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Spanish Longboat by Schrader - FINISHED - 1:25 - Plans by Isisdro Rivera - SMALL

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Hello all

I want to share this construction log, about the Spanish Longboat, that could be converted to Falúa (Luxury Longboat for Officers).
The plans have been developed by Isidro Rivera, well known spanish naval researcher, who has many papers, books and plans already published. I have the fortune to be in contact permanently with him, Jose Collado who is his partner in construction, and a bunch of really good guys, who are always, willing to help when I need it.

I started the 17th of February and.......




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This kind of Ship, could be developed with three different methods:

  1. False Frames
  2. Solid hull mold
  3. Construction Jig

Since I decided to work with Solid Hull mold in my previous project, I decided to start a new adventure in this one, with False Frames....so the first step is.......



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Hello Helmut


that must have been a difficult decision to rebuild, but looking good now. "Long" is no exaggeration, that's a very slim hull form.


I have a couple of questions on the boats: what they were used for; & what is the hull the length - it appears to be around 11m from the drawing...?





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Here we are ......



During the week, I finally saw the light..



liked the wood color contrast. Since those are tropical woods, I had no idea how they would look like, after the danish oil. I really liked it.

NOTE: The keel is in tropical mahogany which is more light and the hull is in tolua
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Finally, copying the Jose Collado idea, I decided to work in the stern/officials floor. Introducing a Compass Rose.



For this effect, I decided to go after a "parquet" method.


1.  I took basswood and abarco. (tropical wood), and cut the triangles according with the mold


2.  I arrange those triangles according to the mold


3.  I glued them all



4.  After, on a 1mm triplex I completed the floor with red cedar.... and this is the result




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Hello all

After reviewing the Compass Rose, i realized that:

  1. The color contrast is not good
  2. The size is going to be a problem in the future

So....in the same way that this building process has been going I decided to repet it. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4930.thumb.jpg.80eac256497e8674501d7575a7708b11.jpgUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4932.thumb.jpg.7b29daf80a177c4518e753744d71171a.jpgUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4933.thumb.jpg.ce2ca1b057a17a6a3d0ef5bb89cf460d.jpg

With the same idea I install a liz flower in the back of the officers place


As well as the bench floor frame


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These plans are part of bigger project, the one that Jose Collado is working on in this Foro.  Spanish 68-gun ship of 1752 by Isidro - plans of Isidro Rivera and construction by Jose Collado

Isidro will have the plans once the 68 is ready to go.



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