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HMS Pegasus by vulcanbomber - Victory Models

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My second build is the Pegasus by Victory Models. I wanted something a bit more challenging, but not something that would be out of my skill range. i also love the lines of the Swan Class ships.


Some of you may remember that I modified the stern to be able to create the captains cabin. The rear bulkheads were redesigned to make this possible. I also wanted to fit out the forcastle and I have incorporated led lighting in both areas.


Unfortunately I can't find the first set of photos, so this log starts with the first planking. With this build I decided to have a go at making a rabbet and bearding line:

















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Once planking was complete, it was sanded smooth:



I decided to do the second planking in scale lengths. with th ehelp and advice of another member, I marked out the planking pattern on the hull:



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Thanks for the detailed photos of the planking procedure, now I know what I'm getting into. I'm curious about the second planking, are you going to use anchor stock planking of the main wale?

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Hi Caroline,


Just catching up with your HMS Pegasus build, she's coming along beautifully, looking forward to more updates :)

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Thanks for looking in guys.

vths, I can't remember what I used for the wale, it was whatever the instructions said to use. :)


Floyd, no, they're flat headed drawing pins. :)


Hi Aldo, updates coming up now! :P


Continuation of the second planking:





First four rows completed:





Making the curves at the stern was.... interesting!:





The first six were straight rows, after that the following rows ended against the first band, this was to prevent the planks from clinkering:




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Second planking continued:







You can see at the bow where rows 7+ finished against row 6:






It took a lot of patience to shape the planks at the stern, using plenty of steam helped to bend the planks:



About half way:



Finally getting to the easier part of the stern. Just needed a small steeler:




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Hi Caroline that bearding line is a nice smooth curve,now i seem to remember you saying you are not a tool-a-holic so may i ask what and how you did that line DEREK

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Port side almost completed:



Close up of the bow:



Port side finished, phew! :) :





Another good view of the bow, you can see where the rows met with row 6 and the tapering of the planks at the bow:



Starboard side half done:



Starboard side finished, yay! :) :







Now just need to plank the bulwarks.

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Hi Derek, If I remember right, I marked the line with a pencil, then when I was happy, I used my craft knife and cut a 'v' then used a rounded file to finish it off. Thank for looking in.


After a good sanding:







Planking the bulwarks (Pegs have many uses!):







Once second planking was completed, I used the plans to work out where the quarterlights were located so that I could open them up, enabling anyone to see into the great cabin:







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Now the second planking was completed, I could remove the tops of the bulkheads:





View of the length of the ship, showing the two internal walls I made:



Inner bulwarks planking in progress, I first painted several lengths of planking before attaching them to the bulwarks:









Stern showing part of my modifications and the lighting installed in the great cabin and captains cabin:


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The quarter deck and forcastle deck planking underway:



The bulwarks have a second coat of paint and other elements are painted:









The wales are attached - three planks were painted black, while they were drying, I marked where the edge of the top most
plank should be onto the hull using the plans as a guide, and once the paint had dried, attached them to the hull:








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Port side wale and the scoring to simulate the sections of the knee, as suggested by Dan Vad - thanks Danny! ;) :









Next I lined the gunports:




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Next I masked of the areas to be painted blue and got my paintbrush out, after using the brass scrollwork as a guide, attached the thin black strips, once these were stuck, I glued on the decorative brass:





I made gunport lids and modified the provided brass hinges so that they would open and close:





Port gunports made and waiting for their hinges:





Starboard gunports complete with their hinges:







Here is where I am currently at at the moment. I have made and attached the hinges for the gunports on the port side except for one.

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Hi Crackers, My latest Aggie update was made the other day, the project is now completely up to date, as soon as I finish the current section I will post a new update. :D


Thanks Derek, I quite enjoyed using scale lengths on the second planking and would do it like that again on any furture builds.

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Not only a beautiful build, but it has working gun port lids, too!?! :o  :o  Wow.. I'm thinking it's time you start thinking about the "darkside"...

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Thanks Mark, yes, the darkside does beckon to me from time to time!


Thanks for the compliment Aldo.


I took some photos of the great cabin and the captains cabin I created. I made the furnitre to fit and when I posted it back in my old build log, my friend Laerte jokingly suggested I put a map, sextant, calipers, wine bottle and glasses on the table. I took him up on the challenge and created what you see now! :P


The Great Cabin:







The Captains Cabin:



The table and chairs:



Furniture in Great Cabin:




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Very nice work, I plan doing something similar.


Just one thing - I would consider placing the LEDs in the great cabin somewhere else since generally it is not good to aim their light towards windows. You need to light the room, not blind the observer. Also, you could try to sand the LEDs with a fine sandpaper to spread their focused light. 

Edited by vths

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Hi Caroline


A wunderful build! I love your planking - it looks really great. And the captin's cabin is brilliant. Congratulation!




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hi Caroline,     so glad to see your putting this build back up.   love what you've done with the stern.....it's amazing!  it inspired me to do what I did with my build,  the Gothenborg.....although,  sad to say,  I didn't go the lengths that you did.   I'll look forward in seeing more progress on this superb build!

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We'll blame Laerte for pushing you to the darkside.  The cabin accoutrements are great!


I wonder where "the old engineer" is?  Haven't seen him here yet.

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This is a wonderful build. I like the number of pictures, taken in so many tiny increments, it is very helpful in 'getting' the point or understanding what sometimes become confusing concepts. Watching this build, especially the hull planking is very educational not to mention beautiful.

Thank you.



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Nice to see that you'v posted this build again ........ I remember this from the old site, and was very impressed with your imaginative skills,

It'll be nice to see your progress.



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Thanks for looking in guys, hopefully I'll be able to get back to Pegasus in the not too distant future. :P


Adrieke, with difficulty, it's a good job my eyesight is still good!


Vths, there will be lanterns hanging infront of the led's in the great cabin so they will diffuse the light a bit, also they are a soft yellow light so are not too glaring.


Rosmarie, Thanks for looking it and commenting. I'm pleased with how it's come out.


Arthur, yes, it will be coppered, I know it's a shame to cover up the planking, but my thinking behind it was if I made a hash of it, it would be covered up. Still the upper part of the hull planking will still be seen.


I have had the poop deck on and had a look to see what could be seen, and it looks quite good, especially when the lights are on. ;)


Popeye, glad I inspired someone to have a go too. Hopefully, I'll get back to her soon.


Thanks Mark, No, I haven't seen any sign of Laerte either, I miss him, wonder if he's registered.


Thanks Randy, I'm glad my photos help, I try to be clear with what I'm doing.


Hi Frank, I have enjoyed trying my hand at making some changes on my Pegasus.


Thanks Sherry, what can I say, I like a challenge! :D

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Hi Caroline,


This is going to be an absolute dream ship, everything about her is great. I saw your log on the old forum and have just found you again.


This is most definately one to follow.



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