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  1. Hi Brian, I with the majority and think your doing a fine job. I've not even tackled planking yet and still find myself thinking about it while falling asleep. You have given me great encouragement and support so....right back atcha!! I'm enjoying your build and learning a lot (vicariously). Best, Steve
  2. Kevin, I'm thinking that as soon as she's rigged, you should hop in and sail her over the pond for a visit!! What do say? Best, Steve
  3. Hi Joe, I've actually used that technique for years when attaching veneers and appliqués to various kinds of substrates while furniture building. Usually I've attached large, highly figured, veneers and have used a household iron to heat everything so it didn't occur to me to use this idea for ship building. But I really like your idea of using the kind of iron Tower Hobbies sells for use with mono-cote etc. I'm definitately going to try it. Best, Steve
  4. Hi Markus, I've read about your modifications/improvements to a tool which is pretty universally accepted (at least in this community) as the "best in class". But I'm starting to wonder about your motivation in what is beginning to me to appear as a witch hunt to find fault! How accurate is accurate?????? How many angels can dance on the head of of a pin?????????????????? The levels of fault you're reporting are far less than would occur through simple user error in an entire host of operations we all do in model building. In the immortal words of Sargent Hulka in Stripes, " Li
  5. Hi Bob, I was going through your build log and saw that you are looking for plans for a seine boat. BlueJackets plans for the Smuggler (by Erik Ronnberg) have plans for a 1/48 scale seine boat. They only cover one small section of of page. They offer the plans for the whole ship for sale but since you only need a small section, maybe you can work something out with them, they're great folks. I'm thinking I may try to build it as my first scratch boat, althought I have no idea how difficult it would be. If you (or anybody out here) knows of a build log of a small scratch whale boat
  6. Hi Jamie, I am so glad you are back!!!!! I am also building a Smuggler and I've probably read your previous build log about ten times.....no exaggeration. I think your build is great! I hope you have the chance to visit my build log and would really appreciate any feedback or advice you might have. Alfons, Russ, and Elia have been a great help to me and I truly hope you will be a similar resource. Schooners RULE!!!!!!! Best, Steve
  7. Hi Sjors, I think it's a great I idea to post diagrams in a place where they can bee seen for continued reference. But I also like to see how they knots actually come together. Here is a great link that someone recently posted on knots. I even enjoyed watching the animations for knots we don't use in ship building. http://www.animatedknots.com/knotlist.php?LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&Website=www.animatedknots.com Best, Steve
  8. Hi Sjors, It was just my impression that you hadn't seen and that you would like it. Best, Steve
  9. Hi, I don't know about you guys but I strongly believe that alcohol has a much greater salubrious effect on the builder than the wood! Steve
  10. Just out of curiosity Sjors, did you look at the you tube before you posted your knot chart? Steve
  11. Chuck, Where is the slideshow button? Steve
  12. Hi Bob, I've read through your build log on the Bluenose a few times now and I think your work is great. Right now, I'm starting to do the gaffs, booms, mast masts on my Smuggler and I can only aspire to the level of work you've done on the Bluenose. As a matter of fact, I've sort of decided to concentrate on schooners going forward and recently purchased the MS Bluenose as my next build. My thinking was that I love schooners, I can leverage what I've learned on the Smuggler, do a POB build, and learn sails. Anyway, I plan on using your build as a practicum (royalties coming in d
  13. Thanks Maury, I figured that out the hard way. I'm waiting to receive some brass sheave I ordered from Cornwall Model Boats. When they arrive I'll see how thick they are and try again. This time, I'll experiment on a piece of scrap first. Best, Steve
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