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HMS Bounty by klimi - 1:60 scale (armed merchant ship)

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Hallo again, this is my first build

one year ago, i bought Bounty´s plans by sergal. 

The frame is made of gabon plywood ( 5mm) , than i put deck in the boiled water and fit to frame and leave it dry for two weeks. After that i plank a deck with lime planks. Distribution planks i made so i cut it and highlighted by pencil. Treenails are made out of walnut wood. I drilled 0.5 mm holes for this treenails. 

In the beginig of planking i put the planks in boiled water, bend aroud the hull and leave it dry, next day i glue it to the frame. I kinda worked, I'm planks soaked in boiled water for one minute and then stuck. Now working on the surface of the hull. Next Layer i´ll make with lime and mahagony planks. I´d like to start untill one week















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so I finally finished the second planking, there still have a few holes in the stern to Resolved. Then he put the final board on the back and drag the entire keel including veneer bow. And then hooray for grinding paint coloring, yet I'm not sure if I'll stain the side linden wood yellower tint to make it better and excel board ultimately about possibly fill the varnish or some oil to achieve a more realistic appearance.








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hello, tkank you, it sounds really good, i´m delighted that, you like it.  Now i wanna make a new stand for the ship, it will be more gentle. After that i going to finish planking and cover a keel wenner so that you can see beams on the bow.

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i´m thinking, if i shlould do a treenails in the hull, but i´m not sure yet. I saw interesting technique, where is use a hypodermic needle to make a hole and also treenails together. If i´ll use this technique it could be quick and good looking. Or drill holes just in the light wood and there make treenails. I was thinking, that i will not make treenails in the hull, but i think that the model  model can be moved on higher  level.

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Hello, i´m back with some news. I have lots duties to school and so my progress on the model slowed down. I made beams on the bow and stern. On the bow i worked this way. First time i drawed lines like a beams, than i made templates, fit it together and than i made this parts out of wood.











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so the hull is oiled already and now i´m working on treenails and i´m using hypodermic needle technique. It works fast and easy. I think that it looks not so bad. The needle was   drilled inside and grinded from outside and it made ''blade''. The best way how to do is first time oiled the hull. Man have to dip the tip of needle in color and than with pushing and it makes treenails. Is better make it in oiled wood, because the color going in the pushed place. 

Here is only one half done and i´m gonna make next columns with 2 treenails between those columns which are there now.







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So again a bit further, since the last post I tweaked imitation tarring on board. Following the example of one guy who showed progress on http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/to ... ils/page-5. First I applied aboard graphite powder, spread it on the deck brush and then wipe with paper surpluses. Next, I painted the deck with oil and let dry for about 5 minutes and then scraped the blade of the knife and eventually married again with oil. The result, I think it is much nicer than when I had split boards made ​​only pencil.

I also did a "railing" on the front, it is carved out of balsa wood, it was ultimately the easiest way to do it.

Finally, the stretching rails around the body. With them I proceeded as with planking when I shaped wet latičky around the trunk and then dyed and glued, super glue, which I again spotted on scraps of paper. The black slats, I tried to indicate division and so I just gently took a scalpel, painted, glued and then a completely resurfaced the part where a lot exceeded. Otherwise, I did not want those substances were completely flush, because if it previously did so with some bullshit.










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Wow  !!! ..... superb work Pavel  !........ beautiful job on the planking. great idea with the needle for the treenails, it looks perfect.

your carvings are well done  , your talents are enjoyed by everyone here..... the colors are awesome... :) I finally found your build log :P


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Thank you alot, i´m pleased by that, you like it.


Frank: eavour, what are here. The limewood and the yellow planks I did dirty by graffiti powder. It looks more natural, mainly the yellow color, it looks not as plastic. Next move is a stern, make a windows, and a down part with title Bounty. The windows i wanna do, that i´ll make a drawing of windows. On the paper i will glue a planks, it hold the right shape and than make it out and from behind glue a foil out of disket.


DSiemens: Thank you, think, that carving isn´t so hard, I carved the piece to the basic geometric shapes and after that i was using sand paper. I am looking forward until i will make a figurehead, it will be harder than those basic pieces.


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