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I am a non-recovering bibliophile...according to Wikipedia,


The classic bibliophile is one who loves to read, admire and collect books, often amassing a large and specialized collection. Bibliophiles do not necessarily want to possess the books they love; an alternative would be to admire them in old libraries. However, the bibliophile is usually an avid book collector.


Yep - that's me!  Actually, it is apparently contagious.  Between my long suffering Admiral in Chief who has upwards of 200 cookbooks and our other assorted collection, we have conservatively 1,500 volumes on a wide array of topics from History to Philosophy to our specialized Terrorism collection (work related, of course) and now nautical themed.  The attached document is a listing of the print, PDF and a few on-line documents that are a part of the collection.  Feel free to offer suggestions on books I should consider adding to my collection, and Happy Modeling!



Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

Waynes Nautical Resource List ver 2 rev 11Feb13 for MSW.pdf

Edited by trippwj


Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

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Hi Wayne,


You have done some very impressive work here and it is an excellent reference that must be maintained and added to. I had a very much smaller collection but like you, I am a bibliophile but enjoy the reading more than the posession. Virtually all of my collection has been passed on to needier hands than my own and this has also given me satisfaction. I still rely extensively on the Inter-Library Loan system available in BC as well as all of Canada. Some years ago I lived in Burnaby BC who have an excellent selection of Ship modelling books. A simple search knocks out over 100 titles. What they don't have can usually be gotten elswhere within a week and at no charge!


Recently, I have become more interested in Biographies etc. as well as historical naval/nautical novels that I'm soaking up like a sponge. If you are assembling a similar list on these subjects, I would like to see it even if you don't intend to publish it on the MSW. Perhaps I can reciprocate and direct you to more authors, who knows?


I finished my first model ship at the ripe old age of 11 years and bought my first dedicated tool: a fret saw that is still in perfect condition and used virtually daily. I can work faster and more accurately with it than I can with any scroll saw. I also get the full mileage from it by using the whole length of the blade rather than the much smaller range offered by the cam of a scroll saw. I sailed my model successfully in the pond of our local park and never looked back but later on I settled on static models. I'm 73 now and I honestly can't remember all the models that I have built. Some, like the Bounty and Endeavour etc., several times.



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Hello, Richardt - and thank you for the nice comments.  It is a labor ov love for me - I truly love to read!  Can't seem to bring myself to part with a good book, and have been know to re-read a particularly good one many times.


I have not compiled a list of good biographies and historical novels as of yet, but certainly seems like a great idea!  Would love to work with you on a compendium of that sort!


Sounds as though you have a lifetime of stories around your own builds - would be a pleasure to hear some of them!




Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

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You and your wife have an interesting collection. I note that you have a lot of MacGregor, David R.'s books. The ones that i've seen are quite nice.

I also like how you have listed your downloaded pdf files. A great idea. Better than I know that download is around here someplace.

Thanks for the ideas.


Later Tim

Edited by Tim C

Current Build -- Finishing a 1:1 House that I've been building for a while

Current Build -- Triton Cross Section

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42 rocker -


Glad it is of use to you!  I like the MacGregor books - he covers a variety of aspects of different types of ships.  I started listing the downloaded files as I would stumble across the same document again and again and wound up downloading multiple copies - since some were upwards of 30 megabytes, it quickly ate up drive space! 


Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

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Really I think that I only downloaded three copies of the one item.. LOL. Happens all to often. I'll give your system a try. Something else that I've been trying to do is to include is a price code of what I've paid for things. My books being one of them. That way my wife has an idea about things if well something happens. Note the word price code, I'm not sure if I've given her the code key yet, so might be safe yet for a while, LOL. No, really she knows the code just try's to be understanding of my "investments". I really need to try to write down my book inv. Not sure if I should as the list might end up like yours. LOL.


Later Tim

Edited by Tim C

Current Build -- Finishing a 1:1 House that I've been building for a while

Current Build -- Triton Cross Section

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I do, actually, have another column in the spreadsheet where I track the purchase price.  Also, and probably fortunate that my better 3/4 is not on MSW, I have a "Slush fund" - each paycheck I have a fixed amount put onto a stored value prepaid credit card - that's mine for books, tools, supplies, wine, song, etc.  Once it's gone, it's gone (until the next paycheck, at least).  Also got some great deals on books via the NRG book sale.  Time now for one last purchase there!


Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

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Hi Folks.

As Wayne has said seems that am classic bibliophile, with no hope in sight. Figure I would post my small library and it may help others on what books may be worth adding to their own library. Hope it does help. Not as big as Wayne's but it fits my need's. The name of the book is first followed by the author. If you want to know a little bit about the book and if it fits your needs just let me know.



English Maritime Books Printed before 1801- Adams/Waters

Art of Building of Ships 1719 -Allard

The Rigging of Ships in the Days of the Sprit sail Topmast- Anderson,R.C.

Seventeenth Century Rigging.- Anderson,R.C.

The Sailing Ship- Anderson,R.C.

Encylopedie Methodiqiue, 1783-1787, 3 vols plus plates.- Ancre

Dictionary fo Sea Terms- Ansted

Album of Colbert 1670- Anonymous

The Fully Framed model . H.M.S. Swan Class Sloop, vol 1, 2, 4- Antscherl,D

The Fully framed Model. HMS Swan Class Sloop vol 3 -Herbert, Greg

Shipbuilding Repository-1788 -Anonymous

Album DeCobert-1670- Anonymous

The Wooden Fighting Ship in the -Royal Navy Archibald

The Ashley Book of Knots Ashley,-Clifford W.

Building Britain's Wooden Walls, 1697-1851 -Barnard,John E

Ships and Seamanship -Baugean,J.J.

The Art of Gunfounding- Beer,Carel De

A.O.S Royal Yacht Caroline -Bellaburla/Osculoti

Sailing Rigs, An Illustrated Guide -Bennett,Jenny

Mariner Mirror 5 CD set -Bethell,John P

Cross Sections of Man Of War -Biesty

Steering to Glory,A Day in the Life of a ship of the line -Blake,Nicholas

Naval Expositer -Blankley,Thomas

Album Del marques De La Victoria -Borbon, Carlos de

The Sea. Its History and Romance. 4 Vols -Bowen,F

Scale Model Sailing ships -Bowen,John

Model Shipwright, Vol 1-131- Bowen,John

An Anthology,1972-1997, Model shipwright -Bowen,John

2010 Shipwright -Bowen John

2011 Shipwright -Bowen John

2012 Shipwright- Bowen John

2013 Shipwright -Bowen John

Artillerie De La Marine 1758 -Boudriot

History of the French Frigetes,1650-1850- Boudriot

74 to 120 gun ships in the French Navy, 1650/1850 -Boudriot

The Frigates in the French Navy,1650-1850- Boudriot

Naval Gunnery in France, 1650-1850 -Boudriot

La Belle Poule, 12 pdr Frigate,1765 -Boudriot

La Venus, 18 pdr Frigate, 1782- Boudriot

The 74 gun ship, 4 vols- Boudriot

Compagnie Des Indes-2 vols- Boudriot

John Paul Jones and the Bonhomme Richard- Boudriot

La Salamander 1752- Boudriot

Le Fleuron 1729, 64 gun ship- Boudriot

Le Navire Marchand Ancien Regime L Mercure 1730 2vols- Boudriot

La Jacinthe, 1823, Schooner- Boudriot

50 to 64 gun ships in the French Navy. 1650-1850 -Boudriot

Le Trois Ponts Dw Chevalies De Tourville 1680,2 vols- Boudriot

L Aurore 1766, Pleasure Sloop of War, 1766- Boudriot

L Aurore 1784, Slaver- Boudriot

Le Cygne 1806, Brig 24 guns -Boudriot

la Belle Expendition Vessel, 1684, 2 vols- Boudriot

La Diligente, The King's Tartan,138-1761- Boudriot

La Renomme, 8 pdr Frigate, 1744 -Boudriot

Le Requin Xebec, 1750- Boudriot

La Salamandre, Bomb Ketch,1752 -Boudriot

Le Coureur, Lugger 1776 -Boudriot

Bonhomme Richard, 1779- Boudriot

Le Cerf, Cutter 1779 Le Batearc De Lanveoc, Brest's single mast righ boat, 1780 -Boudriot

La Creole Corvette 1827 -Boudriot

La Chaloupe Armee En Guerre, 42 ft Longboat armed for War,1834 -Boudriot

Le Francous 1683- Boudriot/Lemineur

Le Bateau De Lanveoc -Boudriot/Berti

Le Gros Ventre -Boudriot/Delacroix

Encyclopedie Methodique/Marine Vol 1,2,3 and plates -Boudriot reprint

Uniforms of the Royal Naval, 17th 18th century-Boudriot/Petard

Lost Ships Bound, -Mensun

The Model Ship, Her role In History -Boyd,Norman Napier

Anatomy of an Admiralty Model (CD) -Bruckshaw,Robert

H.M.S Victory, Building ,Restoration and Repair, 2 vols -Bugler,A

Sovereign of the Seas -Busmann,H

How to Carve Wood, A book of projects and techniques -Butz,Richard

Nelson in the Caribbean, The Hero Emerges,1784-1787 -Callo,Joseph F

Van De Velde Drawings in the National maritime Museum, 2 vols -Cambridge

Neophty shipmodeler's jackstay -Campbell,G

Old ships Figureheads and Sterns -Carrton

The History of English Sea Ordnance, Vol 1- Caruana

The History of English Sea Ordnance, Vol 2 -Caruana

Vase 1, The Archaeology of a Swedish Warship of 1628- Cederhind/Hocker

Search for speed under Sail -Chapelle

History of American sailing Ships- Chapelle

The Baltimore Clipper, Its origin and Development -Chapelle

The History of the American Sailing Navy -Chapelle

Architecture Navalis Mercatoria -Chapman

Sailing Ships, Their History and Development,part 1 -Clowes,G.S. Laird

Sailing Ships, Their History and Development,part 2 -Clowes,G.S. Laird

The Royal Naval, 7 vols -Clowes,W.M

Historic Architecture of the Royal Navy -Coad,J

Early Sea Painters,1660-1730 -Cockett,F.B.

Peter Monamy-1681-1749- Cockett,F.B

The Age of Sail, vol1 -Conway maritime Press

The Age of Sail, vol2 -Conway maritime Press

The Decorative Arts of the Mariner- Cook,Gervis Frere

Drawing of Nicholas Pocock, 1740-1821- Cordingly

Figureheads, Carving on ships from ancient times to the twentieth century Costa,- Giancarlo

Ship Models -Crabtree

Royal Yachts of Europ -Crabtree, R

The American Built Clipper Ship -Crothers

Pilots,, The World of Pilotage under Sail and Oar, Vol 1 and 2 -Cunlifle,T

Anchors, An Illustrated History -Curryer,Betty Nelson

Naval Architecture 1695 -Dassie

Pepys's Navy, Ships, Men and Warfare, 1649-1689 -Davies, JD

Ship models and How to build them- Daviess,C

The built up ship Model- Daviess,C

Ship Model Builders Assitant -Daviess,C

Art of Knotting and Splicing -Day,C.L

Nelson's Favourite;HMS Agamemnon,1781-1809- Deane,A.N.

Sailing ships(Dutch Prints) 16th to 19th century- DeGroat/Vorstman

L'Amarante Corvette 1747- Delacroix, Gerard

List of French Ships,1661-1715- Demerliac

Memoirs of the Royal Navy -Derrick

Building the Wooden Fighting ship.- Dodds/Moore

Splintering the Wooden Wall -Dudley,Wade G

Dictionay of Ship Types -Dudsyuis

Element D' Architecture Navale, 1758 -Duhamel Du, Monceau

Manufacture of Anchors Reaumur 1723-1764 -Duhamel

Ship Modeler's Shop Notes -Edson

The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain -Edwards, Betty

The Restoration Warship -Endsor, Richard

Grinling Gibbons and the Art of Carving- Esterly, D

Falconer's marine Dictionary 1815 -Falconer,W

Progressive Scratch-Building in Ship Modeling (CD)-Feldman,Clayton

H.M.S Victory -Fenwick, K

L'Artesien, Vaisseau de 64 canons 1764-1785- Fichant,Jacques

Introductory Outline on Practice of Shipbuilding -Fincham,J

A history of Naval Architecture- Fincham,J

A treatise on Masting Ships and Masting making -Fincham,J

Outline of Ship Building,1852 -Fincham,J

Laying Ships off on the Mould Loft Floor.- Fincham,J

USS Constellation, From Frigate to Sloop of War -Footner, Geoffrey M.

Ship Models,1951- Fox

A Distant Storm, the Four day Battle, Battle of 1666- Fox,F

Great Ships; The Battle fleet of King Charles 2 -Fox,Frank

Sailing Ships of War,1400-1860 -Fox,Frank

The Great Ordnance Survey of 1698- Fox Frank/Richard Endsor

Sailing, Seamanship and Yacht Construction- Fox,Uffa

Navy Board Ship Models, 1650-1750 -Franklin,John

Les Genles De La Mer -French Museum

L' Art De Modelisme -Frolich,B

To Build a Ship, the voc replica ship- Garvery,R

Royal Yachts -Gavin

Naval War of 1812 -Gardines,R

Navies and the American Revolution,1775-1783 -Gardines,R

Nelson against Napoleon -Gardines, R

Fleet Battle and Blockade; The French Revolutionary War, 1793-1797 -Gardines,R

Warships of the Napoleonic Era -Gardines,R

Frigates of the Napoleonic Wars -Gardines,R

Heavy Frigate, 18 pounder Frigates,1778-1800 -Gardines,R

The Sailing Frigate, A History in Ship Models -Gardiner, R

Nelson's Ships, a Trafalgar Tribute -Gardner,D

The Floating Prison -Garneray,Louis

The Ships of Trafalgar, The British, French and Spanish Fleets, Oct 1805 -Goodwin,P

The Naval Cutter Alert -Goodwin,P

Pandora, Bomb Vessel -Goodwin,P

Nelson's Victory -Goodwin,P

The Construction and Fitting of the English Man of War -Goodwin,P

Nelson's Ships, A History of the Vessels In Which He Served. 1771-1805 -Goodwin,P

The 20 gun Ship Blanford. -Goodwin,P

Ships of the American Revolution and their models -Hahn.H

The colonial Schooner -Hahn,H

Marine Carving Handbook -Hanna,Jay S

Trafalgar and the Spanish Navy -Harbron,John D

Catchers and Corvettes, The Steam Whalecatcher in Peace and War,1860-1960 -Harland,John H

Capstans and Windlasses -Harland,John H

Seamanship in the Age of Sail, 1600-1860 -Harland, John

F.H.Chapman, The First Naval Architect and his Work -Harris,Daniel G

Manual of Traditional Wood Carving -Hasluck,Paul N

Log of the Union -Hayes,Edmund

The Ships of Abel Tasman -Hoving,A/Emke,C

Nicolaes Witsen and Shipbuilding in the Dutch Golden Age -Hoving,A.J.

The Staten Jacht Utrecht 1746, Sea Watch Books -Hoving,Ab

Marine Art Of Geoff Hunt -Hunt,G

Tall ship in Art -Hunt/Myers

A Treatise on Naval Architecture -Hutchinson, W

The Model shipbuilders manual of Fittings and Guns -Isard

History of Art -Janson,H.W.

Bound for Blue Water- Jineshsan

Charles Brooking,1723-1759 -Joel,D

The Great Age of Sail -Jobe,J

The Period Ship Handbook, 2 -Julier, Keith

Modelling Late Victorian Battleships -King,Brian

The Kriegstein Collection, 17th and 18th century ship Models- Kriegstein Brothers

The Lore of the Ship- Kelalbery,B

Gunfounding and Gunfounders -Kennard,A.N.

Portsmouth Dockyard Papers,1774-1783, The American War -Knight,R

American Heavy Frigates, 1794-1826 -Lardas,Mark

Trincomalee -Lambert,A

Life in Nelson's Navy -Lavery, B

Marine architecture, Directions for Carrying on a ship,1739, Edmund Bushnell -Lavery,Brian

Jack Aubrey Commands -Lavery,Brian

The Royal Navy's First Invincible, 1744-1758 -Lavery,Brian

Nelson's Fleet at Trafalgar- Lavery,Brian

Nelson Navy, 1739-1815 -Lavery,B

The Arming And Fitting of the English Ships of War, 1600-1860 -Lavery,B

Ship of the Line, 2 vols -Lavery,B

74 gun ship Bellona -Lavery,B

Building the wooden walls -Lavery,B

Dean's Doctrine of Naval Architecture, 1670 -Lavery,B

Ship models, Their purpose and development. From 1650 to present -Lavery,B

Line of Battle- Sailing Warship, 1650-1840 -Lavery,B

Nelson and the Nile, The Naval War against Bonaparte -Lavery,B

Ship Board Life and Organisation 1731-1815 -Lavery,B

Ship Modeling From Scratch -Leaf, Edwin B.

Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War, 1625-1860 -Lee,J

Endeavour,a pictorial record of the building of the replica of H.M. Bark Endeavour- Lefroy,Mike

Young Sea Officer Sheet Anchor -Lever,D

Anatomy of Nelson's ship- Longridge,C

Modeling the Cutty Sark -Longridge,C

The Blackwall Frigates -Lubbock, Basil

Modelos De Arsenal, Del Museo Naval -Lunwerg

Album Del Marques De La Victoria -Lunwerg

Sea Battles in Close up. The age of Nelson- Lyon,D

Sailing Navy List- Lyon,D

The Sail and Steam Naval List- Lyon/Winfield

Ships in Minature -Macaffery,L

Building plank on Frame Ship Models- MaCarthy,R

Sails Through the Centuries- Macfie,G

The schooner, Its Design and Development from 1600 to the Present -MacGregor,David R

Merchant Sailing ships. 1775-1815- MacGregor,David R.

The boats of Men of War- May,W.E.

Frigate Constitution and other Historic ships -Maqorew

Artillery of the Navy (Ed. canvas) 1758 -Maritz

The Global Schooner, Origins, Development,Design and Construction,1695-1845- Marquardt, Karl Heinz

18th century Rigs and Rigging- Marquardt,K

AOS, HMS Beagle -Marquardt,K

A Most Fortunate Ship Martin,- Tyrone G

H.M.S. Sussex, 1693 McArdle, Gilbert

Ships, from the archives of Harland and wolff, the builders of the titanic -McCluskie,T

H.M.S. Victory, Her Construction, Career and Restoration- McGowan

The Ship, the Century before Steam -McGowan,A

The Ship, Tiller and whipstaff -McGowan,A

Granado, 24 gun Frigate -McKay/Coleman

The Hudson's Bay Company's 1835 steamship, Beaver -McKay, John

The 100 gun ship Victory- McKay,J

The Practical ship-Builder, 1839, Facsimile reprint, 1940 -McKay,L

Granado, 24gun Frigate -McKay/Coleman

Shipbuilding in Miniature- McNarry,D

Naval Guns, 500 years of Ships and Coastal Artilley- Mehl,H

William Frederick's1874, Scale Journey- Mendez,Antonio

American Ships of the Colonial and Rev Periods- Millar

Building Early american Warships- Millar

The Elements of Naval Architecture, Or A Practical Treatise on Shipbuilding 1764- Monceau, Duhamel/Murray,Mungo

Naval Architectuure Elements 1758 -Monceau, Duhamel

Historic ship Models -Mondfelt

Spars and Rigging, from Nautical Routine,1849- Murphy,J.M/Jeffers,W.N.

A Treatise on Shipbuilding and navigation in Three Parts -Murray, M

Sailing Ship Models -Nance

Legacy of a Ship Model, Examining HMS Princess Royal 1773 -Napier,Rob

Queen Anne's Navy -Navy Records Society

The Sergison Papers -Navy Records society

Schooner Sultana, Building A Chesapeake Legacy -Niemeyer,L/McMullen,D

Ships' Plans -NMM

The Portrait of Peter Pett and the Sovereign of the Seas -NMM

Plymouth's ships of War, Maritime Monographs and Reports, no 4-1972 -NMM

18th Century Shipbuilding, Remarks on the Navies of the English and Dutch, 1737- Ollivier,Blaise

Traite De Construction, 1736 -Ollivier,B

Naval Veneziane, Venetian ships- Penzo,Gilberto

Rigging Period Ship Models- Petersson, Lennarth

Modeling the Brig of war Irene -Petryes,C.W.

Warships of the King. Ann Wyatt(1658-1757)Her life and Her Ships -Philbin,Tobias/Endsor, Richard

Navy Board contracts,1660-1832- Pool,Bernard

Danish Figure heads -Poulsen,H

The Warship Figureheads of Portsmouth- Pulvertaft, David

Figureheads of the Royal Navy -Pulvertaft, David

Building A Miniature Navy Board Model -Reed, Philip

Modelling Sailing Men Of War -Reed, Philip

Period Ship Modelmaking, An Illustrated Masterclass.- Reed, Philip

Rees's Naval Architicture, 1819-1820- Rees's

Ship Models from Kits- Riches, Colin

A Marine Vocabulary -Roberts, David

The painting of the Willem Van De Veldes -Robinson

Allgemeines Worterbuch Der Marine, 4 vols -Roding,J.H.

The Wooden World, An anatomy of the Georgian Navy -Rodger, M.A.M.

HMS Warrior 74 gun Ship, 4 vols -Romero,W

Royal Yacht Fubbs -Romero,W

Conferedacy -Romero,W

L, Art De La Mature, 1777- Romme

L, Art De La Voilure, 1781- Romme

Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern- Roth,M

Dominic Serres, 1719-1793 -Russatt,A

High Relief Wood carving -Schnute, William J

Carving Ornamentatio for Ship Models, -Short,Bill

Naval Achievements, 1793-1817, -by James Jenkins Sim Comfort

American Naval Broadsides, Maritime Prints -Smith,E

Ship Models -Smith,C.Fox

The Warship Vasa-Sculptures. -Soop,H

A goodly Ship , the Building of the Susan Constant -Spectre, P.H./Larkin, D

Naval Architecture,1787 2 vols -Stalkartt,M

Vada Mecuem -Steel,D

Mast Making, Sailmaking and Rigging -Steel,D

Steel's Naval Architicture, 1805, 2 vols -Steel,D

The Elements and Practice of Rigging and Seamenship,1794 -Steel,D

An account of the construction and Embellishment of Old Time ships -Stevens,J

The world of Sail and Steam -Stobart

Shipbuilding Asstant, 1711 -Sutherland,W

Britain's Glory or ship Building Unvail's1717 -Sutherland,W

Lords of the East -Sutton,J

Ship Modeling Techniques -Takakjian,P

AOS Essex -Takakjian,P

Complete Guide to Wood Carving -Tangerman,E.J.

The Naiad Frigate (38) 1797 Vol1- Tosti, Edward J

British Figurhead and ship Carvers -Thomas,P

The Age of Sail, Vol 1 -Tracy,Nicholas

The Age of Sail, Vol 2 -Tracy,Nicholas/Martin Robson

The Frigates Seafarers,-Time Life

The Clipper ships Seafarers,-Time Life

The Great Liners Seafarers,-Time Life

Fighting Sail Seafarers,-Time Life

The pirates Seafarers,-Time Life

The Explorers Seafarers,-Time Life

The Armada Seafarers,-Time Life

The Men of War Seafarers,-Time Life

The Original Ships in Scale (CD) Vol 1 1983-1987, Vol2 1988-1991 -Seaways Publishing

Seaways Ships in Scale (CD) Vol 1 1990-1994, Vol2 1995-1999 -Seaways Publishing

Model Ship Builder (CD) Vol 1 1979-1984, Vol 1 1985-1989 -Seaways Publishing

Model Ship Builder (CD) Vol 2 1990-1994, Vol 2 1995-1999 -Seaways Publishing

Plank on Frame models, Vol 1- Underhill

Plank on frame models, Vol 2 -Underhill

Sailing ship Rigs and Rigging -Underhill, H

Souvenirs De Marine Conserves, 2 vols -Vice Amiral Paris

Naval Architecture, A Manual on Laying off, 1898 -Watson, Thomas H.

Old Ironsides-Americans Build a fighting ship- Weitzman,D

The Shipwrights Trade,1948- Westcolt,A

Fighting Ships,1750 to 1850 -Willis, Sam

The British Navy and the State in the 18th Century- Wilkinson,Clive

First Rate, The Greatest Warships of the Age of Sail -Winfield, R

British War Ships in the age of sail. 1603-1714- Winfield,R

British War Ships, 1714-1792 -Winfield,R

British War Ships, 1793-1817- Winfield,R

The 50 Gun ship -Winfield,R

The Techniques of Ship Modelling -Wingrove, Gerald A

Coronelli, Ships and other craft -Witt,M.M.

Architicture Navalis, 1671, -Witsen,N

HMS Euryalus(36) 1803. A Plank on Frame Model -Allan Yedlinsky/Wayne Kempson

His Majesty's Royal Ship -Young, Alan R

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Hi Don.

No question is stupid sir. As far as which one I use the most it would probably be Peter Goodwin's book, Construction of the English Man of War. That one seems to be the one I reach for when starting to look for information, but it doesn't have all the information and leads me to other books in the small library. I do seem to find my self looking a lot in to David Antscherl  book, TFFM HMN Swan, at the moment because of his cannon detail in his book, along with a few other things, like the construction of the stern. For intermediate model builder, hum, guess it has a lot to do with what time frame your interested in. I remember when I started I picked up several to help me in the learning process such as Harold Underhill Plank on frame models, along with Peter Goodwin construction of the English Man of War, Arming and Fitting by Brain Lavery, Harold Hahn, Ships of the American Revolution and Their Models, The Colonial Schooner,  and David Antscherl TFFM. It does seem that once this bug bites you, if any thing like me, you buy every thing that just might hold that bit of information that could make your cannon rigging better or making better rope. Of course here on MSW it holds a lot of that information that really makes buying some books unnecessary. It would be nice if one book held all the answer's to our question's but they don't, which is why I believe we are always looking for that next book, that and a good read if nothing else. I do remember when I got in to this hobby a list I went by that was writtern by Portia Takakjian, on what books to add to ones library. It might be a good thing to put here on MSW when members are wondering what would be good to add to your library. Also can't think of a better way to remember this dear lady for the things she did for the hobby.  


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  • 10 months later...

While I haven't completed the process as yet, I am expanding my list to include the link to downloadable books.  Also have added quite a bit to the print books - guess I ought to update those as well.  Is there anything in particular you folks could recommend to make the list more useful for you?


Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

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Thank you for your work on this, Wayne! Here's a blurb I posted recently that many may not know about but is a wonderful resource for gaining access to rarer, expensive books:


Inter-library loans are one of the best kept library secrets around (i.e., many folks aren't aware of this wonderful resource); however, most libraries participate. I've borrowed a number of rare tomes over the years that otherwise would have been impossible to obtain. If you're looking for a particular book, give WorldCat a search: http://www.worldcat.org Not only does WorldCat give you information on a book you're seeking, it also lists what libraries around the world that have the book--this is a very useful research tool.





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Thanks for showing us your group of books and several other ways to get them.


Later Tim

Current Build -- Finishing a 1:1 House that I've been building for a while

Current Build -- Triton Cross Section

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Should also add Gary's list of books is great but you should also see a few pictures of his tools. Also Great.


Later Tim

Current Build -- Finishing a 1:1 House that I've been building for a while

Current Build -- Triton Cross Section

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What an interesting thread, I have a few books but it is a small collection of Nautical and ship model ones, plus others on Art, the Railways, Aircraft, Architecture, Model engineering, Egyptian Archeology, Trees and Wood, Astronomy, Geography, Clocks and Watches Carriage Making and Wheelwrights, and the Environment, probably close to a thousand books or more. I had not thought about cataloging them, and my wife is a librarian My books are mostly reference my wife has mostly fiction. 



Current builds  Bristol Pilot Cutter 1:8;      Skipjack 19 foot Launch 1:8;       Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 14 1:8

Other projects  Pilot Cutter 1:500 ;   Maria, 1:2  Now just a memory    

Future model Gill Smith Catboat Pauline 1:8

Finished projects  A Bassett Lowke steamship Albertic 1:100  


Anything you can imagine is possible, when you put your mind to it.

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Careful.. I think we're getting into Dr. Per's area of being a shopaholic.   :D  :D :D  :D  

"The shipwright is slow, but the wood is patient." - me

Current Build:                                                                                             
Past Builds:
 La Belle Poule 1765 - French Frigate from ANCRE plans - ON HOLD           Triton Cross-Section   

 NRG Hallf Hull Planking Kit                                                                            HMS Sphinx 1775 - Vanguard Models - 1:64               


Non-Ship Model:                                                                                         On hold, maybe forever:           

CH-53 Sikorsky - 1:48 - Revell - Completed                                                   Licorne - 1755 from Hahn Plans (Scratch) Version 2.0 (Abandoned)         



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Thought I would update the list - I still have many of the PDF documents to add to the list, as well as the links to where they are online. 




Waynes Nautical Resource v-7 25Oct2014.pdf


Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

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Hi Wayne and Gary:


 Its a real pleasure to see the amount of literature that the two of you have collected.

 I do collect books from time to time, especially books from very hard to aquire sources.But my bigest challenge that I seem to enjoy more is aquiring those books on line. It has taken me many a year to get some of those books. They range from the 16th century to present day. From naval architecture to life aboard a ship. Model construction to model design. You get the idea.

 I read each one when I get them  and organize them into their respected folders.

 The books I have I value maybe as much as my wife, because she necer complains or says no when I want to buy one. I just have to make up for it when she wants something.

 My hat goes off to the likes of the two of you. Bibliophiles or not.

 Now to look for some of those books you mentioned in your posts.


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Thought I would add a brief listing of resources on Dutch shipbuilding.  Far from comprehensive, but a start.


Dutch Resources 13Mar2016.pdf


Additional suggestions welcome - enjoy!!!


Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

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Next up, a very incomplete listing of model ship building related books.  I only have about a third of these -


Please feel free to offer up additional titles to add to the list!


Model Shipbuilding Resources 20Mar2016.pdf


Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

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