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Triton Cross Section by Snowmans

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I am part way through the Cross Section build, and will put up all the pictures I had. The text will have to be reduced to a few notes. This is my first attempt at scratch building, and all the timber used is cut down from what I have in the shed. Mostly recycled native timber beams, or logs that have been drying for several years. I have been working on this now for about 18 months.


Sanded to thickness.




Home built thickness sander.




Ready to start cutting.






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Yeah, I have some the pictures I have taken but none the text. I know when I started the build I spent several hours going through all the past build logs and getting information.This was a great help. I figure others will do the same.


Frames cut out and seperated into each frame. I used two colors to tell the front and rear parts for each frame.




Sanding the outside radius. This sander I built with a motor from work that was going to be thrown away.




Sanding the inside radius. I have since upgraded the drill press so would be a lot easier no do now. The old one had a wobble in the chuck.



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This log is making me look like I can build at speed. Normally I only get a couple of hours a week in the shed after the kids are in bed.


Slight gap. this is the one I remade.




Glueing the keel.





Slot cut with the corner of a razor blade. I saw this on someone elses build log and thought I should try it. 




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Nearly up to date with the older photos. Made a zero clearance insert for the bandsaw and cut the timber for the lower deck and gun deck. All put through thethickness sander and finished to the correct size. Now I am able to do the next few stages in the shed during the evenings. The wood is a piece of rimu that had been used a paking for a larger order of timber. I saved a few off these while I worked at a building supplies company.



Ripped down with the bench saw.




Resawn with the bandsaw. Finished with the sander after this pic was taken.



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