized in one end of rope then the other end pulled through and tied off with a couple of half hitches 


Take Care and Thanks for stopping in.

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Elijah- Thanks for stopping in, I'm looking forward to your next build log


Pierre - The rope for the handles is from Syren(.63 mm) and the the rope tying the lids together is just normal polyester sewing thread that I put a serving on


Ian- Hi! Thanks for the compliment and I hope things are going well for you


Bob - Thanks, I appreciate you dropping by


Dave - I was thinking of your builds when I finally cut up my rosewood board. I bought this board almost forty years ago and have never cut into it


E.J. - Hey how are things? Thanks for that, I may just go to my little cabinet and have a refreshment 

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Mike- Thanks Mike, the hinges were not that bad to make but at this scale this kind of thing is much easier


Christian - You are so right saying that, and it is a nice change do a ship such as this. There are a few more MarisStella models I also want to try, they are such great kits. Thanks for for your compliments>

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