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Sao Gabriel by 0Seahorse - FINISHED - 1:100 - CARD

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Some time ago I started building Sao Gabriel based on the model in the museum in Lisbon. I do not have exact plans, but based on photos, dimensions and proportions of this type of vessels I managed to design a ship quite similar to the original. The progress in the construction is enough to show the first photos.
The hull frames were made of 1 mm thick cardboard.




I have planned three layers of planking: the first vertical layer, which stabilizes the frames, the second longitudinal one on the cardboard 0.5 mm and the third one in color as the final planks. After gluing the first layer, I added some of the decks and evened the entire hull with sandpaper to remove adhesive residues and greater inaccuracies.





On these parts you can see lines according to which I will glue the next layer.

Before sticking the next decks, I had to make a few details, which would later be very difficult to access.


Then I glued the second layer, so far only to the level of the main deck and then I built a part of the forecastle.



The construction of forecastle...


Then, step by step, I added the next strips of the second layer and the next level in the forecastle.


Because the model has a lot of windows in the stern part, I created some rooms there. Unfortunately, there are not many sources describing rooms in sailing ships from this period, so this is only my imagination.


Now I could "lock" the whole with the upper decks.



Before gluing the last layer, the whole hull was covered with wood glue, which made it stiffer. I smoothed the whole with sandpaper and started gluing the last layer. Each strip is two boards with a dividing line marked with a blunt needle.



Visible white gaps will be covered with wales, so it will look OK.





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Beautiful model. I am always so impressed with the level of detail that is possible to obtain in card models. I might just have to try one sometime.

Bob Garcia

"Measure once, cuss twice!"


Current Builds: 

Hms Brig-Sloop Flirt 1782 - Vanguard Models

Pen Duick - Artesania Latina 1:28


Completed: Medway Longboat 1742 - Syren Ship Model Co. 

Member of the Nautical Research Guild




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Greetings Seahorse,


Very impressive! I just finished doing some experimenting with card stock modeling, but could do nothing as impressive as your work, congratulations on a super well done model! Even more impressive is that you designed it all yourself. Are you using some sort of software like Delftship or Freeship? Reason I ask is that you have worked out all the planking strips to such precision. I tried using those myself, but could not get good enough results. Thanks for sharing your impressive work!


Anchor's A Weigh!

John Fox III

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Thank you Bob and John.


I use Rhinoceros3D for designing, and color the prepared parts in Corel Draw. I use Adobe Illustrator sometimes. The parts are printed on a Brother DCP 300-T printer and the prints are secured with a "Capon" primer (this is a Polish name and unfortunately I cannot approximate the composition, but acrylic varnishes work just as well). I use ordinary acrylic paints for retouching the edges and painting small details.




PS. Below my current project in Rhino3D

current project.jpg

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14 hours ago, Queenthunk Amalanathan.F said:

hello sir . i really loved to build this model.where may i find the plan. pls guide me.

Sao Gabriel was built without any dedicated plans. I compared a lot of sketches, similar studies of such vessels and based on photos from the Museum in Lisbon, I drew a model in Rhino3D. It seems to me that many years ago I saw on the internet plans similar to Sao Gabriel with the designation of the museum in Lisbon. Maybe contact them as it is often possible to get a copy from the museum for a small fee.


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