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Fokker Dr 1 by Mike Dowling - FINISHED - Artesania Latina

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So, my next challenge, and I think it' going to be - The Artsania Latina version of the Fokker Dr 1 Tri plane 1/16 scale. I think this kit is a collaboration with Model Airways. According to the box there are over 750 pieces which I can well believe.


I had to rearrange the contents as they had been well shuffled by the delivery service.


The first and maybe most noticeable feature of this kit is that there are no written instructions at all !!! A cd is provided which has the parts list, 340 pages of step by step photos and six 'helpful' video clips. The metal castings in the plastic boxes have no numbers but there are charts for them on the cd which enabled me to put the pieces back in the right places and make sure they were all there. They are all present and a really good standard. There is a very small wood bundle and two sheets of laser cut ply for the wing parts, all numbered. There are 4 sheets of metal parts etched and partially cut with 'millions' of pieces which all appear to be numbered. There is some thread for the rigging (although I can find no instructions for that !!) a tiny sheet of a few waterslide decals and a huge colour poster of what it should look like in the end with front, back and side 1/1 views and some enlarged areas.


The majority of the kit is metal and the cd indicates that shares in ca glue might be useful. I am glad I have a lot !!


The build looks as though it starts with the cockpit area but I will spend more time looking through the contents before I start anything.


Anyway, some pictures of the box and contents to grab your interest I hope.













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Wow, that does look like a challenge, and it looks like a lot of parts.  But it says "Easy to build" right on the box, so it must be.


The thread may just be for the cables for the control surfaces (rudder, ailerons, etc) as I believe one of the claims to fame of the Dr 1 was that it did not have the traditional (at the time) rigging between the wings to stabilize them.


I'll pull up the first chair and follow along....

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awesome.....I'm in  :)   1:16.........a very nice scale indeed.   I built the Revell 1:28 scale Fokker D VII.......this is also a very nice scale to work with  ;) 


I should post my Guillow's Fokker Dr 1 build........I have all the frames together....just gotta do a lot of sanding to get the leading edges in shape,  to tissue it.   I have some white tissue left over,  so I may do it in the same paint scheme as the D VII.   the squadron was Jasta 18,  Rabin's Ravens.


I look forward in seeing more on this fine project  :) 

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How great to have you all along - thank you. The 'simple to build' bit on the box is only for the IQ of Stephen Hawking and above. There is going to be nothing simple about this build.


You are quite right Gary about the rigging. It should be simpler than the Sopwith I built but heavy emphasis on the 'should'.


I am also thinking of half covering the plane as I did before, the Sopwith looks quite good flying that way.

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Fellow modelers, I should know the answer to this having done so many but, if a piece of metal is pre scribed for bending, do you bend into the groove or away from it ?

 Anyway, a start has been made !! One seat and safety harness painted. The harness is brass and has to be bent to look like straps later.


And, just to confirm that my Sopwith does indeed fly from the ceiling .....




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So, an afternoons work, 26 pieces assembled and painted, the lower seat belts bent and put on and I decided to be kind to the pilot and give him a leather set.

Only another 730 something pieces to go !!


By the way, the belts are actually a beige colour but they have come out yellow on the camera. Sorry.



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I have made up the rudder bar, the control stick and the 'thing' that will go behind the pilots seat.

I have also started the fuselage frame.


You need a really good magnifying glass and a degree in manual dexterity for this kit. I cannot believe how small some of the parts you have to stick on are. That control stick has six separate pieces.


The frame requires loads of 'c' shaped pieces at the angles which will eventually take the tensioning wires. That will have to wait until another day. My eyes have gone on strike for today!








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Thank you for the question and I understand why you ask it. However, not at all easy to answer. Historically the Fokker and the Sopwith were built in completely different ways I discover. The Sopwith had a wooden frame whereas the Fokker had a metal one etc etc. So this kit is proving to be true to the real thing but a totally different build technique.

I find the lack of written instructions and no plan sheets quite difficult as that would be our normal way of working but conversely the Fokker instructions have far more photos and the video clips are proving invaluable. It can be very difficult knowing which way up, round, pieces should go and there is not always an obvious answer.


So really I think I have to reserve judgement for now which I realize is not a great deal of help to you.

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I've built the model Airways Fokker. Haven't built this one so I cannot compare the two. But, the instructions for the Model Airways was very good. In the beginning I did not like the instructions but as the build progressed I really learned to read the instructions and follow them exactly and things would go fine. It was not an easy build but by being careful, dry fitting parts, following instructions and having great patience it finally became finished.


Like most models it is not the "difficulties" that will beat you, it is doing the same thing over and over and over again that will (I think) make people quit. So be like a mule and never, ever quit and you will do fine.

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It will not look as though I have done very much but, all the required 'c' shaped pieces are on. I think I fitted about 28 although loads more were supplied. Each one had to be filed down after removing from the sheet - that was fun!Maybe that is why there were so many allowing for the fact that you were going to 'lose' some!


I thought you might like to see one! It'son the end of my finger.


I have also added some other parts on the fuselage frame. I have also painted it all ready for the next step which is fitting the cockpit accessories that I have already made up.







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All the cockpit instruments are now installed. I took the precaution of laying in the cables before putting the seat in and am glad of it. I don't think I could have threaded them through some of the tiny holes afterwards.


Next step is to install all the cross brace tensioning cables and there are quite a few!!









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WOW!   you've done a lot so far!   looks very good :)  Is the frame plastic?.........I see mold lines on the parts.  this might even answer some of the dilemma between A.L. and Model airways  {model expo's brand of kit}.   to weigh in on the bending question,  think that the bending line cuts into the thickness of the PE.  bending into the line will give you a smooth corner or edge,  and evens the thickness of the part being created,  on the inside of the bend.   you won't have any telltale marks on the outside of the bend either.  as most know,  this is a one time shot.......no way to correct anything once bent to shape.  I've not done too much with PE,  but to me,  logically,  I think this is the process for bending the parts.   I did have a bending tool for PE,  but I traded it along with a bunch of other stuff,  for a Billing's Bluenose model that was partially built.  I will soon have a chance to experience some PE......the river boat has some.  I feel cheated a bit,  'cuz there is no bending involved ;)     your doing a super job on this build.......the sub assemblies look very well done as well  :) 

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